Wyndham Cancels Starpoints Charity Promotion

Earlier this morning Ben blogged about a Wyndham Rewards promotion that was set to launch today. Essentially, Wyndham was offering to match your Starwood Preferred Guest status and quadruple the SPG points balance you have… but only if you donated all your Starpoints to charity.

Unfortunately, the promotion has now been canceled.


Here’s how Wyndham Rewards described the promotion:

  • On Tuesday, October 11 from 12p.m. – 11:59p.m. EST, SPG members have the historic opportunity to donate their points to charity in exchange for 4x the points with Wyndham Rewards – plus a status match.
  • To participate, members simply need to donate their entire SPG point balance to their preferred charity, and then send proof of their donation to Wyndham Rewards by sending screen shots to wyndhamrewards.fulfillment@wyn.com.
  • Two screen shots are required – one showing confirmation of the point donation and a second showing the member’s account activity page with a zero balance.
  • There is no cap on how many points members may donate or earn. Members may expect to receive the points and match within 10 days.

Ben didn’t recommend taking advantage of this promotion, as Wyndham Rewards points are far less flexible than SPG points, and there are fewer opportunities to get value out of a Wyndham redemption. It could have still been a decent deal for some, especially with GoFast awards.

Just before the promotion was due to launch, however, Wyndham posted the following to their social media channels (and followed up with a press release about 15 minutes ago):

Today’s Wyndham Rewards trade-up was offered in the spirit of goodwill and generosity. Sadly, before the offer even began we identified fraudulent behavior which has forced us to cancel this promotion, much to our dismay and disappointment. We will, however, make a donation of 5 million Wyndham Rewards points to a charitable organization because the work charities do on behalf of others is where the real magic lives.

This is an unfortunate turn of events, as it seems like Wyndham could have vetted their promo prior to announcing the terms. I sincerely hope no one donated their SPG points in anticipation of this promotion.

Did you?


  1. Donate all my starpoints for Wyndham points/Status??

    (Note: not laughing at the charity part)

  2. Stupid. If Wyndham had thought this through, they would have partnered with several charities that could independently verify these donations. Then again, I doubt charities would want to be involved in hotel marketing stunts like this.

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