Disappointing: Etihad Updates The Terms Of Their Status Challenge Promotion

A couple of days ago I wrote about how Etihad has a special fast track status promotion for readers of The Times. Through the promotion, new members of Etihad Guest could receive Silver status after taking one flight in economy, or Gold after taking one flight in business or first class.

As I mentioned in the post, there were suspiciously few terms associated with the promotion. In order to qualify you just had to register by November 24, 2016, and fly by May 10, 2017. They didn’t specify where travel had to originate, what kind of a ticket you had to book, etc.


Well, unfortunately Etihad Guest has updated the terms of this promotion, as follows:

Offer available from 10 November until 24 November 2016. Travel must be completed by 10 May 2017. Only applications made using the above reader offer link are valid. Offer only available for new enrolments. Travel must originate from the United Kingdom, and must be a return ticket.

So they’ve now added the restriction that travel needs to originate in the UK and be a return ticket. They still haven’t specified what type of a fare is required, so if you take the terms & conditions literally, an award flight should be eligible (though I assume that’s not the intent).

Etihad-Business-Class-A340 - 4

While Etihad as such is a great airline, it continues to amaze me how poorly run Etihad Guest is. They frequently change the terms & conditions of their promotions after the fact, as they’re doing here. Even when they updated the terms they’re still not complete, because in theory it seems like an award ticket would qualify, though that’s obviously not the intent.

Anyway, if you were considering taking advantage of this promotion, you may want to rethink it.

In theory you could contact Etihad Guest and explain that you booked a ticket based on this and ask them to honor it, but based on my experience with Etihad Guest customer service, I wouldn’t count on getting anywhere.

C’mon, Etihad, you can do better than this…


  1. @Debit way to shove words in someones mouth. How are you sure that the person behind Etihad Guest is Arab? The CEO of Etihad is an Australian….

  2. @Debit, I have flown Etihad in F and in business and find it mediocre in comparison with the Asians – and often hyped by the bloggers. Racist statement such as yours, however, is not necessary.

    @Dave, you are correct, I did not encounter not even one Arab staffer on the plane or at their AUH lounge!

  3. @ Dave: The CEO of Etihad Airways is Peter Baumgartner and he is German.

    James Hogan has moved up the ladder in the Group he created himself and is now CEO of Etihad Aviation Group.

  4. While CEO is not arab, most people in Etihad airways HQ including Etihad Guest department are arabs.
    The CEO doesn’t do everything himself.

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