Transfer Amex Points To Alitalia With A 25% Bonus

The US American Express Membership Rewards program is offering a 25% bonus on points transfers to Alitalia’s frequent flyer program through October 31, 2016.


The transfer ratio is usually 1,000:1,000, so through this promotion you’ll instead get 1,250 Alitalia miles for every 1,000 Amex points. Since the bonus is hard coded into the transfer ratio, the bonus should post instantly, and you can take advantage of the offer as often as you’d like.

Overall I’m a big fan of Alitalia’s business class product, and that’s despite the fact that I haven’t flown them since they’ve undergone a refresh.


Alitalia’s catering is exceptional, among the best offered by any airline in business class. As is the tradition in Italy, they serve both a primi and secondi. I’d say along with Austrian and Turkish, they have among the best catering in business class.



While I generally recommend flying Alitalia, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend their frequent flyer program.

Tiffany wrote a post a couple of years back entitled “How (And Why) To Use Alitalia Miles,” which sums up the pros and cons of the program. On one hand they have some good redemption values, while on the other hand there are some quirky aspects of the program that make some redemptions complicated.

For example, Alitalia charges only 80,000 miles for roundtrip business class redemptions between the US and Europe, which is an exceptional value. However, there are fuel surcharges (~$850 roundtrip for business class), and Alitalia’s award chart says that rate is good through October 14, 2016. I suspect the same rate will be extended after that, but we don’t know for sure.


So there’s value to be had, especially if you’re looking for a saver level award ticket on Alitalia, or even one of their “flex” awards with better availability, which is generally still a good deal. Upgrades can also be a good deal, since Alitalia makes more upgrade space available than saver award space.

However, you’ll want to be aware of the quirks of the program, which is why I generally don’t recommend holding onto those miles.


Does anyone plan on taking advantage of the 25% bonus for transferring Amex points to Alitalia?


  1. The really nice thing about this is that Alitalia still allows award holds as long as you have at least a few miles in your account. So you can transfer 1,000 points over, work through the quirks and lock in an award, and then move the remaining points over.

  2. @ Michael — That refers to points transferred from other members, not those earned through American Express or other MilleMiglia partners.

  3. I don’t know how that works exactly but I would imagine that Delta or other Skyteam partners would work, No?

  4. Tiffany, are there ‘fuel’ surcharges on other partners? I can tell in Lucky’s post if he’s referring to Alitalia charges only. If the answer is yes, are they about the same as Flying Blue? Thanks!

  5. Nemme:

    Great question. Tiffany, do you have a chart with the estimated fuel charges for some of SkyTeam’s routes? (USA to Europe and USA to Asia, for example.) Calling doesn’t help, as the agents are clueless and say they won’t know taxes until the booking is complete (which makes no sense, who wants to know after the booking is done?)

  6. It’s funny how “credit card points” are mostly a US thing, probably inherited by other countried but by no means all. I savoured some of that (extremely nice) phenomenon in the two years I lived in the US, but now I’m back in Europe, VISA and MASTERCARD points are just not there. Not even in their “platinum” version. Amex is the only card who offers points to European residents, mostly because few businesses take Amex cards in Europe. The French branch of Amex must be the stingiest. My Amex platinum sign-up bonus was 30,000 points only (last year), and many other benefits just don’t apply, such as, e.g., transfer partners accept French Amex points at 3:2, 5:4 or 6:5 ratios (if I fork out 1000 Amex points to Alitalia, I ordinarily get 800 Alitalia miles). So, after reading this post I immediately set out to check whether this 1.25 ratio offer was active in France too, and I have to sadly confirm: nope, it’s not 🙁

  7. I have not been able to look up any award tickets on Allitalia’s website for weeks now, after entering city and date information I get an error message. I think their website is a nightmare to navigate.

  8. They cancelled my FCO-ORD flight. So I can still go to Italy, but I can’t get back. I transferred MR point into the system, now I’m left with 160000 MM miles and no flight! ARG

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