The Strangest Hotel Ad I’ve Ever Seen

While we try to sell some ad slots to specific advertisers here on OMAAT, you’ll notice that sometimes ad blocks are filled in with more random ads, provided through an ad network. We try to keep them travel or credit card related, given that those are the primary topics we talk about here. Sometimes these ads can get a bit strange, especially outside the US.

However, several readers have now pointed out a specific ad for the Hilton Anchorage, which seems to be making quite a few appearances on the site. I just had it appear for myself the first time, and couldn’t help but laugh.

Here it is:


I don’t even know what’s going on in that… but it’s sort of hilarious. I guess it’s working, because it got me curious and made me want to visit the hotel’s website. But I’m not sure what the monster is suggesting about this specific hotel in relation to other Hilton properties?

Can anyone explain that ad to me?

(Tip of the hat to @NikoMetsPlus)


  1. It’s not an ad for the hotel. It takes you to this site: which is a site dedicated to attacking the Anchorage Hilton and pointing out issues at the property. It is managed by Unite Here, a hospitality union.

    I would assume that there is some sort of labor dispute going on and the union is using this to try to strong arm the hotel via public shaming. I’m sure a little Googling would uncover the full story, but to be honest, not that interested…

  2. I’ve stayed at the hotel and was underwhelmed in general and annoyed in particular by how incredibly environmentally unfriendly they were – like throwing away two bars of soap and any toiletries I’d used every day along with any open bottle of water or a drink in my room. When I questioned that they told me that their guests expected “fresh” soap and toiletries each day. Really? But there’s nothing particularly wrong with the hotel. Too bad they’ve pissed off the union that badly.

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