Lufthansa A330 First Class In 10 Pictures

On Saturday night Ford and I flew from Dallas to Frankfurt on Lufthansa in first class, which we booked using Aeroplan miles transferred from American Express.

Ideally I was hoping to route us through a hub with a flight operated by an A380 or 747-8, though everything was pretty full. I assume that has to do with Lufthansa’s pilot strike the week prior, which caused a lot of passengers to be rebooked. While I’ve flown Lufthansa first class more times than I can count, this was Ford’s first time on Lufthansa, so I was excited to have him experience “my” airline.

Lufthansa’s A330 first class cabin has a total of eight seats, spread across two rows in a 1-2-1 configuration. Nowadays Lufthansa has the same new first class product across their fleet, so the differences between planes are fairly minor.


As usual, the amenities available were pretty good, including great pajamas, slippers, and Rimowa amenity kits.


It’s great to see that Lufthansa has brought back the Rimowa kits, which I love.


Lufthansa’s catering isn’t my favorite in the world, as I find they often try too hard, and many of the dishes don’t translate in the air. It’s one of the few airlines where I prefer their outstation catering. That’s to say that I think Lufthansa’s catering is better out of the U.S. than out of Germany.

As usual, to start we were offered caviar, which was beautifully presented. While other airlines give passengers individual tins of caviar, Lufthansa has a big tin from which they serve everyone. Often this means you get a very generous portion since first class isn’t typically full, but on this particular flight seven of the eight seats were occupied, which is the fullest Lufthansa first class cabin I’ve had in a long time.


After that the flight attendants rolled around a cart with appetizers. There were three to choose from, and you could just have one, all three, or any combination. There was also salad, which I skipped.


For the main course I ordered the sautéed grouper. I don’t love grouper, but it sounded better to me than a filet of smoky beef, black pepper fettuccini, or traditional Amish turkey, which were the other options.


After that a dessert and cheese cart was rolled around the cabin. I had the pumpkin cheesecake with vanilla ice cream, which was excellent.


The meal took a bit over two hours to serve. The service was average for Lufthansa first class. The flight attendant working the aisle was efficient and professional, though didn’t show much personality. Meanwhile the galley flight attendant was incredibly charming and constantly smiling when she appeared in the cabin, so I wish she had been working the cabin.

In my experience on Lufthansa, about 10% of the first class flight attendants are pretty bad, 40% are good but not memorable, and about 50% of them are excellent. The flight attendant working the aisle definitely fit in the 40% category.

While the A330 first class cabin isn’t that wide, I find that Lufthansa has among the most  comfortable beds in the sky. The bedding is fantastic, and we got nearly five hours of sleep.


About 80 minutes before landing breakfast was served. I had some fresh fruit, yogurt, and berries. Usually I look forward to the freshly made scrambled eggs as well, though there was a problem with the machine they use for that on this flight.


Another highlight of the flight was the captain. What I love about Lufthansa pilots is that they’re either on strike, or super freaking professional. I appreciate that they don’t bring their disagreements with management to work, in those cases where they decide to show up to work. 😉

For example:

  • Before takeoff he announced “the weather enroute is… mediocre. Our charts say it will be bad, but I do not believe them.” Hah, sure enough he was correct.
  • He used the restroom which was right in front of my seat while I was having dinner, and said “guten appetit” as he walked past
  • When announcing the temperatures in German, he said it’s “unverschämt kalt,” which gave me a chuckle

We arrived in Frankfurt at a remote stand, which meant there were two vans waiting for first class passengers — one for connecting passengers and one for passengers terminating in Frankfurt. This is definitely a nice feature, though I wish they’d take a page from the Air France playbook and actually bring you all the way to the First Class Lounge, or even better, the First Class Terminal.


Lufthansa first class bottom line

Lufthansa first class is one of my favorite ways to cross the Atlantic. Lufthansa’s first class cabins are so incredibly elegant, and I find Lufthansa flight attendants working first class are among the best of any western airline, as they strike a great balance between being professional and personable.

This was a great flight, though not the best. The service was a bit slower than usual due to the full cabin, and the flight attendant working the aisle wasn’t the most personable.

Still, it was a fantastic flight, and Ford walked away from Lufthansa with a great impression (as anyone would, I would hope!).

While I’ve been enjoying trying new airlines, it’s great to go back to some old favorites once in a while.


  1. Thank you for the pictures and report. Overall classic Lufthansa 1st I would say, nothing new ;), but I really liked the part about the pilots, made me chuckle too. It was rather refreshing.

    Have a nice stay over in Europe.

    Just a quick question. Will we get to read / see any Christmas Markets reports included in your usual travel reports?

  2. Agree LH F catering isn’t the best, but the comment on preferring outstation food is interesting. You know LH no longer differentiate main courses in First and Business out of the US now? They’re the same, just in F they’re plated and presented nicely. Go check the menus (and FT threads). Terrible change imo. This change is “exclusive” to North American routes, all other outstations still have completely different main course menus for F.
    That said, even if LH’s F food ex-Germany isn’t great, I find it hard to believe that it’s worst than Business Class food ex-USA..!

  3. Wow, other than the caviar the rest of the meal served had nothing to be remembered. The plate with the grouper reminds me of a cheap Chinese buffet. I don’t think that only the weather was mediocre.

  4. @Lucky:

    You’ve probably mentioned it before, but what the best tool to use for searching LH award space? AC or UA or is there a better way? Perhaps LH’s site directly?

  5. I was beginning to wonder when you’d go back to FC on some of your favorite airlines …. don’t you miss Emirates yet? It seems like an eternity since you’ve flown them … please do it, if just for yourself 🙂

  6. Strangely enough, it’s rather refreshing to have a first class review.

    I, too, hope there will be a post about your visit to the Christmas markets.

  7. hmmm As most of my LH F experiences, the food (as shown in these pics) looks so bad with the exception of caviar of course.
    Ben, I suggest you try AF F more than just once or twice and on flight out of Paris. Lufthansa food is so bad that I think I prefer to eat NH Y food over it. Most people who thinks LH F food is ok, that’s because they had not flown AF F.

  8. ” though I wish they’d take a page from the Air France playbook and actually bring you all the way to the First Class Lounge, or even better, the First Class Terminal.”

    Arrivals on remote stands, from non-Schengen countries, will always be shuttled to “Arrivals B”. That’s a requirement of the federal police and not LHs choice! Also the FCT is, technically speaking, landside.

  9. So according to SeatGuru, all of Lufthansa’s a330’s have a first class cabin. However, when I was looking around for different itineraries for my summer trip, I noticed that there was no first class seats for sale between Denver and Munich, despite the fact that the flight is operated by an a330-300. Not that I could afford that if it was available but I found it interesting nonetheless.

  10. @weymar

    Lufthansa is in the process of removing the first class cabins from all A330 in Munich. This will be finished by the the end of March 17. In the future only the A340-600 will have F cabins, which is still about 60 percent of the longhaul fleet in Munich.

  11. Lord knows I’ve had pretty bad experiences with LH but this week returning FRA-JFK in biz on 747-8, I had the best entree almost ever on an airplane. It was roast goose and my plate was clean! It was very good.

  12. Thanks for the Aeroplan tip I redeemed for First class and it was much cheaper than using United miles. Did the whole nine yards JFK-FRA-CDG with 4 hours layover at the FCT and was blown away by the experience.

    Miles ahead of BA and as good if not better than CX in my experience.

    Love the Germans!

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