British Airways AARP Discount Extended… Slightly

For several years now, one of the best ways to save money on transatlantic tickets has been through AARP. That’s because AARP has been offering members discounts on British Airways tickets in economy, premium economy, and business class. The savings for roundtrip tickets between the US and Europe have been $65, $130, and $400, respectively.

When I mention the discount, the first response I get from many is “but I’m not old enough to join the AARP.” That’s not true, as anyone can join for $16 per year. The AARP is about supporting seniors, and membership doesn’t have an age requirement.


This has coupled very nicely with the increased trend of there being more discounted business class tickets from British Airways, which this offer can be stacked with. Airlines are trying to do a better job of monetizing their premium cabins, and part of that is actually trying to sell all the seats, even if it’s at a discount.

For example, a couple of months ago I flew roundtrip business class from San Francisco to Rome on British Airways for ~$1,150, when you factor in the $400 AARP discount and 10% discount for paying with the British Airways Visa Card.

British-Airways-Business-Class-777 - 3
British Airways business class

Up until now the AARP discount has been valid for bookings made through December 31, 2016. The offer has been extended several times in the past, though typically pretty last minute.

The good news is that the AARP British Airways discount has now been extended for bookings through January 31, 2017.


However, do note that the “travel by” date hasn’t been extended yet. Travel still has to be started by March 31, 2017, as was the case before. Hopefully that’s extended at some point as well, so that this discount can be used for travel next summer.

British-Airways-Lounge-San-Francisco - 40
British Airways 777

Bottom line

It’s great that the British Airways AARP discount extended yet again, as it’s one of the best ways to score cheap transatlantic business class tickets. I’m always worried that this discount will eventually be pulled, though they keep extending it. One thing I find odd, however, is that they’re only extending it by one month this time, and there has been no change in the “travel by” date. Hopefully that’s updated soon as well, though historically they’ve extended it for longer periods at a time.

Have you been able to use the AARP discount to save on transatlantic business class tickets?

(Tip of the hat to No Mas Coach)


  1. I recently booked JFK-FCO in J for 2 pax and was able to apply the discount for late Aug-Sep 2017 dates (net cost was $1515 per passenger). So perhaps that travel by date is not strictly enforced or is not coded in somehow

  2. Yes, money in my pocket. We combined it with paying for part of the fare with Avios (and still earning miles/Avios).

  3. I’ve used it many times – the best use was to London via Manchester code share in AA for $865 in J. AA out of PHL uses the A320 former US equipment so J is 1-2-1 config.
    another time was discount to fly to London to qualify back to Silver
    Fingers crossed it extends longer but frankly I’m not sure how much revenue is funneled by the AARP partnership to BA to make it worthwhile for them. They’re making so many changes of late it will be interesting if this continues

  4. How often does BA have sales? I am traveling in April/May 2017. Right now prices are high even with AARP discount. Is BA likely to have some kind of sales in December?

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