1. If I need a good laugh I’ll just go see all the liberal millennial snowfakes either crying in their iced soy chai lattes, or setting cars on fire while somehow maintaining a sense of moral superiority in their minds.

  2. Jeez, what is with all the trolls on the travel sites today? Here, TPG, these comments sections are getting ridiculous @WR

  3. @Dave: good one, did your 8 year old tell you that one?
    @David: there will be fewer trolls when travel sites stick to travel issues and stay out of politics

  4. That video was pretty funny. I was going to show it to the President-elect, but he was busy in the Miss Teen USA dressing room. Maybe later.

  5. This was such a great start of the day – until I saw some of the comments. We need a good dose of humor these days, but please try to stay out of politics on this blog.

  6. “I’m craving a gingerale”

    My wife asked why am I grining as I’m looking @ my cell, I told her a funny video from a travel writer/blog, she still doesn’t believe me

    I needed that mini grin now that Biff Tannen is president

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