Video: Fist Fight Breaks Out On Ryanair Flight, Causes Diversion

Video footage has emerged of a huge fight that broke out on a Ryanair flight between Brussels and Malta this past Thursday. This fight caused the flight to have to divert to Pisa, where four passengers were offloaded and detained by police (though it’s not clear what happened beyond that).


We see small brawls on planes fairly often, though this has to be one of the most drawn out ones I’ve seen in quite a while.

So, what caused the brawl? Per The Sun:

Mr Engerer said: “It started when an elderly woman moved seats and told me they’d hit her on the head then a huge fight broke out when two Belgian men tried to intervene.

“They were attacking everyone around them and one of the men even slapped a stewardess in the face.

“It was chaos for about 10 minutes until there was an announcement that the plane was being diverted and passengers managed to restrain them with belts.”

Mr Engerer said: “They looked out of control as if they were on drink or drugs and the cabin crew did well to bring the situation under control.

Here’s the video footage:

That’s insane. I realize they probably weren’t very frequent flyers, but it blows my mind that anyone thinks this is acceptable behavior anywhere, let alone on a plane. I know they probably weren’t thinking rationally, but when fights like this happen in the air they will lead to a diversion.

Hopefully the instigators were arrested, and at a minimum had to pay for their ticket to their destination. Ideally they’d also be responsible for the cost of the diversion, though in practice I doubt that would happen.

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  1. When they have the full story just ban them from flying on any airplane the next 10 years. That would make up for their idiotic behavior.

  2. I feel it’s time for you to stop posting articles from the s*n. You are turning your excellent site into a tabloid paper. By the way being based not in the U.K. you wont realise how truly awful the s*n is. Suggest you google “hillsborough and sun boycott” to learn more. Hopefully then you won’t publish any of their rubbish articles.

    Boycott the s*n. #YNWA #JFT96

  3. Well, a drunk man on a Norwegian air flight had to pay more than $10.000 to the company for a diversion not long ago,sentenced by the court. That came as an addition to the jail time and fine he got. I doubt Ryan Air would let those guys off any easier than Norwegian did.
    So I doubt their strategy of flying on a very cheap Ryan Air fare payed off in the long run…

  4. Pepper spray on an airplane is a very bad idea. That stuff disperses all over and affects more than the person it is directed at. I was at a concert and some bozo sprayed pepper spray probably at least 20 ft from me (and not at me either) and my eyes were watering and I was sneezing like crazy. The band had to stop playing and the police were called. And that was in a big auditorium setting – I can’t imagine what it would be like to have someone discharge pepper spray on a plane. It is nasty stuff.

  5. Hopefully they will be punished for the stupidity.
    Pretty calm guy in the foreground of the vid giving what’s occurring behind……

  6. @Psyched

    You were happy to watch two men throw punches around indiscriminately but the thing that offended you was a woman wearing a headscarf?

    Idiot !!

  7. Agree with BlueMountain. Some things are seemingly better in economy. Perhaps a reason for Lucky to fly coach 😉

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