IHG Unveils Their First Accelerate Promotion Of 2017

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For the most couple of years, most of IHG’s global hotel promotions have been customized. Everyone gets some type of offer, but different members get targeted for different versions of the offer. The logic is that hotel loyal programs want to generate incremental business, so they’d rather try to get you to increase the business you’d otherwise give them, rather than just reward you for stays you’d make anyway.

The past several such promotions have been called “Accelerate,” and IHG is now back with their latest version of the offer. IHG has just announced the details of their latest Accelerate offer, valid for stays between January 1 and April 15, 2017.


You can now go to this page to see your IHG Accelerate offer, and register for it.

My IHG Accelerate offer is for a total of up to 58,700 IHG Rewards Club bonus points.


My tasks include the following:

  • Book And Stay Once — 3,000 bonus points (stay once during the promotion period)
  • Stay More, Earn More — 10,000 bonus points (stay five nights during the promotion period)
  • Discover Our Brands — 19,200 bonus points (stay at three brands during the promotion period)
  • Explore With Confidence — 8,000 bonus points (stay in any country in Europe, Greater China, Middle East, or Africa)
  • Spend on your IHG® Rewards Club Select Credit Card — 1,500 bonus points (pay for one stay with your IHG credit card)
  • Your Achievement Bonus — 16,000 bonus points (for completing four of the five offers)
  • January Bonus Offer — 1,000 bonus points (stay once in January)

That’s a reasonably good offer, and almost makes me tempted to switch some stays to IHG early next year.

I guess the easiest way I could maximize this would be by making three one night stays at different IHG brands, with at least one stay in January, one stay paid for with IHG’s credit card, and at least one stay at a property in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, or Africa. Then I’d earn a total of 48,700 bonus points, which is an average of ~16,000 bonus points per night, not factoring in the points I’d usually earn.

That’s pretty fantastic, since I value those points at ~0.5 cents each, so that’s a return of ~$80 per night. In many cases that could be more than an actual stay would cost. If I decided to stay an additional two nights, I’d earn another 10,000 bonus points on top of that.

However, this promotion isn’t quite as good as the Accelerate offer I had earlier this year, where I could earn 55,000 bonus points after a single stay. I stayed one night at the Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport, which earned me more than enough points for a free night at any IHG property in the world.

Holiday-Inn-Helsinki-Airport - 21
Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport — it was worth it for the points!

Bottom line

I understand why IHG Rewards Club has these Accelerate offers, since they actually give members an incentive to give IHG incremental business. They’re able to figure out how many stays you’d usually make, and then give you a goal based on that.

While personally this promotion isn’t quite as compelling as the one I had early last year, I still think this one might be enough to get me to switch a few stays to IHG. I don’t think there’s another brand that will offer me a return of $80 per night on my stays, not factoring in the points I usually earn. I just need to make stays at three different brands and I’ll be able to “unlock” this offer.

What does your Accelerate offer look like, and do you plan on taking advantage of it?

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  1. Eh, mine’s alright, not as great as last year. Essentially if I meet the following:
    2 total nights
    – One in DC, LA, NY
    – One booked under my corp rate
    – One paid with my IHG card
    – One in Europe, Asia, Middle East or Africa

    I’ll earn 48,000 points for the two nights. At the rate I redeem points, I can probably squeeze 3 free nights out of it.

  2. Mine was a little more challenging for 44,000
    -buy IHG points
    -put one stay on IHG card
    -stay at least 5 nights total
    -make a weekend stay
    -kill a prostitute at a competitor’s hotel and phone the media

    Maybe, I’ll pass

  3. Mine is quite good, basically I need to eat for more than $39 and stay one night to get 36,000 points. I could get 5000 more points with 4 more nights.

  4. I also got one of the tasks being book your corporate rate. I read the terms and it doesn’t specify which corporate rate. I’m a consultant, and so I use several corporate rates. No idea which this refers to.

  5. Do stays that are previously booked (IE I booked 11/30 for a 1/31 stay) count as long as I’m registered?

  6. I haven’t made an IHG stay so my offers are of course, really bad.

    But I have 64,000 points expiring in the next few months so one January stay might do the trick.

  7. I fulfilled two thirds of the last 2 accelerate offers, but the current one is just bad. Similar to @PhatMiles offer… 6 times 3 nights for 36k. No thanks.

  8. I love these. Sometimes I’ll complete the whole thing, but even when I don’t it’s nice to get points bumps. I never really keep track, but am frequently at the IC San Francisco. Even when I use my points it seems like I always get back to 200,000 before I even have to think about it.

  9. Oooh just checked mine. They got sassy with my a gave me a shit one for the first time. I haven’t been staying with them every month for a bit. I got:

    3,000 book & stay once
    10,000 stay 5 nights
    4,000 weekend stay (fri/sat or sat/sun)
    1,500 pay for stay on IHG credit card
    25,000 achievement (get 3 of 4) bonus
    1,000 stay once in January

    I already have this done with my current reservations 🙂

  10. Lucky…. can one stay complete multiple offers? My “to-do” list:
    Book and stay once: 5000 points
    Stay 5 nights: 10000 points
    Book one bonus points package: 3600 points
    Use IHG card for a stay: 1500 points

    Complete 3 of 4: 19,900 points

    I could complete the 1st, 3rd and 4th with one stay and get the 19.9K bonus, correct?

    Going to Hanoi in February, trying to decide between Hilton Opera and IC Westlake. This might sway my decision. (Although Hilton would be half the cost if I booked the prepaid rate during the current flash sale).

  11. Wife and I got identical offers, which come down to stay 5 nights, pay with IHG card and get 41,000 points.

  12. Lucky – Can 1 stay count for more than 1 offer? Example:
    Book & stay one night – 5,000 points
    Book 1 stay and charge to IHG cc – 1,500 points
    Book 1 stay in January, 2017 – 1,000 points

    7,500 total points for staying 1 night ?

  13. Last time my offer was super: My simple weekend stay at the Chicago Seminars would have covered it (if I had remembered to pay with an IHG credit card).

    This time the Accelerate offer isn’t so good, requiring 6 of 7 activities.

    So I’ll just lie low and wait for an easy (I hope) summer Accelerate promo.

  14. Does anybody know if paying “points + cash” counts as a qualifying stay (for those items not specifically points + cash)? I’m guessing no, but the terms & conditions don’t really clarify this:


    A Stay is defined as per IHG® Rewards Club Membership Terms and Conditions as one night or consecutive nights at the same hotel, regardless of frequency of check-in/out (“Stay”). A Stay constitutes a “Qualifying Stay” when member pays qualifying rates, which include most business and leisure rates at InterContinental® , Crowne Plaza® , Hotel Indigo® , Holiday Inn® , Holiday Inn Express® , Staybridge Suites® , Candlewood Suites® , EVEN® or HUALUXE™ hotels worldwide. Bonus points are not issued for Non-Qualifying Room Rates or Non-Qualifying Stays. “Non-Qualifying Room Rates” or “Non-Qualifying Stay” include the following: any stay at a Kimpton Hotel, net wholesale individual and group rate, certain package rates, employee discount rate, friends and family rate, crew rate, special discounted contract rates, seasonal worker/crew rate, 50% travel club discount rate, travel industry discount rate, distressed passenger rate, IHG® Rewards Club Reward Nights/Airline Hotel Reward rate, rates booked through third party web sites, complimentary hotel Stays and any other rates not defined as a Qualifying Room Rate at IHG’s sole discretion.

  15. Similar package to some others
    5000–stay once
    3600-buy bonus point package
    1500-use IHG CC
    1000-redeem for anything

    If I meet all 4 I get 16900 bonus points. Can the first three be done with one stay. The fourth requires spending a few hundred points on a music download

  16. Is anyone having trouble getting their 2016 accelerate dashboard to update with completed task? Mine has been showing 0 completed for about 3 weeks now. I check with IHG and they should be tracking and was told to wait another 3 weeks.

  17. “Is anyone having trouble getting their 2016 accelerate dashboard to update with completed task?”

    I think that is SOP with the Accelerate promotions. My final completed task (a bogus stay at a low-cost property in my home town) has not shown up yet, but past experience has been that it will eventually happen.

  18. Mine is for 89,500 points. One stay in Jan, 18 nights and one points and cash stay. That’s all, it’s the easiest one I have ever had, usually it’s stay 4 consecutive nights or two weekends etc. I use my points for Intercontinental hotel stays, I always get upgraded and did two nights in Paris for 100,000 points and was upgraded to a suite that cost €1650 per night with free champagne and chocolates.

  19. Mine says earn 71,400 total bonus points when you complete your offers

    5,000 Book and stay Once Get 5,000

    36,000 Stay More, Earn More
    Get closer to the rewards you want when you stay 18 night(s) and earn 36,000 bonus points.

    4,000 A Bonus Weekend Stay

    2,000 Stay for Less and Earn
    Earn 2,000 bonus points when you book 1 stay(s) using Points and Cash. We’ll reward you with more Bonus Points when you use a combination of points and cash.

    2,400 Big City Bonus
    Stay in 1 of 6 major markets: New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Las Vegas and earn 2,400 bonus points

    8,000 Explore with Confidence
    Stay in any country in Europe, Greater China (China Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa and earn 8,000 bonus points

    1,500 Spend on your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card

    11,000 Your Achievement Bonus

    Complete 6 of the 7 offers and earn (an additional) 11,000 bonus points.
    500 Registration Bonus
    Register for Accelerate and earn 500 bonus points

    1,000 January Bonus Offer
    Book and stay once in January and get 1,000 bonus points.

  20. Wow! Mine is 91,300 total points.

    A big chunk of that is the 50,000 for 25 nights, 12,800 for booking 8 stays at Holiday Inn Express, and 13,000 for completing 6 of 7 offers.

    Everything should be easy to do by April. My offer for winter ’16 was 78,500

  21. I never received my offer, I just happened to check this web site 2/9. My biggest hurdle is 20 nites by 4/15, I stayed 9 nites before registering & doubt if I’ll make the 20. Nice way to treat a spire member.

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