Avianca LifeMiles Increases Their Bonus On Purchased Miles

At the beginning of the month I wrote about how Avianca’s LifeMiles program launched their latest bonus on purchased miles. While the promotion is valid through September 30, 2016, LifeMiles offered an “early bird” bonus, where you could get additional bonus miles if you purchased miles by September 10, 2016.


With the early bird promotion you could purchase miles with up to a 130% bonus.


While that promotion ended a bit over a week ago, there’s now an opportunity to purchase miles with an even better bonus. You can purchase LifeMiles with up to a 140% bonus thanks to a promotion being offered in conjunction with Brazlian blog Passageiro de Primeira (LifeMiles has offered similar promotions in the past).


To take advantage of this offer you have to register on this page between September 19 and September 26, and then have to buy miles between September 20 and September 27, 2016. You have to wait 24 hours from the time you register until you buy miles through the offer to get the better bonus. You should see the better bonus reflected on the purchase page once you’re eligible.


With a 140% bonus, you can buy LifeMiles for as little as 1.375 cents each. This is the best bonus we’ve seen in a very long time. In June there was a similar increased offer through Passageiro de Primeira, though that promotion maxed out at a 135% bonus. Of course you still need to spend quite a bit of cash to maximize this promotion. You need to buy at least 101,000 miles pre-bonus at 3.3 cents each to get the 140% bonus, so that’s at least $3,333 out of pocket.

As far as the overall value of purchasing LifeMiles goes, see my previous post for more on the best uses of these points. This could certainly make a lot of sense for the purposes of redemptions in Star Alliance premium cabins.

Redeem LifeMiles for Asiana A380 first class

Do you plan on buying LifeMiles with this 140% bonus?


  1. Hey Lucky,

    Last October and December they had a 150% bonus. Unless you have a rush for the miles do you think it would make more sense to wait a few months and see if the bigger bonus returns?

  2. I just saw LH F on India routes and seemed to be available for the next few days, but only on last-minute basis (as they have always done).

  3. Not true, just book and flew LH F ICN-FRA A380 for 2 three days ago. Definitively a good use! Too bad I miss the extra 10%

  4. Sorry to bomb with comments – there seems to be a secret when booking LH F trip. Don’t select “Lufthansa” for the preferred carrier, it’ll only show Business Class redeemable miles even when looking at First. Instead, just choose “Smart Search” and then select the segment you want to fly. I did this with FRA-DEL and while when I specifically targeted LH they didn’t show any First option, but it worked when I chose the latter – non-stop FRA-DEL, allowing access to FCT!

  5. A few years ago, I booked business on SQ with lifemiles. from SIN to FRA… no idea if you could still do that.. I would consider that a goo use of miles.. EVA is always available too and Thai… which are all good options in biz. Anyone who uses it lately notice how the availability is for these airlines. It is easy enough to check, but I was just wondering not interested enough to waste my time on LM site.

  6. Im just gonna wait until black friday season and see which programme LAN or LIFEMILES provide the best offer for purchasing miles. I believe SA economy has worsen year by year and thus many airlines are struggling for income,thus they may put out better offers this year.

  7. Is there a maximum number of LifeMiles that an individual can purchase at any given time? looking to buy around 600k for a dedicated trip…

  8. Is there a maximum number of LifeMiles that an individual can purchase at any given time? looking to buy around 600k for a dedicated trip…

    -sorry for the double post; forgot to click ‘notify by email’ –

  9. I registered yesterday, but can’t figure out how to get to it today. Do you happen to have a link? I can’t seem to find the page where you can buy the miles. I didn’t have any trouble finding it a couple of months ago! Thanks!!

  10. Do they always have the 100% bonus? I need some miles for a November trip but not enough to get anything beyond the 100% bonus. Do I need to rush to wait and buy them today or can I wait?

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