A Unique Opportunity To Purchase Airberlin Miles For ~1.4 Cents Each

In August I wrote about how Etihad Guest was offering bonus miles for joining The World’s Finest Clubs, which is essentially a program that gives you special privileges at over 200 nightclubs around the world. Based on the number of bonus miles Etihad was offering to join, it sure seemed like the program wasn’t worth it as such (then again, I go to bed at about 7PM every night, so I’m probably not the target audience for a program that gives you special privileges at nightclubs).

At best, that promotion was an opportunity to pick up Etihad Guest miles for ~2.5 cents.

Well, airberlin topbonus is now offering bonus miles for joining The World’s Finest Clubs, and the value proposition is significantly better. Specifically, you can purchase memberships that get you the following number of points:

  • 60,000 airberlin miles for 989EUR (~1,051USD), ~1.75 cents per mile
  • 150,000 airberlin miles for 1,989EUR (~2,114USD), ~1.41 cents per mile
  • 225,000 airberlin miles for 2,989EUR (~3,177USD), ~1.41 cents per mile


As you can see, this is an opportunity to purchase airberlin topbonus miles for as little as ~1.4 cents each. You need to sign up through this promotional link to be eligible, and you’ll be contacted after you purchase the membership about having your miles credited. Crediting miles could take up to 30 days from the promotion end date, which is November 30, 2016 (the terms state November 31, though something tells me that’s not accurate).

If you’re considering this, here’s the airberlin topbonus award chart for travel on partner airlines:


In some cases those redemption rates are pretty good, though there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

You can redeem airberlin miles for travel in economy and business class on oneworld airlines and Etihad partner airlines, though you can’t redeem them for first class. In some cases the redemption values can be quite good, though, especially as it’s my understanding that airberlin lets you route from Europe to the US via Abu Dhabi in Etihad business class (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

Redeem airberlin miles for Etihad business class

The full terms of the promotion are as follows:

This is a time-limited exclusive offer for airberlin members. The promotion period of this offer is from 01 November 2016 – 31 November 2016. Only new Finest Clubs members are eligible for this offer. airberlin members signing up to Finest Clubs and paying the annual membership fee will earn up to 225,000 miles (for the first year only). Limit of one 225’000 award mile reward per member. To earn award miles, Finest Clubs will contact you after sign-up and payment through the promotional link www.finestclubs.com/membercard-plans?lp=airberlin. Please allow up to 30 days after the promotion end date for award miles to be deposited to your airberlin topbonus account. Membership fees cannot be withdrawn after crediting of the miles. Membership at Finest Clubs requires approval from the company and all members accept the Terms & Conditions, that can be found on the promotional link page. airberlin reserves the right without advance notice to change or discontinue any miles promotion at any time.

Bottom line

If you’re not familiar with the airberlin topbonus program, and/or if you don’t have an immediate use for the miles, I wouldn’t take advantage of this. However, if you’re familiar with the program and have a specific use in mind, picking up airberlin miles for ~1.4 cents each could represent a good value. I’m certainly not a buyer at this cost, though I still find this to be an interesting promotion.

Does anyone familiar with the airberlin topbonus program plan on picking up miles with this offer?

(Tip of the hat to LoyaltyLobby)


  1. The award chart does not show anything from the US to Europe, as if that option is simply not allowed. Weird.

  2. In Germany you can get similar and far better ratios through manufactured spend on the topbonus Visa Card, which lets you earn redeemable AND status miles. I don’t think anyone will jump at this offer, especially since we’re all sitting on too many topbonus miles anyway.

    I do find the nature of this partnership very interesting. I still fail to see what their target audience (=people who frequent night clubs looking for more prestige?) wants to do with topbonus miles…

  3. As AB has sold topbonus to EY, one could argue that your mileage account remains unaffected even if AB goes under.

    But when considering this offer bear in mind that the award chart shows one-way prices only so sweetspots are quite limited.

  4. Hey Lucky, just wanna let you know. LOT Polish will fly ORD-KRK 1 weekly as of July thorugh the whole year.

  5. Well… if you don’t buy the membership just for the purpose of miles but you also plan (even occasionally) visiting their clubs. Then it might be very well worth it and pretty thought to beat.
    This partnership sure is interesting.

  6. Wow, Beyond the conversion rate, which seems not too bad, I can’t remember an opportunity to get so many miles at once !

  7. bad deal in my opinion, last year there was a promotion where you could buy 70.000 topbonus miles for 350 euro – thats a good deal …

  8. 0,14ct seem to be a good price.
    It’s the first time I see a sale for so many miles.
    @John : I am interested too, how did you get the cashback ?
    @jeff & Mike S. : why ?

  9. I like the deal – large, clean and well priced. Anyone know any other offers where you can get similar amount of miles in one go at same price which are redeemable on AA & BA? please share

  10. AB agents are a pain to deal with. Bought during the 70k for $350 deal and it was hard work even booking straightforward redemption on AA (where AA.com was showing loads of availability, but AB agent could never see anything)…..and that was when they still had English speaking agents.
    proceed with caution

  11. @Paul: Do you have link on how to set up manufactured spending with an AB Visa card to give you comparable ratios?

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