AMAZING DEAL: Roundtrip Business Class To Southeast Asia For ~$1,500

At the moment oneworld has published some incredible business class fares for travel between the US and Southeast Asia, starting at just ~$1,500 roundtrip. The fares are valid for travel out of several US cities to various points in Southeast Asia. For example, Los Angeles to Jakarta is available, though there are other city pairs as well, so use ITA Matrix or Google Flights to look at all the possibilities.


The transpacific flight has to be on American, while the connections can be on oneworld partners. The fares are valid through the end of the schedule, so there are lots of possibilities with this amazing fare.

While Los Angeles to Jakarta is the first amazing fare that pops up, there are other opportunities as well.


My preference would certainly be to route through Hong Kong, to be able to fly American’s 777-300ER. If you’re an Executive Platinum member then you can also easily upgrade the fare to first class using some systemwide upgrades. This flight should also feature American’s enhanced first class service, similar to what you’d get between Los Angeles and Sydney.


For a similar price you could also fly to Kuala Lumpur.


Or for a few hundred dollars more (~$1,800) you could fly to Bangkok.


I’m still doing more research on it, so will update the post if I find anything else great.

Anyone able to take advantage of this great fare?

(Tip of the hat to jmail1 on FlyerTalk)


  1. When does the fare start? What is the first day of available travel (looking for a mileage run by the end of the year)?

  2. Wow.

    When is a business class deal better than economy class? What are people’s cross over points?

    Clearly not as many people flying any more?

  3. Too bad it’s only on AA flight numbers or it would be a no brainer to book just for the EQDs. Still extremely tempting

  4. @ Ben – I’m finally seeing these on Google Flights (after striking out at What is the booking class (to see what my AS mileage rate accrual would be?)

  5. fare gone? while the individual flights still show a RT fare of $1590 etc…the total is close to $5000 on

  6. Yeah, I think they are gone. Google flights priced it out per your post, but the price associated with where one can buy it are all much higher (AA/JAL)

  7. Does not seem to work. On Google flight it shows the deal, but once you select the dates, under it in the box it only displays fares for $3000-$4000. I tried from LAX, NYC to Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur.

  8. I was able to grab LAX to BKK Sept 30’th-Oct 15’th 2017 on AA/CX. Is this even a good time to go? Unfortunately I can’t go in March and the booking wasn’t allowing me to go further than 11 months out.

  9. when i check the flights they show $1400 but when i go to book the price rockets to $4100. something wrong with google flights today.

  10. Although I saw the price $1,9xx on google flight but could not book it. The booking price was up high to $4,xxx. Give up!

  11. Thanks so much for the flash alert. We scored (2) seats LAX BKK for April 8 to 15. But, we have to catch and release due to scheduling conflict.
    Loved this post. Next time, I hope we can make it work. Sad to let it go…. $1831 each person r/t in Biz. Argh……

  12. Purchased PVD-CGK for $1717 on 1/27/17 on AA and JAL metal. All life-flat except for PVD-ORD connection. A great way to burn AA gift cards and start the year off with 42k EQM’s!

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