How To Link Your Marriott And Starwood Accounts

Overnight the merger between Marriott and Starwood was finalized, and amazingly enough the two companies are offering reciprocal benefits for their customers from day one:

  • Members of Starwood Preferred Guest, Marriott Rewards, and Ritz-Carlton Rewards can link their accounts, and can receive instant status matches
  • Members can transfer points between Starwood Preferred Guest, Marriott Rewards, and Ritz-Carlton Rewards; the transfer ratio is one Starpoint per three Rewards points

It’s worth noting that this functionality is already live. You can now status match and transfer points between accounts by visiting Marriott doesn’t plan on integrating programs until 2018 at the earliest, so we’re talking about quite a while where this account linking and points transfer option will be useful.

How to match your status

Getting your status matched should take less than a minute, and your updated status will post instantly once complete. Just visit this website and click “Link Account” at the top right of the page.


Once there, you’ll be prompted to choose the program from which you want to start (presumably the program with which you have the highest status and are looking to match). In my case, that would be SPG.


Since I selected SPG as my program, on the next page I was prompted to enter my SPG username and password.


On the next page I was given the option of linking to either Marriott Rewards or Ritz-Carlton Rewards. Keep in mind that you can only be a member of one program or the other, so you can’t match to both Marriott and Ritz-Carlton Rewards.


I chose to link to Marriott Rewards. Amazingly enough the next page already had my Marriott Rewards information pre-populated, even though I didn’t do anything to link it. I guess they matched the name, email address, mailing address, etc. Impressive! I then clicked “Finish Linking.”


The next page confirmed that I had been upgraded to Marriott Platinum on account of my SPG Platinum status.


Sure enough, when I logged into my Marriott Rewards account it confirmed that I’m already a Platinum member. Dang, that was fast!


As a reminder, status can be matched between programs as follows:

Marriott Rewards/Ritz-Carlton RewardsStarwood Preferred Guest
Gold Status (usually 50 nights)Gold Status (usually 10 stays or 25 nights)
Platinum Status (usually 75 nights)Platinum Status (usually 25 stays or 50 nights)

However, even if you don’t have status you can still link your accounts, as it gives you the opportunity to transfer points between accounts.

How to transfer your status

You can freely transfer your points between Starwood Preferred Guest and Marriott or Ritz-Carlton Rewards. You get one Starpoint for every three Reward points. You can transfer points as often as you’d like, so your points don’t lose any value once you transfer them, since you can always transfer them back.

You first need to link your accounts, which can be done as explained above. Once you’ve done that, you can transfer points either through the same site as above, or you can use the Marriott or Starwood websites directly.

Using the SPG site as an example, you can click on “Redeem Points” and will then see “More Options,” which specifically mentions the possibility of transferring points to Marriott Rewards.


On the next page you’ll see “Access More Possibilities Worldwide,” which is what you’d want to click.


The next page gives you the option to transfer points between programs, and as you can see, the 1:3 transfer ratio automatically auto-populates. Since your accounts are linked, you just need to click “Transfer Starpoints Now.”


It’s worth noting that points transfers aren’t instant, but rather take a few hours.

Bottom line

It’s amazing how quickly Marriott has implemented the functionality to status match and transfer points. Instant status matches from day one are fantastic, especially in my case, as I have several Marriott stays coming up over the next few weeks. The ability to freely transfer points between accounts is great as well.

Have you matched your status between Starwood and Marriott/Ritz yet? Was it as seamless as my experience?

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  1. Maybe you can use some transfered Starpoints next time you are in Madrid: I stayed at a very nice Autograph Collection (40K Marriott points) called the AC Santo Mauro and loved it.

  2. Lucky:

    Please stop praising Marriott for the new details on the merger just because you are an SPG Platinum elite, and more importantly, stop pasting that graph that implies Marriott Platinum and SPG Platinum are interchangeable via status match. This is the second post in a row you’ve done that.

    In reality, Marriott elites have gotten completely screwed beyond belief. A 75 night Marriott Platinum is only being given 25 Stay SPG Platinum status without SPG Suite Night Awards, even though Marriott Platinum requires 25 more nights than 50 Night SPG Platinum status, which does provide SPG Suite Night Awards.

    Also, matching 50 night Marriott Gold to SPG Gold is also a huge slap in the face given the discrepancy in requirements and almost complete lack of benefits for SPG Gold.

    This is disgustingly unequal for Marriott elites, and while you may not care since you are an SPG Platinum elite, try to understand the feeling from Marriott elites and help us advocate with Marriott rather than just blindly praising them for this news. Thanks.

  3. I think you meant “how to transfer your points” and not “how to transfer your status” for a second time… 🙂

  4. I think the Marriott’s elite members just have to relax. This situation is just like Hilton opened the status match a few months ago and lots of Hilton members who completed so many stays and struggled to earn the points to get the Diamond membership really felt it was quiet unfair.

    If I am the CEO of Marriott, I’m sure I will also do this too. It will make the SPG members feel they’re well treated. (It’s like “Welcome to join us, SPG members! This is the gift to you!”) However, don’t forget the CEO also mentioned the programs for Marriott and Starwood will remain separate before 2018. In other worlds, the “sweets” MAY not last long.

    Just take it easy, all Marriott’s members. The winner will always be the hotels groups, not the customers. It’s unnecessary to argue and be mad.

  5. Any idea how long the status lasts? I’m Marriott platinum and just matched to spg platinum and it says membership is valid until “2017” which kind of leaves it up for interpretation.

    I don’t think I’ll be able to renew to platinum this year and will likely just stay at Gold. It would be awesome if I could keep my spg platinum through next year so I can just start a crying nights with them in January.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  6. @Ben, when do you think I will be able to collect Marriott eligible status nights (not points) on SPG.
    Only when the programs are merged.

  7. Smart move by Marriott. I guess they needed to get this off to a good start, with 13 Billion paid. Practically it’s not going to make much difference to most people as we head into the final quarter: travel plans made, status goals to be met ( in other chains as well, hedging bets). Not much room for additional stays for the rest of the year: but this was good PR ( notwithstanding the Marriott members frustrations about SNAs)

  8. I totally agree with Daniel M. SPG elite levels were far easier to obtain. An SPG Platinum with only 25 nights just received Marriott Platinum status which requires 75, literally jumping over Marriott Golds who might have has many as 74 nights so far this year. Another consideration is that Marriott Gold allows club access. With all the newly minted Golds coming over from Starwood (which required only 10 stays), how long before overcrowding of the concierge lounges becomes an issue? Definite disrespect for current Marriott elites.

  9. @Ben

    If you needed to create a new account on the Marriott side, which would you choose? Is there any downside to going with Ritz Carlton?

  10. Complaining Marriott Elites – your clubs were already over-crowded w/UA flyers once that partnership was established. Given there are far more MR elites than SPG ones, and SPG in-hotel benefits are currently MUCH better than MR ones, you’re more likely to see SPG properties being the ones with the influx.

    RE: b!tching about SNAs…stay at an SPG property and you’ll actually have a good chance of getting a suite now. I’m 17/31 on the year.

  11. @Ben
    I’m a Gold SPG member and a “Rewards” level Ritz-Carlton member. For simplicity going forward, should I link my SPG to Marriott, and then my RC to Marriott? Or should I just link the SPG to RC and leave it like that? I thought I read a previous post of yours that said the RC program gave a few additional benefits over the Marriott one, correct?

  12. So, the question remains, if I receive my lifetime gold next year for SPG, will that transfer? The program will remain through next year apparently.

    Secondly, I’m two nights from SPG plat this year. Will that transfer, or is it based on today?

  13. If you really take a look at the availability in any city of the number of Marriott hotels vs Starwood hotels, it is not even close. Especially in the middle tier price range. There are also many more Marriott hotels in smaller cities, so the opportunity to earn nights is much greater than at Starwood hotels which are more limited. Often times it is not which brand to choose, but it goes to Marriott by virtue of it being the only choice. Even though i prefer SPG i find myself staying at more Marriott hotels on an annual basis.

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