50% Off Uber Rides When You Use Android Pay

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Quick! If you have an Android phone, and are set up to use Android Pay, you can get 50% off you next five Uber rides (up to $15 per ride).

If you already have Android Pay linked to your Uber account, just enter code ANDROID50 in the promos field, and you’ll receive the discount on any subsequent rides where you choose Android Pay as your method of payment.


Setting up Android Pay

If you haven’t used Android Pay previously, there’s a few more steps, but they’re very easy. First, check your app tray for “Android Pay” — if you don’t have it installed by default you should be able to download it from the Play store.

From there, you’ll be prompted to add a credit or debit card:


If you’ve previously added credit cards to your Google account, they’ll be listed, but you have to confirm the details for each of them before they’ll be activated in Android Pay:


I added my Amex Everyday Preferred card, which is the card I like to use for Uber most of the time anyway.


Protip: Android Pay gives you the option of taking a picture of your card versus entering the numbers manually. This is comical with a transparent card like the Everyday Preferred, and not recommended.

Otherwise, it’s very simple to add cards to the payment platform.

Linking Android Pay to Uber

Once you have Android Pay set up, it should show as a payment option in your Uber profile:


Select Android Pay to make it the default option (or you can choose it on individual rides, which is probably what I would do).

Once you’ve linked Android Pay to Uber, you should then be able to enter code ANDROID50 in the promos field, and you’ll receive the discount on any subsequent rides where you choose Android Pay as your method of payment.


Do this quickly, however, as last time this promo was published the enrollment cap was reached in just a few hours.

For the six people who aren’t yet Uber members, you can sign-up here to get $20 off your first ride.

(Thanks to Dr. of Credit for noticing the promo code was live again)


  1. Cool, thanks. I tried to add this a couple of days ago and it turned it down, said it was already over-subscribed. But I tried again just now and it worked.

  2. Attempted to add credit card without success. Android Pay would appear not to work well with both Citi and Chase.

  3. Thanks! Worked like a charm. @Richard, Citi/Chase has nothing to do with adding AP to your phone; it’s possible you must have a NFC capable phone for this to be added though.

  4. Anyone know if this will work in Europe? Just added this to my account (in the U.S.) but departing shortly for the U.K. and this would be handy to have. The posted terms don’t have explicit geographic limitations as far as I can tell.

  5. Nevermind. Found the small print.

    Supplies are limited for this offer. To be eligible, you must set up the Android Pay app and use Android Pay as your payment method in the Uber Android app. Offer valid for 50% off 5 rides (up to $15 off per ride) using Android Pay in the Uber app with promo code ANDROID50. Each Uber account is only eligible for this offer once. This offer will expire on December 31st, 2016 or while supplies last, as determined by Uber in its sole discretion. No cash value for this offer. Valid in the US only.

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