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Update: This offer for The Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN is expired. Learn more about the best available offer here.

Late last week we saw Amex introduce an incredible sign-up bonus of up to 100,000 points on The Enhanced Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN.

This coincided with the introduction of a new benefit on the card, where cardmembers can now receive a 35% refund when they take advantage of the Pay with Points option on their designated airline. This essentially increases the value you can get per Membership Rewards point to 1.54 cents each, which is arguably the most “cash” value you can get out of any transferrable points currency.

The sign-up bonus of up to 100,000 points is only available on the business version of the card. Many people are concerned about applying for a business card, given that many banks make it really tough to get approved for a business card. In my experience that isn’t the case with American Express, though:

  • Amex is generally very open to extending credit to small businesses and working with them from early on
  • This isn’t even a credit card, but rather a charge card, meaning you can’t finance charges over time (which I wouldn’t recommend doing anyway); as a result, the card is even lower risk for Amex, and in theory should be even easier to be approved for

The point is, in my experience it’s generally quite easy to be approved for an Amex small business card, even if your business isn’t that established yet. To start I want to mention that you should always be honest on your card applications, no matter what. However, you might be surprised by the fact that you may very well be approved even under those conditions.

Specifically, when applying for the Amex Business Platinum Card, you’ll be asked about your business industry type, company structure, years in business, number of employees, company name, and federal tax ID. If it’s the case, there’s nothing wrong with answering these questions as follows:

  • Industry Type: Other
  • Company Structure: Sole Proprietorship
  • Years In Business: 0-1
  • Number of Employees: 1
  • Company Name: it could just be your name
  • Federal Tax ID: if you’re a sole proprietorship, just your social security number

I’m not eligible for this welcome bonus since I’ve had this card before. However, Ford just applied, and he got instantly approved for the card under similar conditions as stated above.

Bottom line

This is an incredible sign-up bonus, and anecdotally (based on my experience and reader feedback) I find that the Amex Business Platinum Card is easy to get approved for, especially given that it’s a charge card (which means it’s really low risk for Amex). Not only does this card have a great sign-up bonus, but it comes with incredible perks and can increase the value of all your Amex Membership Rewards points (even those not earned through this card). I’d seriously consider applying for this card, if you haven’t already.

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  1. If you’ve had this card before and have your own rep, contact him/her and ask if you could get the bonus again due to enhanced nature of this card. I was told that I can get 100,000 points again and the best part of it was that it was instant bonus upon approval without any spending requirement 😀

  2. $15,000 spending requirement, and no mention nor blinking. i’m in the wrong job, and clearly not target audience of Lucky

  3. How can I figure out if I’ve had the business platinum card before? I don’t THINK that I have but would hate to waste an application to find out (even if not a hard pull, I assume Amex would get another data point about me in their records and I don’t want to risk a clawback/FR). Thanks.

  4. @ XYZ — You can start a live chat with Amex through the site and ask them if you’ve had it before. They can tell you pretty accurately. Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

  5. Can the Business Platinum card be linked to my personal Centurion card to combine membership points?

  6. you don’t want to mention the $15k spending requirement? Of course not, so you can earn the referral bonus anyway.

  7. Lucky… You said

    “I can get 100,000 points again and the best part of it was that it was instant bonus upon approval without any spending requirement”

    Looks like to me I would have to spend 15k… can you explain what i am missing?

  8. @Gary – I already have those points in my account 😉

    @Matt – not missing anything, general public will have to spend $15,000 to get 100,000 MR points, I was an exception to the rule due to having my own AMEX rep

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