Register For Special LifeMiles Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus

In July LifeMiles announced that they’d introduce a new US credit card. LifeMiles is the frequent flyer program of Avianca, and has generally been a pretty good program for Star Alliance premium cabin award redemptions.

For a while LifeMiles had a credit card issued by US Bank, though it was discontinued. We don’t yet know which bank will issue LifeMiles’ new card, though it’s safe to assume that it won’t be US Bank.

Anyway, while they built a good bit of buzz around the card in July, we haven’t heard much about it since then. Well, it looks like there’s finally a further update. I just received an updated email from LifeMiles about the new card, suggesting that it will be launched within the next few weeks.


The email read in part as follows:

We are excited to announce that we expect to launch in the United States new and improved Avianca LifeMiles credit cards in the coming weeks. These cards will provide qualifying LifeMiles members the chance to earn miles faster and to receive other benefits, which we currently expect will include:

  • Welcome Bonus of up to LM 60,000 for purchases made within the first 90 days after activation of your credit card*
  • Up to LM 3 for every dollar spent on Avianca purchases
  • Up to LM 2 for every dollar spent at gas stations and grocery stores
  • LM 1 for every dollar spent on all other purchases
  • Two 50% discounts on award tickets redeemed, applicable for travel to Central America or Colombia from the United States
  • Free additional piece of baggage for travel between the United States and Central America
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • 15% discount on purchases of miles with Multiply Your Miles

Register now to receive the special LM60.000 welcome bonus.

Register now

Expect to receive another email from us in the next few weeks with more information, an invitation to apply for one of the new cards, and the terms and conditions applicable to the new Avianca LifeMiles credit cards to be issued by the new participating bank.

We look forward to sharing with you more details so stay tuned!

*Registration on prior to official card launch is necessary to receive special welcome bonus

Even in July they said that the sign-up bonus will be “up to 60,000 miles,” though we didn’t yet know what that would look like in practice. Well, perhaps the most interesting part of this update is that it indicates you have to register before the card’s launch in order to receive the special welcome bonus. So I’d recommend going to and entering your name and email address so you can register.


In practice I suspect you’ll be able to get the bonus on the card even without registering, given that the link can likely be shared. However, you might as well register.

What’s also interesting about the above page is that it looks like there will be two versions of the card, probably a premium and non-premium one, which is something we see fairly often nowadays. This suggests to me that the new issuer might be Barclaycard or Bank of America, since both issuers seem to commonly have two versions of a card.


  1. @ Ben — This card is clearly going to be issued by Bank of America. Compare it to the current Asiana card offer, and you will agree.

  2. Lucky — Is Avianca able to book LH F space yet? It seemed like even after the “Smart Search” workaround, there was still no availability being found?

  3. “CJ Powers” is the dummy cardholder name. This is a new one, which initially made me suspect BofA. As you might recall, they were identified as the Amtrak card issue via the dummy cardholder name, so it makes sense they might switch it up this time.

    However, the dummy card number ending in 9010 is the same dummy number Barclaycard uses on their co-brand Visa cards. Bank of America uses a different number.

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