Buy Four Seasons Gift Cards With A 20% Bonus

Earlier I posted about how I was considering staying at a Four Seasons on an upcoming trip to Jakarta, and reader lautaro made me aware of a really cool promotion I hadn’t seen.

Through 12PM EST on Monday, December 5, 2016, Four Seasons is offering a $100 bonus e-gift card when you purchase an e-gift of at least $500.


Best I can tell, the only terms associated with this offer are as follows:

Please note: This offer is limited and not applicable for plastic gift cards. Your $100 USD eGift will be sent as a separate eGift Card.

So I don’t see why you couldn’t take advantage of this offer multiple times by making multiple transactions, as there’s nothing in the terms prohibiting this. Of course in practice they could decide otherwise, but that’s not in the terms at least. Perhaps it makes sense to use a different credit card or email address each time to maximize your odds of qualifying for the bonus gift card multiple times.

The e-gift card should be delivered to you immediately by email, and can be used at any Four Seasons property around the world. My one general concern is that the conversion rate may not be good when using this card at foreign properties, as hotels often don’t have fair exchange rates. Still, even if you lose a few percent, you’ll still come out way ahead.

These cards don’t expire, so if you’re planning on staying at a Four Seasons property anytime soon, it could make a lot of sense to take advantage of this offer.

Anyone plan on picking up a Four Seasons gift card with a 20% bonus?


  1. Thanks for the tip @lucky. Have a stay coming up so went in and bought two $500 gift cards (using two different email addresses). Received the $100 bonus giftcards right away in my email(s), but have not yet received the actual $500 gift cards. Assuming just a processing delay, but will let you know if there is any issue.

  2. Decent offer but you can buy GC’s at a 20% discount on Samsung Pay right now. If you’re so inclined, you can book a Four Seasons property through them, but you don’t have to so you get flexibility. On top of that, you still accumulate 1 free night for every 10 you book.

    So I don’t see the value proposition in buying the 4 Seasons GC’s.

  3. I only got the $500 gift card to my inbox after purchasing an e-gift card. The additional $100 does not seem to be processed so this makes me somewhat skeptical to buy any more……any others experiencing this??

  4. Did this twice last night. Not sure how it codes yet but the pending charge for Chase is noted as “egift card” which doesn’t make me confident that it’ll code as travel…. I received the gift card and bonus gift cards immediately..

    This is a great value proposition for FS, if you’re inclined to stay at a FS. Book through a FSPP and get all the benefits as well. Booking through doesn’t get those…


  5. Hmmm….good that people seem to get their bonus GC’s…for me still no sign of bonus GC’s in my inbox 4 hours after purchase, so I contacted customer service (company is called ‘buyatab’ who is handling this on behalf of FS I believe). They had no idea how to resolve immediately so a ticket was created…will keep you posted.

  6. @Frank – had the opposite experience. The $100 bonus gift cards showed up right away and then about 3-4 hours later the actual $500 gift cards showed up in the email. Bottom line, got them all – but strange that the processing times seem to vary.

  7. Some 8 hrs after the initial purchase the bonus GC dumped in my inbox. Surely this indicates there is some kind of manual intervention/control in this, also considering I am currently in timezone GMT-1.

  8. I wonder how this would work with citi prestige fourth night free. For example-Let’s say you booked through citi concierge and then used the gift cards to offset the price upon checkout. Would you still be reimbursed for fourth night?

  9. No, Citi manually checks now. There is a fourth night free with breakfast promotion at Four Seasons right now anyway.

  10. I actually need to book 2 rooms and 3 nights in Prague next week and this could help. Anyone else report anything on how well it does/doesn’t work?

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