Whoa: Ex-Cairo Business & First Class Fares Cheaper Than Ever!

Last week I wrote about one of Qatar Airways’ excellent fare sales out of Cairo, where we were seeing ~$1,300-1,600 roundtrip business class tickets from Cairo to the US. Well, Egypt has just devalued their currency against the dollar, and airfare continues to be pegged to the Egyptian pound. That means airfare has just gotten even cheaper for those of us paying in foreign currencies.

So, how good are the fares? You can fly roundtrip business class from Cairo to New York for ~$1,150:


You can fly roundtrip business class from Cairo to Los Angeles for ~$1,070:


You can fly roundtrip business class from Cairo to Miami for ~$1,020:


You can fly roundtrip first class from Cairo to Bangkok for ~$1,150, which is probably the most exciting fare of all:


Or you can fly roundtrip first class from Cairo to Sydney for ~$2,660:


Those are just a few examples.

Keep in mind that Qatar Airways belongs to oneworld, so you can credit the miles for the flights to many airlines. If crediting these flights to American you’d earn:

  • 150% elite qualifying miles for segments in first or business class
  • 100% redeemable miles for segments in the “R” fare class, and 150% redeemable miles for segments in the “A” fare class
  • A 120% mileage bonus if you’re an Executive Platinum member
  • 20% elite qualifying dollars (for travel in 2017 — elite qualifying dollars for this fare are calculated as 20% of the distance flown)

Qatar-Airways-First-Class-A380 - 14
Qatar Airways A380 first class

Bottom line

I write about great fares out of Cairo all the time, but they’ve just gotten significantly better for those paying in foreign currencies. I suspect most fares will be adjusted soon to reflect the devalued Egyptian currency, though it doesn’t seem to have happened yet. So regardless of which airline you’re trying to book, there are lots of great opportunities to pick up cheap airfare out of Cairo.

Anyone able to take advantage of these great fares out of Cairo?

(Tip of the hat to Jordan)


  1. You have to use at least one of these to review a new airline, something like JFK-CAI(On EgyptAir) -DOH-SYD(Using the QR first fare on a longhaul flight)-LAX-SYD(On UA and VA in Business)-DOH-CAI(Finishing out your QR first fare)-LHR(In BA F on a 789)-EWR(In AI Business.)

  2. This is an ignorant question but are there any security/safety concerns transiting in CAI and how easy/difficult would it be to make transfers there? Considering using CAI for nesting tickets to get to Europe next year.

  3. Wow, what a great fare! First class for less than business otherwise would cost.

    Here is a trick for those of you living in Europe. These fares are low also from Cairo-Europe-Cairo in J. What I will book is:

    Cairo-Mia-Cairo in April, and Cairo-BKK-Cairo in october,
    then a nested ticket from Oslo-Cairo-Oslo in between these two vacations (live in Oslo).

  4. Visa card holders beware if completing the transaction in USD! The official rate is .064 (at time of posting) but Visa is giving .075, which cost me over $200 extra per ticket. Still, $1500 USD r/t to the US isn’t bad, but I was disappointed that Chase (sapphire reserve) wouldn’t adjust the rate.

  5. Reminds me of that amazing EK First fares out of Maputo – and the situation is quite similar. Egyptian Pound is depreciating massively and these fares are lower now after the date is changed here in Asia (now the 5th).

  6. Hey you should also note that there are some superb fares from CAI-BKK via MCT on Omanair (MCT-BKK with new J) for 505€ (~$565).

  7. there are a lot of good fares from Cairo right now, there is also TK to Toronto and Montreal for about 1000$

  8. WOW, RT to SYD on F for 2400 USD!
    What to you guys think, should I credit miles to BA or QR ? I am not a member yet. Based in Europe, so AA does not make sense

    Thanks ,


  9. I decided to go for this today. I’m positioning London to Cairo. One night in Cairo (though I think I’ll stay in an airport hotel as I’m pretty risk averse). Then Cairo to Doha in their fake First Class (Boeing 777). Short connection in Doha. Then off to NYC on the A350 which I’m excited about. Two weeks in the US and then the same journey on the return. I’ll be there for my 34th birthday in March and I want to explore a bit so I won’t stay in NY the whole time. I need to pay for the positioning flights between LHR/CAI but the others came in at about £830. Very pleased with that price.
    I booked through TopCashback so I got 2% cashback which I will take as approx 2100 Avios on top of the Avios for the flights and the Avios for booking on my Avios AMEX.

    One thing I do wonder is whether the business class seat between CAI/DOH which is sold as First allows you access into First Class departures/arrivals lounges in either/both airports. First Class lounge in Doha looks sweet.

  10. Hey!
    Are you sure that this price is not a mistake of Qatar Airways?
    Are sure that the airline won’t cancel the booking???

  11. Fares are still available,So I guess its safe to say that it is not an error fare(those are usally corrected in a few hours) i think it is safe to book

  12. Hi, I booked yesterday 3 tickets CAI-DOH-BKK in business and first for 14769 EGP per ticket. Based on Mastercard currency conversion tool I was expecting charge on my CITI Thank You Premier about 900 USD per ticket. Well, as of now charge is still pending but in amount about 1008 USD!!! Does anyone have experience with booking QR ex CAI with Mastercard? Will this be adjusted once the charge actually posts? I contacted QR and they confirmed EGP amount charged, not USD.

  13. Does anybody know what happened between Etihad and LastMinute? Up until last week there were a lot of offers in business/first from Cairo but now, nothing.
    Same thing on Kayak.

    Also, even from Etihad website, there’s not a lot of choice. Is it because of some internal shuffle after the Lufthansa announcement or are they cutting down on service from Cairo?

  14. Sorry, it seems that it only affected the first class offers…

    So no more first class out of Cairo or at least business CAI/AUH and then first class on the second leg of the trip or is it a cyclic thing (noob here).

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