You Can Now Earn Bonus JetBlue Points For Amazon Purchases

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JetBlue has just announced a cool new partnership with Amazon, where they’re offering three bonus TrueBlue points per dollar spent with Amazon.


In order to earn the three bonus points per dollar spent you either have to go through the unique JetBlue link on this page, or make the purchase inflight with JetBlue through their Fly-Fi service. This works the same way as a shopping portal, meaning that there are cookies on your computer for 24 hours after you log in through the JetBlue Amazon link, so any purchases made during that time should qualify for bonus points.

You can always just save your customized JetBlue Amazon link in your browser, making it easy to return to every time you want to make an Amazon purchase.

These points are in addition to any other points you may earn through credit card spend with Amazon. Furthermore, you can maximize the 3x JetBlue points you’re earning on your purchase by having JetBlue Plus Card, which offers a 10% refund on points redeemed, meaning you’d be earning the equivalent of ~3.3 points per dollar spent.

Bonus TrueBlue points will be credited to your JetBlue account within 60 days of when your purchase is shipped (though I suspect in practice they’ll typically post much faster than that).

The following products are excluded from earning points through this partnership:

  • Any product or service sold on a site linked to from the Amazon Site (e.g., a product or service listed through our “Product Ads” program or sold on a site linked to from a banner ad, sponsored link, or other link displayed on the Amazon Site);
  • Any wireless service plan offered through the Amazon Site and not sold or fulfilled by us;
  • Any product, including games and other applications, sold through the Amazon Appstore for Android;
  • Any product sold on;
  • Restaurant takeout;
  • Any alcoholic beverage product;
  • Any digital Kindle product purchased as a subscription (e.g., Kindle newspaper subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, blog subscriptions, etc.);
  • Any free trial subscription


Bottom line

A lot of people make their everyday purchases through Amazon, so this is a great way to pick up to an additional ~5% return on your Amazon purchases (I value TrueBlue points at ~1.5 cents each). You just have to remember to go through the specific JetBlue link every time you make a purchase.

Do you plan on picking up an extra three JetBlue points per dollar spent with Amazon?

(Tip of the hat to Running with Miles)

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  1. Great opportunity if you use your Amex Platinum which earns 3x on Amazon purchases. You can essentially earn 5.4 True Blue points per $ spend.

  2. Great news! I always liked Amazon, but never liked that I was not earning air miles on those purchases. Thanks for letting us know.

  3. What about the “subscribe and save” items I get every month? Do I have to cancel all of those and re-subscribe through the link?

  4. @ Lucky – I got a flyer in the mail saying $20 rebate on Amazon when you use the JB Mastercard several times through 12/31? – Did you get that as well?

  5. Are you sure this will work if you bookmark the unique link? Or do they change the unique link each time you click on it?

  6. Yeah, so I just answered my own question partially – the link is unique each time you click, so I’m not sure if bookmarking it would work (at least after 24 hours).

  7. Also curious whether there is a way to get this to work via the Amazon mobile app. I can’t find any info on that.

  8. Well, not on JetBlue Card, Lucky. The best return is Amazon’s own credit card with 5% cash back. 5% +3 points is awesome.

  9. I had the same problem of getting redirected to my TrueBlue account page when following the link from this article. I eventually figured out what to do. For those, like me, who are having trouble with the link, make sure you are logged out of JetBlue’s website first, then visit the link. It will prompt you to log in and then direct you to Amazon to shop.

  10. Logon to your account. Click to “Our Parters” toward the middle left, and you should be able to click through. Confused me at first, too. GREAT tip! Thanks Lucky!

  11. Anyone seen any miles post from this? We’ve done quite a few purchases since this started and have no points so far. They say please allow 60 days for the points to post. That is a long time to keep track of everything.

  12. No points for me either, and I noticed that Amazon is no longer featured on the A-Z “Portal Partners” list which could guarantee that we may never see any points despite the fact the my December bookmark still directs straight to from TrueBlue once I log in.

  13. I had the same trouble as others, the link goes nowhere. Instead:

    – Log in to your TrueBlue account,
    – go to the TrueBlue home screen if you’re not already there,
    – click Our Partners,
    – then Amazon,
    – then Click Shop and Earn

  14. wait….if its a cookie does that mean that you have to click the link and finish the shopping
    on the same device?

  15. @PJ Yes, you have to finish on the same device. What I’m not sure of is if you have to “add” the items to your cart after following the link, or if you can do your shopping, have a cart ready to go, and then log in through the portal.

    I, like others, have not seen a single point from this yet.

  16. Also just saw points finally post from transactions in the 2nd week of December. Was starting to think they would never show up…

  17. I do my shopping at Amazon and “add to list” as I go along.
    Then I make sure I’m logged out of both Amazon and JB. When I’m ready to buy, I log into JB then thru the JB merchant partner link, login to Amazon, then select stuff from my List, add to cart etc. Seems to work well.
    I use my AAdvantage card to pay (don’t have JB card), so collect there too.

    @Eric, thanks for tip on Amex Platinum at 3x, will check into that.

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