The Most Excited I’ve Seen Anyone About Emirates’ Onboard Shower

Yesterday I posted about how popular YouTuber Casey Neistat flew Emirates business class from New York to Dubai last week. While he does some sponsored content, this wasn’t among it, as the airline didn’t know he was on the flight. The video he made was simply incredible, and I was grinning ear-to-ear for the entirety of it:

I think Seattle Eric summed it up perfectly in the comments section:

This is fantastic. Casey has such a wonderful enthusiasm, and I love his infectious excitement as he is truly amazed at his experience. The joy of international premium travel!

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t watch all of Casey’s videos, though I love his positivity and his excitement, and perhaps there’s nowhere that’s more evident than in this video. If you fly enough premium cabins you can lose sight of just how amazing it is that there’s a minibar at your Emirates seat, or that there’s an onboard bar.

Well, while Emirates didn’t seem to know he was on the outbound flight, I suspect they caught onto his popularity pretty quickly, because he got upgraded to first class on the return flight from Dubai to New York (he claims not to know why). He actually flew them all the way to Sydney, which is a lot of travel over the course of just a week.

The video is called “THE $21,000 FIRST CLASS AIRPLANE SEAT,” and it’s so enjoyable to watch:

I will say that I almost preferred the video he made about the outbound flight in business class because the cabin crew were featured, and they seemed super engaging and fun. Meanwhile on the return flight the focus seems much more on the product. However, watching his reaction to everything in the suite, as well as the onboard shower, is super enjoyable, and reminded me of my first ever Emirates flight.

This video was uploaded yesterday, and already has over three million views. Incredible.

Well done on this one, Emirates. I hope they recognize the crew on the outbound (in particular the first class flight attendant who recognized the situation and offered to show him the shower), and kudos to them for catching on quickly enough and upgrading him on the return. An ad campaign costing millions of dollars wouldn’t have the same effect as this video.

This is amazing publicity for the airline.

Did you enjoy the business class or first class video more?


  1. Eh? So your comment earlier is not valid anymore? “Like, seriously, why on earth would Emirates install a minibar with room temperature drinks when first class passengers can order what they want when they want, presumably served at the right temperature?”. Oh well, consistency does seem to be a thing of the past around here.

  2. I think this illustrates just how stupid AA were when they dumped him. Since he stopped flying AA he has featured Jet Blue Mint class in many of his videos. BTW while this might not have been sponsored content by Emirites he did not pay for his airfare it was picked up by Google.

  3. @shanti Good lord you’re a wet blanket. Even if the minibar is pointless from a functional standpoint, it’s one of the features that makes the Emirates seat so blingy and memorable. It’s something first timers are always struck by, and it leaves an impression, even if it’s never used.

  4. yeah, it’s free publicity. I just always wonder if these things actually translate into hard dollar sales. Not convinced.

  5. Commenters like @shanti remind me of what bothers me about frequent flyers. It’s a sad reality that many who are frequent flyers also tend to be extremely entitled and self-important people, who think they are cleverer and more interesting than they actually are.

    That’s why I like this blog so much. Lucky is a frequent flyer who doesn’t fall into these traps. If I have to sit next to one more 50-year-old man in business class who pontificates and shares his opinions with me as if they’re fact…ugh.

  6. @ jason — Oh, I totally agree it probably doesn’t generate into hard dollar sales, but then I’d argue a vast majority of the money spent on marketing doesn’t. The Gulf carriers spend how many tens of millions of dollars on sports sponsorships? I can’t imagine those translate into actual sales. To me, non-conversion based modern marketing doesn’t really make sense, but that’s a much bigger topic. 😉

  7. @ shanti — Not sure I follow. The minibar is 10000% unnecessary. As is the shower, and the bar, and everything. But the excess of it all is what makes the Gulf carriers so special and memorable.

  8. lol I know. Trust me, I’ve gotten into endless conversations with some of the marketing people I know at some of the big 3 Gulf carriers about some of their marketing programs. Endless fascination 😉

  9. Oh,
    You’ve gotta love Casey. Also I’m really happy about the fact that Lucky is now replying to most of the comments like in the good old days. Way to go Lucky!

  10. I like both videos but must say I like the Business Class video just a bit more only because there is so much time and coverage at the bar, which is my favorite place to hang out while on Emirates.

    The First Class Video is now just under 3.7 million views within a day, which is quite amazing. If I was working as Chief of Marketing at Etihad’s or Qatar Airways, I would be talking to Casey right now, begging him to try our A380 on his next trip.

  11. Good videos, but I’m amazed at how he thinks the airline is “giving” him all this stuff. OK. Maybe in his case he is getting it because he didn’t pay or someone else paid. But the average passenger isn’t getting free slippers or even a free stocked mini-bar. All that is included in the cost of the airfare, especially in the case of a $21,000 first-class airfare. It’s like when someone says Sweden gives free college — it’s not free if you pay taxes for it.

  12. People tend to read too much into these videos (welcome to the internet).

    Casey is an EXTREMELY well traveled person. Yes, this may be his first time in Emirates First but in the past 45 days or so he has criss crossed the U.S., visited London, Venice, Dubai and Sydney as well as a quick swing through South America. Most of this is done first class and a minimum of Business Class and is paid for by others who are flying him to various conferences, award shows or to produce content for them.

    One of the things that make his videos fun is that he captures a boyish sense of excitement in almost everything he does. Yes, there are times it can cross the line and become annoying (this is mainly the case when he is joined by certain friends) but 99% of the time his videos are just a whole lot of fun. Compare his Emirates videos with the scores of dull, nearly indistinguishable ones that others have posted. Those are dry, usually set to easy listening music and are more focused on “free” Champaign than anything else. Casey gives a great sense of what it is actually like to be there. He is telling a story, not just trying to show off his seat and food.

    Check out this video when he was upgraded to a pretty “nice’ room:
    (Jump to 5:30)

  13. I love Casey’s daily vlog’s for their story-telling and production qualities. A lot of entertainment in just a few minutes, every day. His expressive documenting of premium class flights, upscale hotels and travel adventures reminds me of the giddy little voice inside my own head sometimes. However, I really have to thank Lucky for THIS blog, which taught me the methods to travel (kinda) like Casey does.

  14. That was really fun to watch. His enthusiasm and innocence is quite infectious. I don’t know why he sleeps with sunglasses on?
    EY should be getting him to review THE Residence

  15. Ben. His sunglasses are a bit of a running joke throughout his videos. He started wearing them so he could look at the camera screen to frame the shot and not the lens, but still appear to be looking at the lens. Now it’s s joke and he intentionally wears them in silly places.

  16. For those people that question the value in such marketing you only have to ask a random cross section of people what they think about Emirates. The man on the street sees them as a cut above the average and that is the power of the brand. Most people flying them will be sitting in 10 across economy seating which is so far removed from the First or Biz experience. Yet they will tell people with pride that they are flying Emirates. The halo effect of being in proximity to high end luxury experiences is enough. It is similar to people having drinks in a high end hotel bar or taking a ride in an Uber Lux, they can’t afford a high end 5* room or a luxury car but they get to associate with that and that is enough. Videos such as Casey’s just help the sustaining the brand which in the long run helps sales.

  17. @Paul

    I wouldn’t say that AA dumped him, he just didn’t have his concierge key renewed, which really wasn’t featured in any of his videos. If Casey was a cow, they already milked him.

    I enjoyed his video on his Emirate’s experience. His personality (he comes across as a genuine and unpretentious person) and the style of this video, is IMO quite charming. It’s almost like a child who is discovering things for the first time and the awe, wonder and splendor of it all comes out.

    In the end, while a door may of closed for Casey because he no longer had the concierge key to open it, a window opened.

  18. The t shirt and hat are great. Loved the video glad you added it to your blog. And for the haters chill out some things just need to be enjoyed and not picked apart and or criticized.

  19. Martina-

    I must disagree with the idea that AA somehow got all they could out of Casey. He constantly showcased the concierge check in, the lounges and various First Class flights in much the same way he has here with Emirates (though lower key). Dropping his status (because he was not paying enough personally) was a very serious flub on their part. He has picked up several million subscribers since then and his rate of growth is accelerating not slowing down. You truly cannot buy that type of exposure and PR.

  20. @Ted

    But there is no formula on how someone gets a concierge key, for most travelers in an unattainable goal regardless of elite status. What he has done for AA in his v-logs still exists, unless he pulls the videos…they really haven’t lost anything. 🙂

  21. @Lucky
    You’re gay, and so am I. Aside from that, I also respect women. Flying or promoting ANY Gulf carrier is just something that I cannot understand a gay person or someone who’s a feminist doing. EVERY Gulf carrier receives $$$$ from its government; the same which punish homosexuality, and make women second class citizens. In NONE of the countries with an airline could my husband walk hand-in-hand down the street, and not face criminal charges. To share a hotel room, we’ve always been told to book a room with 2 beds. So what if a plane has a shower? At some point, integrity has to be paramount! If South Africa still had, as official policy, apartheid, and SAA have amazing flight experiences, would you extol the wonders of SAA? Sadly, The Points Guy, routinely lauds Gulf carriers.

  22. Martina-

    I understand what you are saying but Casey is known for his daily vlogs and it is that continued daily content that gets the views. Being featured weekly to millions of people (in essence for free) is certainly worth a great deal to AA or any company. Most companies in fact trip over themselves to upgrade Casey to massive suites or send him products (often very expensive ones) in hopes of being featured on his channel. AA miscalculated by pulling his CK. Sure the old content remains but as his popularity grows they are no longer being showcased and worse yet their competition is. As you say there is no set rules to why CK is given out but they do seek out trend makers and frankly Casey is pretty much the “it” name on social media and new media right now. If the fastest growing You Tuber in history with over a billion (with a B) views is not worth their time then who is?!?

    But alas I guess we will never know and it’s also ok to not see eye to eye on this.

  23. I could identify with his excitement. I dont fly much and when i do its always in coach. People like us travel 20+ hrs in coach and the luxury of stretching your legs or taking a decent nap is extremely alluring. Hence when i did get to travel business (on emirates) last year from dubai to buenos aires, i was equally excited. every small feature, gesture was met with a WOW and something i could not wait to share with others. in fact i was so excited that i could not sleep in that 19 Hr flight.

    Casey showed the same kind of excitement. although it is routine for him and maybe he was playing to the gallery a bit.

    it helps emirates a lot. it created aspirations in people and they will try to experience this sometime.

  24. @Ted

    “But alas I guess we will never know and it’s also ok to not see eye to eye on this.”

    True, and we did agree on the finer points of all this, what makes this and some of other Casey’s video’s so enjoyable.

    Have a good night 🙂

  25. The First Class video (as I type this) has 7,486,009 views. And a Google News search showed 20 web sites had posted articles with the video embedded. I’d say Emirates is surely pleased with their decision to upgrade Casey!

  26. Can’t understand why disagreeing with someone’s behavior and appearance is seen as “hating”. I don’t hate… I simply feel that there’s a time and place for everything.

    While I love North American society for its casual approach to life, I do feel that there’s a time and place for everything. While some of you might not see a problem with walking into a 5-star resraurant wearing nothing but Speedos and talking loudly on your mobile device (with the speaker turned up to maximum volume), I do. You are not the center of the world. You ask me to respect your freedom of expression, but please also respect mine. I am far from the stereotype of the breiefcase-toting 50+ business traveler, but I do respect my environment. Whether entering the pointy end of the aircraft, or the premium lounge, I adapt to the env\ironment that I feel is expected of me – and actually enjoy the experience.

  27. Does this mean EK moving away from aviation bloggers? His video may hit 10-20 Million very easily. No blogger can give that kind of publicity.

  28. Thanks Martina, yes we certainly agree on the videos themselves. I got hooked watching Casey when he had “only” a few hundred thousand subscribers. Watching the explosive growth is amazing and videos like this expand his reach even more.

  29. Casey is charming and has produced a video that shares his enthusiasm and sense of wonder. There is no boastfulness or joy that others are not experiencing the same thing. He is also non-judgmental or critical because he is sharing his experience not posting a review.

    I would not classify his dress sense as out of step with the modern J or F traveller; who seems to be increasingly in their early 30s. The only people I see dressed up to fly nowadays tend to come cross as being on some special occasion and good luck to them.

    Overall, Casey has produced an inclusive record of his experience and given vicarious enjoyment to the millions who viewed it. Oh and I agree that the business vid is better than the one for F.

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