150 Free Aeroplan Miles In Less Than A Minute

Here’s an easy opportunity to pick up 150 free Aeroplan miles. This is most useful for those with existing Aeroplan mileage balances, since miles expire after a year of inactivity, so participating in this should extend the life of your miles.

The Aeroplan homepage indicates that you can earn 150 bonus miles for “setting your travel goals” by December 16, 2016. The banner leads to this page.


On the next page you’ll be asked to enter your Aeroplan number, last name, and email address.


Then they’ll ask you about cheesy information regarding a travel goal you have. While you can enter up to three goals, you only have to do one. You just have to enter where you want to go, when, with whom, and for what purpose.


Sounds like a thrilling trip, eh?


Then you just hit “continue,” and you’ll be brought to a page that thanks you.


As I said above, this is an easy way to extend the expiration of your Aeroplan miles. They otherwise expire after a year of inactivity, so I think that’s the primary benefit of this promotion. Keep in mind that Aeroplan is transfer partners with Starwood Preferred Guest and American Express Membership Rewards, so there are lots of ways to collect these miles.


  1. Signing up was easy enough. The “Thank You” page doesn’t mention having qualified for the miles though. And I didn’t see any mention of when they are supposed to post, so there is no way to know when to complain if they don’t post. This could be one of those 6 to 8 weeks after the program is over deals. Can’t imagine checking in regularly to see if they did post when it’s just 150 miles.

  2. Yeah, no clue when the miles will show up.
    Also, you’ve got to fill out everything. I tried just doing the first adventure, but it wouldn’t let me continue until I had finished every blank.

  3. I just did the first one. There is a box at the bottom of the other two to check that you aren’t ready to do those yet. Still got the Thank You completion page. 😉

  4. Having filled this in last year I found that I could not revise my goals and it appears that I am not being rewarded.
    You are allowed to indicate that you don’t know so I will try to revise them back to zero and perhaps start again. That didn’t work so I guess the miles are not available.

  5. “Having filled this in last year I found that I could not revise my goals and it appears that I am not being rewarded.” — Alan, I must have done that, too, as my last-year’s goals showed up. I tried changing the cities, but couldn’t do that; however, when I changed the time of year, the other fields went blank and I was able to update the goals.

    Still have no idea if it counts for 150 points, though — pretty frustrating! :-/ Not a very well-designed little item …

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