SPG Platinum Members Now Receive Delta Comfort+ Upgrades

Delta and Starwood have an innovative partnership called Crossover Rewards, which gives reciprocal perks to elite members of both programs.


Through this partnership:

  • SPG Platinum and Gold members earn 1 Starpoint for every dollar spent on eligible Delta flights. Plus, SPG Platinum members enjoy elite benefits when traveling with Delta, such as Priority Check-in, Priority Boarding, Unlimited Complimentary Upgrades, and first checked bag free.
  • SkyMiles Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver Medallion members earn 1 mile for every dollar spent on eligible room rates at over 1,100 Starwood hotels and resorts globally. Plus, SkyMiles Diamond and Platinum Medallion members receive additional SPG benefits at Starwood hotels and resorts — 4 p.m. late checkout, access to the SPG elite check-in line, complimentary in-room Internet access and an upgrade to an enhanced room at check-in, when available.

Well, per Delta’s SkyMiles News & Updates page, a new benefit has just been added for SPG Platinum members:

Now, Starwood Preferred Guest® (SPG®) Platinum Preferred Members enrolled in the Crossover RewardsTM program traveling on Delta flights will clear for Complimentary Upgrades to both First Class and Delta Comfort+™ based on their SPG tier level on paid tickets.  For more information on how to opt-in for Delta Comfort+ upgrades, visit Complimentary Delta Comfort+ Upgrades.

As you can see, SPG Platinum members enrolled in Crossover Rewards now receive day of departure upgrades to Comfort+ on all Delta flights.

Some might say “well that doesn’t seem like much of a perk when they already received complimentary first class upgrades.


Well, keep in mind that SPG Platinum members only clear upgrades on Delta day of departure, and are basically at the bottom of the list. So it’s rare to clear a first class upgrade on Delta as an SPG Platinum member.

However, getting an upgrade to Comfort+ seems much more realistic and attainable, as a seat there is more likely to be available than in first class. This is especially true since higher tier elite members often clear their first class upgrade day of departure, and then you can snag their seat.

As a reminder, Comfort+ is Delta’s extra legroom economy section. In addition to improved legroom, Comfort+ passengers also receive enhanced snacks and complimentary alcoholic beverages.

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Kudos to Delta and Starwood on this very nice improvement in benefits!

(Tip of the hat to Renes Points)


  1. This has been in place for about a month now. I have been cleared for comfort+ upgrade in a couple of instances already.

    I was always on the bottom of a long list for the first class upgrades and never cleared it.

  2. SPG Platinums also receive Marriott Platinum which opens up United Silver. For the infrequent flyer who may struggle to obtain base level frequent flyer status, which is now preferable — United Silver or pseudo-Delta Silver Medallion (airline preferences aside)? The advantage seems to be toward Delta with the free alcohol but I can’t speak to the ease of upgrading to Comfort+ relative to Economy+.

  3. This is a great new benefit. The only potential issue I see is if someone is in an aisle or window in Economy then gets “upgraded” to a middle seat in Comfort+. Some people may be ok with that but I could see some people wanting to keep their existing window or aisle seat as well.

  4. Linking my SPG platinum account to Skmiles was easy but when I tried to book a flight this morning departing this afternoon on my iPhone but the opt in for upgrades was no where to be found during the booking process. I then went back & reviewed the how to’s on Delta website but still couldn’t find the upgrade option anywhere in the name fieldDo you have to book at the full site or am I missing something (as the only thing it offered was a fee based option to upgrade to Delta Comfort?

  5. JD, you don’t get to choose at time of booking. They upgrade you at the gate. You’re in line behind the 5000 other people with higher status on every Delta flight. I’ve gotten a single seat upgrade in two years of flying Delta with the SPG Platinum status.

  6. LOL! In other words, this is a pretty worthless perk, the only people after you waiting for clearing are non-revenue airline employees on stand-by. Thanks for the heads up! I think I will stick to burning my accumulated airline miles earned with Ultimate Rewards and the AX Starwood card.

  7. JD: No, not worthless. The upgrade is mostly useless. The free checked bag and priority boarding are very nice perks.

  8. Waiting at the gate in Philadelphia for my first international flight on Delta. Certainly doesn’t feel like an international flight! Check in was ho hum with a disterested agent more interested in checking her messages. As an SPG Platinum Preferred member I asked about an upgrade. Was told to check at the gate. At the gate I was told that SPG upgrades are NEVER ever given on international flights. SPG Crossover is a worthless benefit! Suggest flying United, where Marriott Platinum members can select an Economy Plus (more leg room, etc.) seat on International flights when seats are available. I have done this on two international flights over past two months.

  9. If I have a basic economy Delta ticket, but SPG platinum and have had the accounts linked, do I get free checked bag?

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