1,000 Free Aeroplan Miles In Less Than A Minute

Update: Apparently this is targeted, so there’s a chance the miles won’t post. Given that it takes so little time, I’d probably take the quiz anyway, as your account could have been targeted without you receiving the email.

Link: Aeroplan quiz

Aeroplan, the independent loyalty program of Air Canada, has published a quick quiz to test your knowledge of their program. You earn 1,000 Aeroplan miles for participating, and it takes no time to complete.


Fortunately, as Aeroplan and I apparently exist in different realities, it doesn’t seem to matter whether or not you get the answers “correct.”

Some are downright falsehoods:


This is true folks, particularly for routes involving partners, connections, stopovers, premium cabins, or anything remotely complicated.

While others are more a matter of opinion:

aeroplan-quiz-004 aeroplan-quiz-005

Regardless, there’s only five questions, you don’t have to get them “right,” and upon completion you can enter your Aeroplan number to receive your bonus miles.

You want Aeroplan miles because —

Aeroplan is a transfer partner of both American Express Membership Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest. They offer two stopovers (or a stopover and an open-jaw) on round-trip itineraries, have reasonable routing rules and mostly reasonable change fees.

While Aeroplan does assess fuel surcharges on some award tickets, they don’t charge them when the partner carrier doesn’t. So you can fly Air China, Brussels, EgyptAir, Ethiopian, EVA Air, Scandinavian, Singapore, Swiss, Turkish, or United with no surcharges, and the fuel surcharges on LOT are really low.

So take a few moments to run through the quiz — it can either prevent your miles from expiring for another year, or save you from transferring some miles later on.

(Tip of the hat to Doctor of Credit)


  1. Is there any indication when these miles will post? I’ve got miles expiring in mid December so I’m hoping they post by then so I can avoid transferring Starpoints or MR to keep them alive another year.

  2. “Please note that some promotions are offered by invitation, so bonus miles for those promotions will be credited only if you have been invited to participate and have fully qualified for the offer.”

  3. This might be a very beginner question, so bear with me! If you find availability on let’s say YEG-YYZ then YYZ-FRA seperately but the routing conformed to all routing rules and the YEG-FRA search did not reveal the same option, could you get an agent to book it under one ticket with the North America to Europe 115000 mile cost (business class)?

  4. I got same message about invitation and don’t want my miles to to expire either….Seems like I may have to transfer miles as no way to know if they are going to post.

  5. @Mike @Stags You could always try buying something through the Aeroplan store to keep the card active? I assume you’re not Canadian, otherwise there’s a ton of other ways to keep it going.

    I used Lucky’s link above and didn’t receive that message…again, might be a Canadian thing.

  6. If you happen to be SPG platinum, there is no minimum amount of points to transfer. I just transferred 1 Starpoint to Aeroplan to keep my account from expiring and saving 14.100 miles for another year.

  7. It is rather deceitful to tell people to do this but not advise them of the caveat that only those invited will actually receive the miles. You and several other bloggers have done this and do their readers no favour…and risk that Aeroplan will cancel the promotion outright as Wyndham was forced to by those “cheating” on its recent promotion.

  8. @DavidB,
    Taking this quiz takes 2 minutes. If those two minutes were wasted, oh well. When you play this game, you know you win some and you lose some. There are plenty of “targeted” promotions that are actually available to everyone despite what the terms say. For two minutes of effort, it is worth the risk.
    As far as Aeroplan cancelling the promotion, why would they do that. Either they will give everyone miles or they will only give targeted people miles. There is no loophole here.

  9. @Adrian Wattamaniuk

    You’re sure you didn’t inadvertently look at two separate dates? (I ask because I did the same thing once).

    If you’re certain there are Aeroplan seats available for each independent route, but not as a single, bookable one, then yes, call Aeroplan for sure.

    Please post your results.

  10. In regards to the invitation only messaging: Apparently this is targeted, so there’s a chance the miles won’t post. Given that it takes so little time, I’d personally probably take the quiz anyway, as your account could have been targeted without you receiving the email, etc.

  11. @ DavidB — It’s not deceitful; there was no indication that it might have been a targeted offer when I took the quiz. I agree with Tom that there’s limited risk for any party.

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