The World’s Best First Class Lounge Is Closing For 5 Weeks

In the past I’ve ranked what I consider to be the world’s best first class lounges, and at the very top of that list is the Air France First Class Lounge Paris.

Air-France-First-Class-Lounge-Paris - 17

It’s not just the world’s best first class lounge (in my opinion), but also the world’s all around best first class ground experience. What makes it so great?

You’ll be picked up at your arriving flight, driven to the lounge, and then driven back to your connecting flight.

Air-France-First-Class-Lounge-Paris - 80

The lounge restaurant is inspired by Michelin Star chef Alain Ducasse, and the food is incredible.

Air-France-First-Class-Lounge-Paris - 57

On top of that, you can get a complimentary spa treatment, like a facial, massage, etc.

Air-France-First-Class-Lounge-Paris - 76

While Air France first class passengers obviously get access to the lounge, one of the unique things about the lounge is that you can actually pay to access it, assuming you’re traveling business class on an Air France longhaul flight that doesn’t have a first class cabin. Under those circumstances you can pay 300EUR to buy the ground experience, which includes being picked up at the plane, a meal in the amazing restaurant, a spa treatment, being driven to your connecting flight, etc. I did this earlier in the year when flying Air France business class from Paris to Toronto.

Anyway, for anyone who has been considering flying Air France first class soon (or otherwise paying for the ground experience), it’s worth noting that the Air France La Premiere Lounge Paris will be closed from January 17 through February 20, 2017. Apparently this is for refurbishment work. The lounge is still pretty new, so presumably they’re doing fairly minor upgrades (like carpet changes, adding power plugs, etc.), especially given that the lounge is only closed for five weeks.

If you are flying Air France first class during the closure period, I suspect Air France will still have some good alternate arrangements in place. They’ll probably corner off an area of their existing business class lounge and offer plane transfers, dining, etc. Still, it probably won’t be as spectacular of an experience as usual.

Just something to be aware of, in case you’re planning on experiencing the world’s best first class lounge anytime soon…


  1. It’s kind of funny how mediocre and unispired their business class lounges are, considering how fabulous the first class lounge seems to be.

  2. Lucky,
    After reading your review we booked AF business class flight with premier service/lounge Bos-Cdg with a 6 hour+ layover to Venice, we arive @ 8:10 am, depart 3 o’clock, is that to long of a layover in your opinion? Possibly we could get a noontime’ish flight to VCE instead?

    Btw, my wife thinks I’m insane for wanting such a long layover no matter what kind of lounge it is, we fly mostly domestic AF Logan airport E or The other in B (rather go to food court) and sometimes to Madrid and Dublin those lounges are great but 6/7 hours we would go nutz, I hope the premier lounge is on another level

  3. Ben, I bought that LHR-HKG good price in AF first (fortunately for march). Do I have to ask for any ground assistance? They should pick me up when my flight arrives in Paris from London? Thanks and regards.

  4. @miller508 – Just my two cents but take the noonish connection instead. You’ll still have ~4 hours in the lounge, which is more than enough to get in a meal, nap, massage and shower; just tell your lounge rep that you want to board last (so you can maximize your time in the lounge). The earlier flight will make for a better landing time in Venice (ideal for hotel check-in time), and give you some extra time on the ground in VCE as well. Again, just my two cents, but it’s based on prior experience. I built in a 6 hour connection in CDG once for the very reason you’re thinking about doing it. The first 3-4 hours were phenomenal. The last couple hours were a bit boring. Next trip we took I tightened up the connection and it was incredible.

    Bottom line: too much (or too long) of a good thing, simply is too much.

  5. @josh,
    Thanks for your 2 cents, I agree but we have our flight using delta points, no space on the 12:50pm flight but we can double down and take the 9:00pm for a almost 13 hour Paris layover, maybe a few hours to shower and enjoy a meal in the lounge then take a taxi to the tower and a Paris dinner before going back to Cdg? or I’m in dream land we likely will crash from our original flight from Boston? I will try calling again before our flight to see if anything opens up.

  6. @miller508 – My longhauls are out of the West Coast so I can’t speak from experience on how exhausted you’ll be, but I’m so jet lagged on my first day in Europe (coming from LA) that seeing any sights would be totally lost on me. But since your flight is much shorter, that may work ok to double down on your connection time. If you do, a couple suggestions:

    1. Arrange your car service through the La Premiere team if possible. I’ve only ever used La Premiere ground services when actually flying in La Premiere so I don’t know all the restrictions for buy-up biz customers but if you can coordinate your ground transport directly through them it’s preferable. They contract through Sixt and the driver stays in phone contact with the airport so they’re alerted to your arrival. It’s absolutely seamless and you can be checked in, through security and at your plane in just minutes (really helpful if you get stuck in traffic in Paris!).

    2. If the Eiffel Tower is on your must-do list, then buy your ticket online as far in advance as possible. Depending on time of year, standby wait times can be outrageous and could eat up all your time in the city.

    Hope that helps. Bon voyage!

  7. @josh
    After thinking about it we decided to leave our plans as they are, we will pace ourselves in the lounge, shower massage and a great meal, yes we still will have a few hours to kill but maybe some walking around the shops and a nap will help.

    I can’t believe in my 30’s I’m taking power naps in a airport lounges, 10 years ago we visited Las Vegas 2xs a year with no sleep on long weekends flying on a bus of a plane, America West but now on a much much softer flight AF 777 I’m scared I’ll be to tired to see Paris in 9 hours, we are now lightweights for sure

    Off topic: AF shows classic award availability on the earlier flight that we want but Delta only shows much later, is that normal? if award space is available why can’t delta a partner book it? or that is how it go’s and I’m whining? It’s just 2hours 10 min longer, but the tighter connection @ Cdg would be ideal.

  8. the AF lounge in Charles De Gaulle Terminal 2G is possibly the most horrible lounge in the world – total contrast to the gorgeous lounges in the other CDG terminals. Mostly for flights to Germany – no food – just coffee, tea and cans of beer and soda. No room, no papers, no restrooms – and terminal G is like a cold war bunker – AVOID

  9. @miller508 – haha I’m right there with you. We’re late 30s/early 40s and our Vegas runs have gone from 48 hours of straight gambling and drinking to now much more focused on a good room, fine food, and cabanas (in the summer). Time’s a funny thing!

    With regard to your question on miles and flight availability, I’m sorry I can’t help you. We pretty much just pay for our desired flights nowadays. But maybe place a call rather than checking online. Perhaps worth a shot. Either way, good luck and have fun!

  10. @Josh
    We are all getting older, breakfast for me was Diet Coke and a donut now kale pineapple juice with poached eggs…

    Cash paid for good flight deals, points on others, hard to beat 125k delta points for 2 seats on Air France and $660 for premier lounge/ground service.
    As long as it’s a AF flight you can purchase access to the 1st class lounge

    Off topic again: my wife got a little teary eyed after seeing I signed up for aarp acount, she asked are we really needing this? Are we our parents now? I told her no it’s just for a few hundred off our spring BA flight lol

  11. @miller508 – ha! I did the same thing to save some money off an upcoming cruise. Husband gave me a funny look then I explained it to him. He still kinda rolled his eyes but hey a few hundred bucks is a few hundred bucks!

    For your BA flight, I’m guessing you’re going to the UK maybe? I spent time working in London a few years back and I absolutely love that city (2nd favorite in Europe after Paris). And my city (San Diego) has a nonstop to LHR (on a 747 no less), so it’s nice and convenient for us. Hope you have a great time on that trip as well.

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