Video: Guy Flies For The First Time, Passes Out

On one hand it can be easy to take flying for granted, and to lose the sense of awe at what a miracle it is. As much as I fly and generally feel safe, I still consider aviation to be a miracle. It’s incredible that tens of thousands of flights operate a day in such a safe manner.

So sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that flying isn’t an everyday thing for many people.

In April I shared a documentary about a Pakistani villager who was flying for the first time, and his sense of amazement was cool to watch:

Or a couple of years ago I shared a video of two older ladies flying for the first time, admittedly in a bit more style:

Well, in case you needed another reminder that flying is actually pretty incredible, check out this video of a Kennesaw State player flying for the first time, as he passes out on takeoff:



  1. It’s not a miracle. That means it is not explained by science. This is all science. Saying it’s a ‘miracle’ discounts every single person that every worked, and still works, in this field. They didn’t just sit around praying for wings that work.

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