Air Astana 757 Business Class In 10 Pictures

Hello from London, at last! I just wrapped up my third (and last) flight on Air Astana, after having sampled their 767 business class from Seoul to Almaty, their A321 business class from Almaty to Astana, and now finally their 757 business class from Astana to London.

I knew when I booked that Air Astana’s “flagship” plane is the 767, given that they’re just a couple of years old and have a brand new fully flat business class product.

However, I thought it would be fun to try their 757 business class for variety, even though I knew it wouldn’t be as good. Air Astana’s 757s are older than the airline, as Air Astana took them over from other airlines.

Air Astana’s 757s have 16 angled business class seats, spread across four rows in a 2-2 configuration.


This is the oldest generation of angled business class seat out there, and it dates back over 15 years. With these types of angled seats you actually slope all the way down to the floor, and your feet just dangle on the floor. Angled seats aren’t comfortable to begin with, though these were especially uncomfortable. You’d think London to Astana would be a premium route, so I’m a bit surprised they don’t fly a 767 here.


While the seat type itself was outdated, I was impressed by the condition the cabin was in. It was in immaculate condition, with not a single stain anywhere. The cabin also had mood lighting, and I thought the finishes were gorgeous.


The other downside to these seats is that there’s not built-in entertainment, so they instead hand out iPads and headphones after takeoff.


The meal service format was identical to my previous flight from Seoul to Almaty. There were drinks after takeoff, along with nuts and canapés.


After that an appetizer and salad were served.


Then soup.


Then a main course.


Then dessert.


The food was excellent, and perhaps almost as importantly, the service was efficient. Before landing there was another snack.

A few other interesting things to note:

  • As on my previous two flights, I once again had a Hispanic captain — fascinating!
  • This crew was really good, especially the lead flight attendant. She was unintentionally hilarious. When I boarded I smiled and said “beautiful cabin, do you mind if I take some pictures?” She responded “I don’t know why you would want to, but okay.”
  • The lady seated across from me seemed to be a Kazakh celeb, based on the fact that several people came up to her. One of the guys who came up to her said he was working on moving to the UK “because if you put two million pounds in the bank with them they’ll give you citizenship.”


I’ll have a much more detailed trip report soon, though suffice to say that I found Air Astana to be a really fun, quirky, reliable airline. All the planes were spotless, all my flights were on-time, all the food was tasty, and overall they have a very solid product.

I look forward to flying them again soon!


  1. “I thought it would be fun to try their 757 business class”

    Even with an immaculate cabin, I just can’t imagine using the term “fun” for a 7 hour flight in a 15 year old angled flat J seat. But that’s just me. 😉

  2. Hope you survived without wifi!!

    At least the business lounge in TSE is a step up compared to ALA offerings. Please share your thoughts

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