Earn Etihad Guest Gold Status With Just One Flight

Etihad seems to have a special fast track status promotion for readers of The Times, which has suspiciously few terms & conditions.

Specifically, if you register for Etihad Guest at this link and then fly by May 10, 2017, you can earn status:


The extent of the terms & conditions for the promotion are as follows:

Offer available from 10 November until 24 November 2016. Travel must be completed by 10 May 2017. Only applications made using the above reader offer link are valid. Offer only available for new enrolments.

It doesn’t seem to specify where the ticket has to originate, whether a one-way qualifies, etc. Based on that I would assume that any revenue ticket qualifies, even if it’s one-way.

Etihad-Arrivals-Lounge-Abu-Dhabi - 1
Etihad A380 at Abu Dhabi Airport

This is a pretty easy opportunity to pick up Etihad Gold status, which also gets you perks on all Etihad Airways Partners, including airberlin, Alitalia, Virgin Australia, etc.

However, as far as elite programs go, Etihad Guest has fairly weak benefits. As a Gold member you receive priority services (check-in, security, boarding, etc.), lounge access, and priority for operational upgrades.

Etihad-Lounge-New-York - 10
Etihad Gold gets you into Etihad Lounges, like the one in New York

So I wouldn’t go out of my way to take advantage of this offer, but if you’re going to be flying Etihad and weren’t sure which loyalty program to credit to, it might be worth crediting at least one segment to Etihad Guest so that you can get status through this promotion.

Hopefully this promotion is as straightforward as it sounds. Etihad is notorious for poorly written terms & conditions.

Is anyone planning on taking advantage of this fast track offer for Etihad Silver or Gold status?

(Tip of the hat to LoyaltyLobby)


  1. Another key benefit (IMHO, the only benefit that is actually delivered by Etihad since the rest of their program is basically a polished turd) is the longer expiry timeframe for miles.

  2. @ Lucky: unrelated question. AA Exec Plat/CK here. Purchased an ultra long haul return flight on EY First. Wondering where I should credit my miles. I can always used more AA miles, but still have plenty. EY seems to give me about twice the miles that I would get crediting to AA. How should I think about valuation here??

  3. Wait, but does this still apply if you’re already signed up for Etihad Guest, so does taking one F flight bring me up to gold status? Or do I have to sign up now for it?

  4. I checked the page again and now the terms and conditions are updated, obviously stricter. However, I have now booked a flight under the old conditions, will I still be able to earn the status (departing from Germany and not from the UK as it is now stated) since I didn’t know about the updated conditions?

  5. Etihad are refusing to credit this when i signed up before they changed their terms and conditions. Has anyone had any luck, or have ideas on how I can take this further to get the Gold Level and points?

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