This Southwest Airlines Employee Won Halloween

I spent most of halloween in the air, flying from New York to Baku on AZAL Azerbaijan (an experience that can best be summed up as “trick or treat?” — more on that later). So the only costumes I saw were yesterday morning when I checked out of my hotel in New York.

In the US it’s pretty common for airline employees to dress up for work on halloween, though I don’t think anyone did it as well as one Southwest employee, who was dressed up as a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Per Twitter user @heathwblack:


As most of you are probably aware, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is banned from planes, regardless of whether it’s on or off.

Well done, whoever that Southwest employee is… your costume is indeed on fire!


  1. I’m glad this was well received.. I was just waiting for some moaning killjoy to start that it “wasn’t appropriate”.. blah blah 😉

  2. We flew VS last night and the whole crew was made up for Halloween (no costumes but lots of face make up with spider webs, blood, masks etc.). Pretty fun.

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