$20 Credit For Joining Google Fi Or Referring Friends

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Get a $20 credit by using this link (and please leave your link in the comments below!)

As I wrote about on Sunday, Google’s Project Fi is offering various “holiday surprises” to subscribers this month. The first gift was $10 in Google Play credit, and now subscribers have a chance to earn a $20 statement credit for each friend they refer to Project Fi. Even better, the person being referred receives a $20 credit as well, so it’s a win-win!

Get your Project Fi referral code

To find your referral code, log in to your Google account (you may need to use Chrome) and open up Project Fi’s World of Thanks.


If you haven’t received your $10 in Google Play credit from week one, make sure to do that too!

Otherwise, click on the Ferris wheel, and you’ll be sent to your Project Fi dashboard.




From there, there’s a new menu option to “Share the Fi love.”


Clicking here will generate a link you can share with your friends and family:


The rest of the World of Thanks landscape for this week is pretty cute, and has some fun features including a quick cultural quiz and some tips from Project Fi.



The full terms are as follows:

This referral program ends January 11, 2017 and is subject to these terms. Each eligible referral gets the referring user and the referred user a $20 referral credit after the referred user accepts the referral and activates a new Project Fi account for at least 30 days, including paying for 2 months of service on that account, for up to 10 total referral credits per user. You understand and agree that both the referring user and the referred user can see each other’s names, contact information, and referral status, such as purchase and account activation status. The referring user and the referred user are only eligible to receive a referral credit if they both maintain active Project Fi accounts in good standing for which they pay a monthly fee. Group plan accounts are not eligible for this referral program. Referral credits may only be used for your Project Fi bills, excluding taxes and regulatory fees, and are not transferable. If you cancel service, you will not receive a refund for referral credit. Your participation in the referral program constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions, and your use of Project Fi is subject to the Project Fi Terms of Service. Offer void where prohibited by law.

So not only does the referred person have to sign up, they have to actually use the service, which seems fair.

Google Fi or TMobile?

I am incredibly evangelical about Google Fi — I think it’s the hands-down best phone plan for high-frequency international travelers, and tell that to pretty much anyone who will listen.


We’re saving well over $800 this year in my house by switching to Google Fi.

  • I love the pay-as-you-go pricing, and the flexibility that provides
  • The additional data-only SIM cards are great for tablets, back-up phones, and even family when traveling

At the same time, I actively campaigned for Ben to get T-Mobile. Why?

  • Ben is on a family plan with his parents, and the pricing on T-Mobile is more competitive when you’re paying for multiple people with varying data needs
  • The tie-up between T-Mobile and Gogo is super convenient for those who don’t travel enough to justify a monthly Gogo pass, so is perfect for Ben’s parents
  • T-Mobile has storefronts, and Ben is….well, it’s better for me if he can go and talk to the nice people at the phone store versus Tiffany Tech Support, let’s put it that way

I would probably send my mom to T-Mobile for similar reasons. I’m sending my cousin Heather to Google Fi.

Bottom line

If you’ve been thinking about trying Google Project Fi (and like I said the other day, if you’re a single person who travels frequently, you really should consider it), now is a great time to join. You can get a $20 statement credit by using a friend’s referral link, and should still be able to enjoy the other World of Thanks gifts.

My link is here (and if you decide to sign up through it I’m of course super appreciative), but if you have Google Fi please post your links below! Each user can only refer 10 people, and I’d love for as many people to get the $20 credit as possible.

I’m assuming everyone is getting the same “gift” this week — anyone have a different offer?

For more on Project Fi, and why I’m so thrilled with the service, see:


  1. Since your blog is read all over the world you might add the following information somewhere

    “Project Fi is available only for accounts in the US.”

  2. It may be a great deal, but I had nothing but trouble using my Project Fi phone in Indonesia a few weeks ago, it would not make or receive sms messages, nor would it receive incoming calls, both on the local cellular network and on wi-fi. I had to pay for my calls to tech support in the USA, and they were essentially useless. The jury is really out for me on this product.

  3. Hi. Here’s my code if anyone would like to use it: J9R3C0. This will get you $20 off your first statement. Thanks.

  4. Here is my link that will save you $20 when registering for Google Fi: https://g.co/fi/r/3CX4FM

    I just used the previous poster’s link and saved $20, so I can confirm that it works! If you use my link, then I also get $20. WIN WIN!

  5. Just a heads up, it takes about a week after signing up to receive the e-mail confirming your $20 credit. The credit is then applied to your account after you are active for 30 days. Worked for me :-).

    Here is my referral link:

    (or just enter the code: H5D3MM when signing up)

  6. Here’s my referral code: 2FR4X9 to save you (and me both) $20 each!
    *Apparently only usable for the first 10 referrals.

  7. Project Fi $20 Discount code: 2FR4X9
    Use this and it’ll save you (and me both) $20 each!
    *Apparently only usable for the first 10 referrals.

  8. I still have 6 $20 referrals left here –
    https://g.co/fi/r/66Y00K. Also an ex Verizon user, wish I’d left years ago. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the unlimited blocking (of spam numbers) feature, the notification of suspicious spam numbers when you’re receiving their call, the free visual voicemail, the smart fingerprint placement on the phone, just the overall awesomeness of Google Fi? I’m an ecstatic customer, obviously 😉

  9. Project Fi $20 Referral code: 2FR4X9
    $20 off when you sign up!
    *Apparently only usable for the first 10 referrals.

  10. I’m finishing up college and needed to save money for my final project, I don’t have any referrals yet so please use my code! 30M4KF



  11. Happy Independence Day, guys! I used one of the ones above, so keep sharing the love! VE293M Remember, each person can only get 10 credits.

  12. Referral Code: D609EY

    As a tip to save even more, if you pause your service (such as from the Fi management app or web page), you won’t be charged for service time. I don’t need phone service very often, so I pause my service and the $20 monthly charge is reduced to about $2. So far, 4 months has cost me $12. This is perfect for someone who only makes calls on occasion and who doesn’t need service without normal WiFi access.

  13. https://g.co/fi/r/AJV4DC

    Hi all! Sign up with my Project Fi link and we each get $20 off our monthly statement after 30 days! You can refer people yourself after you sign up! Fi was a great decision and I love my Pixel

  14. My $20 off code still works: https://g.co/fi/r/66Y00K or 66Y00K.

    I like the free visual voice mail, that spam callers are ID’d as such, and the great customer service (had an issue with my phone and received a replacement within 2 days with FedEx delivery.)

  15. I was able to use one of the codes above successfully! $20 credit posted after the first billing cycle (30 days). If anyone else is interested…

    Here is my referral link:

    (or just enter the code: H5D3MM when signing up)

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