Limited Time: Get A $20 Starbucks Gift Card For $10

Starbucks has been offering all kinds of great promotions in conjunction with Visa Checkout this year, giving customers opportunities to purchase gift cards at a discount.

In May they offered a $10 bonus card when purchasing a $10 Starbucks gift card, in August they offered a $5 bonus card when purchasing a $10 Starbucks gift card, and in September they offered a $10 bonus card when purchasing a $10 Starbucks gift card using Visa Checkout through the Starbucks app.

Well, Starbucks and Visa Checkout have teamed up for yet another promotion, which is almost identical to the last one (and you’re eligible for this one even if you take advantage of previous ones). You can receive a $10 bonus card when you use the Starbucks app to purchase a $10 gift card using Visa checkout.


Here’s how the promotion works:

  1. Download the Starbucks® app and create a Starbucks Rewards™ account. Existing Starbucks® app users: Simply go to the “Pay” section of the app to get started.
  2. Reload $10 + in the Starbucks® app with Visa Checkout (sign in/sign up link below).
  3. Receive your $10 Starbucks® eGift within 1 day courtesy of Visa Checkout.

The promotion is valid through December 22, 2016, or “while supplies last.” Unfortunately since you only get the $10 bonus card after the fact (within one day of your purchase), you won’t know for sure at the time of purchase whether you qualify.

That being said, if you take part in the offer today, I have a hard time imagining you wouldn’t qualify. Past promotions have had similar terms, and I’ve always gotten the bonus.

This is valid for new and existing Starbucks members, including those who already have the app. When you log into the app, just click the “Pay” button, and then on the next screen click the “Reload” button. There you should be given the option to select how much you want to reload onto your account, and also to select the payment method (either by clicking “Add Payment Method” or by clicking on the existing payment method on file).


On the next page you’ll want to click “Add Card With Visa Checkout,” which will take you to Visa Checkout.


If you already have a Visa Checkout account (as I imagine many of you do from having taken advantage of the past promotions), the whole process should take less than a minute. If you still need to register, it might take a couple of minutes.

When you go the page that allows you to reload your balance, it will just show your credit card number, and won’t indicate that it’s specific to Visa Checkout. Just make sure you use the card you just registered with Visa Checkout for the purchase. There’s no immediate indication of being eligible for the offer, though the bonus card should come within 24 hours. At least it has always worked for me in the past.

This is an easy way to save $10.

If you’re interested in this promotion you’ll want to take part as soon as possible, as supplies are limited.

(Tip of the hat to Dan’s Deals)


  1. Done! Thanks! With people with a Bank of America debit or credit card you can get a 10% back with Starbucks by BankAmeriDeals

  2. I’ve just done it through my iPhone app and got a notification confirming I’ll be getting the bonus posted tomorrow. So there’s no way to know if you get the bonus before making the payment, but they do confirm right after.

  3. My balance on the App IMMEDIATELY reflected the reload (I always do $30) + th bonus $10.

    Thanks again!

  4. I tried on my phone and via their site on my laptop; I get to the very end (confirmed my Visa Checkout password) and get an error. I’ll keep trying, but thanks anyway for the heads up.

  5. WHOO, I had to manipulate things a bit but finally got it working. The starbucks app, which I never had before wasn’t accepting the charge, I would see it pending at my credit card account so it went through visa check out just fine but I’d then see the charge reversed so starbucks wasn’t letting it post. I even called the credit card and they said they did approve the charge. I like free so I deleted the app, redownloaded it and then created a new account with a different email address and it worked just fine, I got the bonus about 5 hours later. Thanks for the tip for this! I don’t even like coffee but it’s hot chocolate season!!!!

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