Save 25% On An AARP Membership (And Save Money On Travel)

One of the best ways to save money on transatlantic travel is through the AARP. That’s because British Airways offers significant savings for AARP members. The sweet spot is being able to save $400 on the cost of a roundtrip transatlantic business class ticket.


Given that British Airways and their oneworld partners frequently publish transatlantic business class fares of under $2,000 roundtrip, this is a great opportunity to book business class for only marginally more than economy. I’ve taken advantage of this several times to fly roundtrip business class from the US west coast to Europe for ~$1,150.


The first concern people have when discussing AARP memberships is the age requirement to join. Contrary to popular belief, there’s no age limit to join the AARP. The organization is intended to support seniors, and you don’t have to be a senior to do that.

Ordinarily an annual AARP membership costs $16. However, in honor of Veteran’s Day (which was earlier this month), AARP is selling annual memberships for just $12, which represents savings of 25%.


Okay, you save “only” $4, but if you were considering joining anyway, you might as well save by signing up through this link by November 30, 2016.


In my opinion it’s worth buying an AARP membership proactively, so that you’re ready to go the next time that British Airways has a big sale. It’s a small price to pay for big savings, especially since a single membership can get you the discount for multiple passengers.

(Tip of the hat to Ani)


  1. I did not renew my membership after the first year, and 6 years now and I still get all the same stuff in the mail.

  2. As a member using the discount, can I buy more than one ticket? Do I need a membership for each of my family member to take advantage of the discount or I can just buy tickets for my whole family with my membership?


  3. @ Alvin – you can still join if you live outside US. It just costs 28$ a year and no discounts for veteran day or for multiple years.

  4. Just got the membership yesterday, again don’t need to be 50. Used it to buy 8 business tickets non stop to Barcelona from JFK for 1400 per person. during the summer.. Great Deal!

  5. So I’m struggling to sign up, based in the UK but it just won’t accept my (or any) postcode, nor a random zipcode.

    I have selected my country as England (apparently the UK isn’t a country) but still it won’t work. Any ideas? I do know what non-US residents can join, as Ben has confirmed this to me previously.

  6. Solved it myself, after multiple efforts, as the website isn’t *that* great.

    If you’re not US resident you need to go to then select your country of residence in the address field first. Down at the bottom of the page it should show you the membership prices, if not then try again until it does. Then you’ll get the ability to enter your address details as required.

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