Limited Time: Save Up To 25% On The Cost Of JetBlue Awards

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JetBlue has a revenue based frequent flyer program, meaning the number of points required for a redemption is directly correlated to the revenue cost of a ticket. Therefore there’s not really a best time to redeem points, since you’ll always get roughly the same amount of value per point.

Well, the one exception is when JetBlue is offering an award sale, as they are now.

JetBlue is offering a 15% refund on points when you redeem by 11:59PM EST on Monday, November 14, 2016.


The basic terms of the promotion are as follows:

  • Valid for flights through January 14, 2017 (unlike some of the promotions JetBlue has had in the past, there are no blackout dates or capacity restrictions within that timeframe)
  • Only valid on new bookings made during the promotion period
  • The 15% refund in points will post to your TrueBlue account 4-6 weeks after the end of the promotion (though in practice it may post sooner)
  • Registration is required

JetBlue A321

Ordinarily JetBlue points can be redeemed for ~1.5 cents each towards the cost of a paid ticket on JetBlue. With a 15% refund you can increase the value you’re getting per point by ~0.2 cents. Also keep in mind that if you have the JetBlue Plus Card you get a 10% refund on points redemptions, which can be stacked with this. If you have the card and book through the promotion, that translates to a 25% refund on redemptions.

For example, take the below flight between New York and Los Angeles, which retails for $149:


If redeeming points it costs 10,000 points plus $5.60:


That means you’re getting just under 1.5 cents per point.

If you booked during the promotion period you’d receive a further refund of 1,500 points, and if you had the JetBlue Plus Card you’d receive a refund of 1,000 points. If you stack those two, you’d get a total of 2,500 points back.

That lowers the cost to 7,500 points for $143.40 worth of travel. That’s ~1.9 cents per JetBlue point, which is great.

Comfortable JetBlue A320 cabin

Bottom line

Since the number of TrueBlue points required for a redemption is directly correlated to the cost of a ticket, the absolute best time to redeem is during a sale. So if you can redeem points during the promotion period, you absolutely should. If you happen to have the JetBlue Plus Card you can knock a further 10% off the cost of a redemption, which is all the better.

Anyone planning on taking advantage of this JetBlue award sale?

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  1. @Lucky – What if I have already booked a Jet Blue Award for the travel period before this promotion, will that still qualify for a 15% refund?

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