Amazing Emirates Business Class Fares From Cairo To Just About Everywhere

Cairo is probably the best city in the world out of which to find cheap premium cabin airfares. Early last month they got even cheaper, when Egypt devalued their currency, meaning those buying tickets in foreign currencies were paying even less.

While we see specific fare sales out of Cairo all the time, at the moment Emirates seems to have incredible business class fares from Cairo to just about anywhere, valid for travel over a wide range of dates. You’re best off using ITA Matrix or Google Flights to search these fares.

For example, you can fly from Cairo to Hong Kong for ~$790 roundtrip:


Or from Cairo to Tokyo for ~$955 roundtrip:


Or from Cairo to Seattle for ~$1,154 roundtrip:


Or from Cairo to Los Angeles for ~$1,354 roundtrip:


Or from Cairo to Rio de Janeiro for ~$1,610 roundtrip:


Or from Cairo to Melbourne for ~$1,819 roundtrip:


This is just a small sampling of what’s available, though there are a ton of great fares available to cities around the world.

There are even some very reasonable first class fares. For example, you can fly roundtrip from Cairo to Hong Kong for ~$2,067:


Or from Cairo to Tokyo for ~$2,284 roundtrip:


Fares out of Cairo have always been incredible, but the past few weeks we’ve seen deal after deal. Perhaps it’s time I station myself out of Cairo for some amount of time to take advantage of these deals?

Even if you don’t live in Egypt, it could make a lot of sense to position yourself to Cairo to take advantage of these deals.

While you can of course credit your miles to Emirates’ own frequent flyer program, my preference would be to credit miles to Alaska Mileage Plan. Travel on Emirates earns both elite qualifying and redeemable miles with Mileage Plan, at the rate of 125% before any elite bonuses:


If you do take advantage of one of these business class fares, I’d do everything in your power to book on an A380 rather than a 777 for the longhaul flight. Emirates’ A380s feature fully flat beds with direct aisle access in business class:


Meanwhile their 777s feature angled seats, with seven seats per row:


Anyone tempted by one of these great ex-Cairo fares on Emirates?

(Tip of the hat to Potreroflyr)


  1. “Perhaps it’s time I station myself out of Cairo for some amount of time to take advantage of these deals?”

    All joking aside this is the making of a great sitcom. Lucky, the travel blogger with a phobia of driving, hotel bed monsters and ‘inattentive’ service in the Cairo chaos.

  2. I see one way business class fares from CAI to JFK with Kuwait Airways for $558. Didn’t you say they may upgrade their planes to a 777-300 for the route from Kuwait City to JFK? If so, this may be a nice opportunity to try that route out.

  3. ‘m doing it with QATAR starting jan 9 to help my EQD on American but seeing these fares on Emirates hmmm maybe ill try to status match to Alaska
    My cai – doh – mia – doh – cai in business was 930 rt

  4. Old news Ben. The currency was devalued more than a month ago. Back in early Nov I grabbed some incredible fares. Qatar; CAI-DOH-BKK in 1st Class (not Bus) on their A380 (DOH-BKK) for $955 RT. CAI-TYO was going for under $1000. Some great fares are still to be had, though most airlines have adjusted their pricing to reflect the devaluation.

  5. @ Gary – Lucky made reference to his source, so whats the problem ?

    Lucky is just sharing it with his readers – plain simple and providing us with some additional dates etc.

    Base oneself out of Cairo for 2 weeks in the Le Meridien airport hotel, collect the SPG points and just fly back and forth to Asia via Dubai with a few days on each end in HK, BKK or TOKYO

  6. Yeah, definitely base yourself in Cairo for awhile. Egypt so warmly welcomes gay Jews these days.

    Really, Lucky. Put down your flute of Krug, come down out of the clouds, and try to develop at least a modicum of social awareness.

    You seem like a nice guy, but sometimes you’re stunningly clueless.

  7. Questions on EK first class lounge access:
    1) If you connect from 1st longhaul to business shorthaul (e.g. JFK-DXB on F and DXB-CAI in J), do you get access to first class lounge?
    2) If you are connecting from an a380 to a 777, can you use the a380 terminal first class lounge where you arrive? Or will you be forced to go to the other terminal where the 777 flight is departing?

  8. What’a wrong with Cairo? I think that we can argue that Egypt is more gay and Jewish friendly than Alabama is to African Americans or Oklahoma to Muslims…

  9. @Lucky The first itinerary you display above you say is “Cairo to Hong Kong for ~$790 roundtrip”, but what you display is Cairo to Bangkok return.

  10. To be honest, I’ve been watching these flights since the currency was floated last month and had found flights to be much less expensive than these fares. The huge challenge is the cost to position to Cairo, especially from a GCC country where the three hour flight costs around 900 dollars in the summer!
    @Lucky, I’ve also heard from a colleague that his father bailed on his final leg doh-cai and that four months later got a call from Qatar Airways that he had the choice of either paying up for what the flight would have actually cost to terminate in Doha (a LOT more) or that his Qatar Airways Privilege membership would be terminated. Lucky, have you ever heard of this happening before?

  11. For example, you can fly from Cairo to Hong Kong for ~$790 roundtrip: The first screen shot of prices is for Bangkok but the text above says Honk Kong. You may want to amend.

  12. Truly truly hope this doesn’t endanger those of us who booked these a while back before this was posted re: getting downgraded or targeted somehow because it’s now so public!

  13. @Scott it would be buried somewhere in the T & C’s that Qatar can re-price a ticket if not all flight sectors are taken. This is to prevent a situation such as your colleague’s father that his final destination was really Doha not Cairo, but the ticket price is cheaper via Doha to Cairo. There is a lot of this that goes on in Europe due to the high cost of the U.K. APD, it makes ex Amsterdam, Dublin or Oslo flights on say BA to the USA, a lot cheaper than a direct flight from Heathrow. So Airlines have had to clamp down on this practice.

  14. I am not experienced with Alaska Mileage Plan and hoped someone could guide me here.

    I note Emirates is not listed as an eligible partner for earning bonus miles as an elite:

    Assuming MVP Gold 75K + eg flown distance of 10,000 miles in Emirates business class, would the calculation be:

    10,000 x 1.25 = 12,500 earned miles


    10,000 x 1.25 = 12,500 earned miles
    10,000 x 1.25 = 12,500 bonus miles
    (total 25,000 redeemable miles)

    Many thanks

  15. Dear Lucky,
    You must check with WY :

    476.50 CHF/ 470USD…Round trip..

    1 WY 408 R 10MAY CAI MCT 0055 0645 WE 738 *MULTI*
    2 WY 815 R 10MAY MCT BKK 0825 1800 WE 787 *MULTI*
    3 WY 818 R 29MAY BKK MCT 0910 1220 MO 788 *MULTI*
    4 WY 405 R 29MAY MCT CAI 1430 1725 MO 738 *MULTI*

    That’s a pretty good deal isn’t it ? 😉

  16. @Lucky – firstly the $790 fare is between Cairo and Bangkok, not Hong Kong.

    Secondly, the $2k+ fare between Cairo and HK is not great value. You can often find sub-$2k fares originating from Europe to HK so nonsensical to position to Cairo for a flight.

    Thirdly, a number of these flights are on Emirates cr*ppy angled seats on the 777. No thanks!

  17. @Roberto “Egypt is more gay and Jewish friendly than Alabama is to African Americans”

    Sheer ignorance, or just pathetic trolling?

    From Wikipedia:
    Mobile Alabama “The racial makeup of the city was 50.6% Black or African American”

    Birmingham Alabama:
    “2000 Census “The racial makeup of the city was 62.46% Black”
    “2010 Census: “73.4% Black/African American”

    Alabama is so “unfriendly” to Blacks that the Black population of Birmingham increased from 62% to 73% over 10 years. Sheesh….

  18. I would definitely avoid going there or connecting from there ever since a plane got blown up after took off from there. It was done by insiders therefore extremely high risk. If you do not mind taking the risk then it is good deal.

  19. @JL:

    That’s not how it works. The listing of partners is a listing of additional benefits beyond earning miles. You will get an elite RDM bonus on top of class of service bonus. So it will be:

    10k * 1.25 (class of service) + 10k *1.25 (MVPG75K)

    You will also accrue 10k * 1.25 (class of service) bonus for EQM.

  20. Is it possible to change the return ticket to another airport and date? If so, any idea what the change fees would be?

  21. @jose

    The plane departed from Sharm el Sheikh which is not CAI. And the security problems there are probably very well looked after following that particular disaster.

  22. Have you read the travel advisories? From the website

    “- on 11 December 2016, there was an explosion in the vicinity of the Orthodox Cathedral in Abbaseya, Cairo, killing at least 20 people and injuring more than 35; you should remain vigilant at all times and follow the advice of local security officials”

    It says to AVOID all non-essential travel to Egypt.

  23. Has anyone transferred through CAI on separate tickets (and different airlines)? Did you have to claim luggage, clear immigration, and check again or is there some other service available? For example, DXB has Marhaba services.

  24. @ DCS — I have. Whether or not you have to claim luggage depends on if you were able to check your bags through, which is really always at the discretion of the check-in agent.

    If your bags aren’t checked through, you’ll have to clear immigration in order to claim and recheck them. I’d plan at least three hours for the connection in that case.

    If bags aren’t a concern, there is a transit lane in T1. It’s a sharp left before you reach the visa desks. If you don’t have the boarding pass for your next flight they will call someone from the airline to bring it to you (you’ll have to give them your passport and it’s not a fast process). If you do have your boarding pass, you’ll just go through a quick security screening.

  25. It appears Emirates have now pushed back the Cairo prices to the usual (i.e. the cheap fares no longer seem to be available :-(). Is it just a case of me searching on New Year’s Eve or have Emirates pushed up the pricing?

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