LifeMiles Is Offering Yet Another Bonus On Purchased Miles

For the past week, Avianca’s LifeMiles program has been offering a “Cyber Week” promotion on the purchase of miles, which expired this Monday, November 28, 2016. Well, it seems that they’re not taking a break at all and have a mileage sale quota to reach, as LifeMiles has just announced their latest bonus on purchased miles.


Through December 20, 2016, LifeMiles is offering up to a 125% bonus on purchased miles. This is a tiered offer, where you get a bigger bonus the more miles you buy, as follows:

  • Buy 2,000-50,000 LifeMiles, get a 100% bonus (~1.65 cents per mile)
  • Buy 51,000-100,000 LifeMiles, get a 115% bonus (~1.53 cents per mile)
  • Buy 101,000-150,000 LifeMiles, get a 125% bonus (~1.47 cents per mile)


Keep in mind that the end of the year is approaching, and there’s a limit of purchasing 352,500 LifeMiles per account per calendar year, including all the bonuses.

This promotion isn’t quite as good as the one that LifeMiles offered up until Monday, which was an opportunity to purchase miles for 1.375 cents each, and that was valid even when purchasing just 5,000 miles. Here you have to purchase 101,000+ miles to get the best rate, which translates to $3,333+ out of pocket.

Still, the better previous promotion is now over, so if you have a short term use in mind, it could absolutely still make sense to purchase LifeMiles. Check out my post from last week for more on the overall value of LifeMiles, and under what circumstances it makes sense to buy miles with them. Long story short, with a premium cabin Star Alliance redemption in mind, this could be a great deal, though do be aware of the limitations of redeeming LifeMiles.


  1. Doe this work for anybody? As soon as I enter more than 50000 it says I’m over the limit of the promotion. I haven’t bought any life miles yet (this year) and the rules say you can buy up to 150000.

  2. Certainly it’s an attractive way to get LH F, but just was wondering. There was a routing via FRA and ZRH on the same day with one of the sectors being LH F, but if having issued through LifeMiles I suppose it’ll be issued under Avianca ticket stock, hence not allowed to use the LX F Lounge in ZRH? Just popped up in my mind.

  3. Similar to Markus this doesn’t work for me either. I feel like an idiot buying now after the better sale last week but some good flights came up. Still pretty cheap way to get to Australia

  4. Ben – I have a lifemiles account – what is the best way to check for SQ availability – as there never seems to be any and you have to check on their system week by week there a quicker way pls ??
    Thanks, Darren

  5. Hello! I am looking at a award ticket and I see 2 rates in business for a one way to south america. One said 50.000 miles with Limited Seats, other say 64000 miles with All the seats. What is the difference? Thanks!

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