Free & Instant 1,500 Marriott Rewards Points (Or 500 Starpoints)

Marriott Rewards is offering some sort of a 30 day holiday promotion, and they’re kicking it off with a very nice way to earn free bonus points.


Specifically, Marriott Rewards is offering up to 1,500 free Marriott Rewards points — 500 points for linking each of your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts.


All you have to do is link your social accounts to Marriott Rewards at this link by December 7, 2016.


You’ll be prompted to enter your name, email address, and Marriott Rewards account number.


Then you’ll be prompted to link your accounts, which should take less than a minute.


Best of all, the 1,500 bonus points post to your account instantly.


For those of you who are concerned about giving third parties your information, one thing I’d note is that this authorization is done through Chirpify. They request things like being allowed to follow and unfollow accounts on your behalf, and also to post and delete comments on your behalf.


This isn’t something I’m worried about, since I trust Marriott and I know they’re not trying to make members angry wth this goodwill promotion. I followed up with Marriott about this, and they explained the reason for these permissions. For example, they need the “follow and unfollow” permission so they can see whether or not you’re following them, which is an activity that earns further bonus points.

So personally this isn’t something that concerns me in the least, but it’s something to be aware of, for those of you who are concerned about things like this.

Lastly, I should note that this promotion is only available to Marriott Rewards members, and not to members of Ritz-Carlton Rewards, even though the program is nearly identical.

Bottom line

This is an easy way to earn 1,500 bonus Marriott Rewards points, assuming you’re comfortable with linking your accounts. The points post instantly, and you can even convert those 1,500 Marriott Rewards points into 500 Starpoints if you’d like.

(Tip of the hat to Points & Pixie Dust)


  1. Hmmm I’d value 1,500 MR points at around $10. IMHO not worth it given the permissions the app is asking for. I’ve linked accounts before for similar promotions, and usually it only requests permission to access your information and your public posts.

  2. As much as I would love 500 free StarPoints, it’s not worth it give access to my social media accounts to a 3rd party. What exactly is Chirpify, anyways? I wouldn’t even consider it at 5k points.

  3. went to page to link accounts but never got screen to enter name and MR info… just to link the accounts

  4. This is exactly why I have a junk email and junk social accounts. They can have all that information they want.

  5. “..they request to be able to post and delete comments and follow and unfollow on your behalf.” WTF!!! Are they my private secretary now? No tks!!!

  6. I got this stupid email. My Marriott rewards number seemed to be converted to Ritz Carlton when I got the RC Credit Card:

    Hi Adam,
    Apologies — we weren’t able to award points for your recent post. Here are the most common reasons why this might have happened:

    Your Marriott Rewards account is configured to earn miles instead of points. Please change this in your Marriott Rewards account settings.
    You have reached the annual maximum of 2,000 points earned through #MRpoints. You can earn points through #MRpoints again starting next year.
    Your Marriott Rewards account may no longer be active. Please contact Marriott Rewards Customer Care to resolve the issue.

    Please visit #MRpoints FAQs for more information.
    Thank you,

    Your #MRpoints Team

  7. I got 1,600 Marriott points, but when I try transfering into my SPG account, it is only letting me transfer in increments of 1,000 points, so I can only get 333 SPG points from this.

  8. @Jeremy – log out, then log back in

    @Heather – I still got 500 points for IG after I already got 500 for the same in August

  9. Do you realize that Marriott can follow and unfollow people on your instagram as well as post things to your accounts? Really? Marriot is going to decide who I follow?

  10. I got the message my Marriott rewards number is invalid, too. I just copy/pasted from the website. Not sure what to do.

  11. I was able to link to my tweeter account but when I tried Instagram i also got the message saying my Marriott rewards number is invalid. Any solutions?

  12. Well, that makes me mad. I’ve had my accounts linked for a while now, and my bonus for signing up was about 50 points. 🙁

  13. Yep, I got the invalid number message also. Got my Twitter linked, then no such luck on the others. Lucky, help from your Marriott contacts?

  14. It got it to work. At first I couldn’t find how to login etc, but then I tried 2-3 more times and it showed up somehow. Then it said my Marriott account was invalid – but I realized that my name was displayed differently in Marriott Rewards, so I made that change in my entry, and it worked. Even when the final screen says 50 points each yesterday, I just checked my account today and it gave me a total of 1600 points, 500 and 50 for twitter (yes, 2 entries), 500 and 50 for instagram (yes, 2 entries again), and just 500 for facebook.

  15. I connected my accounts on 11/7 and god 1050 points. On 11/9, those 1050 points were expired since I didn’t’ have any activities. What the heck!

    I opened my account in 2013 but didn’t do anything with it (no stays, no points to begin with). Is that why?

  16. I did this promotion, and they “expired” my 1,500 points 10 days after they posted. I called, and apparently, the bonus does not qualify as an “activity” so they just expire them right away. It is because I did not have activity in my account in 6 years. Insane. Nice work Marriott… you really know how to use twist those “terms and conditions.”.

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