Easy $10 Credit For Google Fi Subscribers

If you’re using Google’s Project Fi for your phone service (and if you’re a single person who travels frequently, you really should consider it), you can get $10 in Google Play credit in just a few seconds.

To get the credit, log in to your Google account (you may need to use Chrome) and open up Project Fi’s World of Thanks.


The site will have a different theme for each week, with various Easter Eggs to unlock, but my guess is that there will only be one opportunity to get the $10 credit. There might be other gifts later in the month though!

project-fi-holiday-002   project-fi-holiday-003   project-fi-holiday-004   project-fi-holiday-005

You can explore the various parts of the landscape by clicking with your mouse, which will trigger different messages and interactions.


The Christmas tree will unlock the Google Play credit, which is then added to your account with just a few clicks (you can also add the credit to someone else’s account if you’d prefer).


Super easy, and the credit showed up instantly in my Google account:


Google Play credits be used towards anything in the app store, as well as for the Play Music service, (which has replaced Spotify as a streaming option for me), movies, Google Drive storage, etc., so it’s well worth the few moments it takes to get the credit.

Did any Project Fi subscribers get a “gift” other than the $10 credit?

For more on Project Fi, and why I’m so thrilled with the service, see:


  1. Just a $10 credit for me. The “snowglobe” feature didn’t work for me as it kept pulling up the wrong streetview for any address I entered.

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