What You Need To Know About Lifetime Hyatt Globalist Status

Several weeks ago the details of World of Hyatt were announced, which will be Hyatt’s new loyalty program as of March 1, 2017. There are things I love and hate about World of Hyatt, though at least in our community most people view the new program as a negative.


As far as top tier status goes, presently you need 25 stays or 50 nights to earn Diamond status, while with World of Hyatt you’ll need 60 nights to earn Globalist status, which is the new top tier status. However, if you’re requalifying for status then you’ll “only” need 55 nights.

There won’t anymore be an option to qualify based on stays, though you will be able to qualify based on spend; Globalist status will require $20,000 of spend per year.

When World of Hyatt was first announced, they didn’t share how lifetime status qualification criteria would be changing. As of now, you can earn lifetime Diamond status by earning a million base points, which equates to $200,000 of spend with Hyatt. You also have to be a member of the program for at least 10 years.

There has been quite a bit of speculation and confusion regarding how World of Hyatt lifetime Globalist status will work, so I figured I’d clarify that here.

How will lifetime Globalist status work?

This is very good news. I’ve followed up with Hyatt, and they’ve said the following regarding World of Hyatt lifetime Globalist status:

  • Lifetime Diamond members will become lifetime Globalist members
  • The qualification criteria for lifetime Globalist will be the same as for lifetime Diamond, meaning that a million base points in the program will still earn you lifetime Globalist after March 1, 2017 (and points earned in Gold Passport will transfer over to World of Hyatt); actually, Hyatt is dropping the requirement of being a member for 10 years, so they’re making it easier
  • Lifetime Globalist members will receive four annual confirmed suite upgrades plus an annual free Category 1-7 night each year, just like other Globalist members

Park-Hyatt-Vienna - 14
Lifetime Globalist members will receive four confirmed suite upgrades per year

In other words, lifetime Globalist members are coming out way ahead, and this is a reason to keep working towards lifetime status, assuming you’re getting close:

  • Even though the qualification requirements for Globalist status are higher than for Diamond, the requirements for lifetime status remain the same
  • Lifetime Globalist members will receive four annual confirmed suite upgrades, unlimited suite upgrades, an annual free night certificate, etc.

Lifetime Globalist members will receive an annual free night certificate

For anyone who wants the more “official” verbiage, here’s what I’ve been told:

Lifetime Globalist status will launch as part of the World of Hyatt on March 1, 2017. Lifetime Globalist status will be granted to members in good standing who have earned 1 million Base Points during the duration of their membership.  Current Lifetime Diamond members will receive Lifetime Globalist status in World of Hyatt starting March 1, 2017. Lifetime Globalists will receive 4 annual confirmed suite upgrade awards and an annual free night in a Category 1 – 7.  Members who are Lifetime Globalists on March 1, 2017 will receive these two benefits on March 1, 2017.  Ongoing members who achieve Lifetime Globalist will receive these benefits upon achievement of Lifetime Globalist and then annually in March.  Full terms and conditions governing Lifetime Globalist status will be posted prior to the launch of World of Hyatt.

It’s great that there’s no rush to earn lifetime Diamond status before the program transition, though now I’m more tempted than ever to try to earn lifetime status with Hyatt…

Any lifetime Hyatt Diamonds out there? If so, are you happy about the new World of Hyatt program?


  1. “As of now, you can earn lifetime Diamond status by earning a million base points, which equates to $200,000 of spend with Hyatt.”

    Actually you currently need a million base points and 10 years in the program.

    The qualification criteria *is changing* — they’re dropping the 10 year requirement.

  2. ALL persons re-qualifying for Globalist status will be required to stay 60 nights in 2017. No one gets to initially re-qualify with 55 nights. However, once a Globalist achieves that status with the new World of Hyatt criteria then yes, THEY can re-qualify each successive year with only 55 nights.

    I was in the Reddit AMA forum with Jeff Zidell last week and this point was made clear by him.

  3. Thanks for your informative updates on the loyalty programmes.

    I am Lifetime Diamond member of Hyatt’s Gold Passport (along with Lifetime Platinum status with SPG and Marriott) and I am happy with the developments relating to World of Hyatt Lifetime Globalist transitional plans.

  4. $20k really isn’t that hard to spend, about a night in the Impériale suite at PH Paris will do the trick. Is that really what ‘loyalty’ is about?

  5. @Jeremy

    No, credit card points are not “base points” they are termed “bonus points”

    From Hyatt’s own Terms & Conditions:

    You’ll earn 5 Base Points for every eligible US$1 spent on qualifying stays, dining, spa experiences and more. Plus, Base Points count toward earning status in World of Hyatt.

    You can also earn Bonus Points. These include points earned for promotions, from holding qualifying meetings and events, through the Hyatt Credit Card and the point bonus earned as an elite tier member. However, Bonus Points will not count toward earning status in World of Hyatt.

  6. If $20,000 gets you Globalist, then aren’t you really essentially getting credit for room nights you buy for others on your itinerary, when you did not previously receive room night credits?

  7. @losingtrader –

    Perhaps. During the forum, where we had our question asked and answered (one of the very few), a similar question was posed, here was Zidell’s response:

    “Now in World of Hyatt, members can earn base points on up to three rooms and on dining and spa even without a stay.”

    So, you can earn base points on more rooms, but it is limited to three rooms per stay.

  8. I’m LT Diamond member of Hyatt’s Gold Passport as well, according to the term “Lifetime Globalist members will receive four annual confirmed suite upgrades plus an annual free Category 1-7 night each year”, I doubt this will be still true if I have no spending on Hyatt’s properties for a whole year. Let’s say, if I do not spend a penny on Hyatt after March 1, 2017 (since then I become LT Globalist) for a whole year, will I still receive such rewards in 2018? According to some talks in other forums, I assume a minimum 55+ nights are required each year to achieve rewards state.

  9. Anyone know where I can FIND my lifetime points information? I am not seeing it anywhere in my profile.

    Gary Rifkin

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