Hilton Extends Their Triple Points Promotion Through January 31, 2017

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Hilton’s current global promotion is set to run through December 31, 2016. If you registered for this promotion you can earn:

  • Double base points for all bookings during the promotion period
  • Triple base points for all bookings made through the app during the promotion period


On top of that you can earn 5,000 bonus points per stay when you pay with a Visa, even if it’s an award stay (as long as there are some incidentals on your folio). This promotion is valid through January 31, 2017, and registration is required for it as well.


Anyway, I’ve just been informed that Hilton is extending their global triple points promotion through January 31, 2017, meaning both the triple points and 5,000 point Visa promotion now expire the same day.

While there are aspects of Hilton HHonors I don’t love, there’s no denying that the rate at which you can accrue points with them is very good.

Members ordinarily earn 10 base points per dollar spent, plus an additional five points if they choose Points & Points as their earnings preference (which most people should be doing). When you factor in the triple base points and 5,000 bonus points, that means you’re earning 35 Hilton points per dollar spent, plus 5,000 bonus points per stay.

Then if you’re a Diamond member you earn an additional five points per dollar, and if you’re paying with a card like the Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Reserve Card, you earn an additional 10 points per dollar.

That means members like me are earning a total of 50 HHonors points per dollar spent, plus 5,000 bonus points per stay. That’s pretty fantastic, especially since all properties are participating in both of these promotions.

Rack up points quickly to redeem at properties like the Conrad Koh Samui

Bottom line

It’s great to hear that Hilton will be extending this promotion through January 31, 2017, meaning you can earn triple points plus 5,000 bonus points per stay. They haven’t yet publicly updated the promotion page with this information, but will do so this week. If you’ve already registered for the promotion, there’s no need to register again.

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  1. Looks like triple points are for mobile phone app reservation. Double points if you make the reservation on line but not with mobile app.

  2. This is superb news if it comes to pass because I wanted to spend New Year’s eve on an award stay at Hilton Pattaya on the world-famous Pattaya Beach on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand (62 miles from Bankgok), but I was late trying to redeem and all the award rooms had vanished like hot cakes. Still determined to be on Pattaya Beach on New Year’s eve, I decided to book a full ocean view suite for 4 nights, taking advantage of a 20% discount Hilton was running on hotels in the region (“Stop clicking around!”). It was a great deal but it will still cost me over $1K so, I will not only get a lot of base points toward requalifying HHD status in 2017, since I’ll checkout on 01/02/2017, but I’ll also rake in loads of redeemable points thanks to this extension of the 3X promo, to be off to a great start!

  3. How would the points be rewarded to me if I spend the extra $20.00 for the rate offering Double Hilton Honors Points rate on a room ?

    I registered for this promotion when it posted here and would be using their phone app to book and woud pay with the Chase Hilton Card .

    Which points would be tripled ?

    I need a 23 dollar spend to meet the yearly Hilton portfolio spend of one thousand for the 10k bonus and some points to bank on top of the card bonuses for a Hawaii trip this next year.

    Thanks in advance to Ben and all here for their advice

  4. @D.E. Whitt — If B is the number of base points earned for the stay, then paying the $20 extra for the double HH points rate would ad another ‘B’ to you earning. The triple bonus for booking with the app adds ‘2B’. So, in total, just from the above you’ll get:

    B + B + 2B = 4B. Since B = 10HH/$ this means that you’ll earn 40HH/$

    BTW, there is no Chase Hilton. Maybe you mean Citi Hilton card. If it is the Citi Hilton Reserve, that would add another B, so you’ll earn 5B or 50HH/$.

    A HH Diamond double dipping, will earn another (0.5B + 0.5B) or a full ‘B’ for a total of 6B or 60HH/$!

  5. DCS : You are correct. We have the Citi Hilton Card.

    We have the Signature Visa and haven’t taken the Reserve card .

    I believe it is 6 points vs. the 10 for the Reserve.

    Thank you !

  6. @Kurt — They will both count as 2x base points. You get B for double and another B for triple, so you get
    B + 2B = 3B or 30HH/$ spent, since B = 10HH/$

  7. For example:

    Base point 1,000
    2016 HH3 DOUBLE POINTS OFFER 1,000 (if you made reservation on line)
    2016 HH3 MOBILE APP OFFER 1,000 (if you used mobile app for reservation)
    DOUBLE POINTS OFFER 1,000 (if you selected double points room during reservation )
    DIAMOND VIP BONUS – 50% 2016 – 500 (if you are diamond)
    2016 DELTA MQM OFFER – 500 (if you signed up)
    AMEX CO BRAND ONLINE BOOKING BONUS – 500 (if you used amex)

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