And A Second Plane Bursts Into Flames Today…

Just a short while ago I posted about an American 767 that burst into flames at Chicago O’Hare Airport before taking off to Miami.

Well, it seems like that’s not all for today, unfortunately.

A FedEx DC-10 flying from Memphis to Fort Lauderdale had its landing gear collapse on arrival, causing a massive fire as well. Fortunately the pilots got out without injury (though I’m guessing some packages won’t be arriving on-time tomorrow).

Here’s video footage of the incident:

Hopefully that’s it for today!


  1. @pratt & Whitney:

    FedEx converted their DC-10’s into the MD-10, a new type certificate – it removed the flight engineer position (person) and station, and upgraded the systems controls, avionics, and electronics. They also fly the MD-11 which is what they were going for (commonality) when they created the frankenstein known as the MD-10.

  2. Ah yes, the DC-10, perhaps the least safe jet ever. I’m not a great fan of the 767 either.

    I try and avoid both although I don’t think anyone flies the former in the US any more.

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