Maximizing The Visa Luxury Hotel Collection Buy One Get One Free Offer

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Earlier today I wrote about the insane promotion being offered by the Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection, where you can basically get a buy one get one free offer Conrad, Curio, and Waldorf Astoria properties around the world. While this promotion is in theory valid for bookings made through December 31, 2016 (and for stays through March 31, 2017), it really does seem too good to be true, so I’d take advantage of it sooner rather than later.


On top of that, this should be stackable with an offer for a $75 gift card after your first stay booked through the program at a Conrad, Curio, or Waldorf Astoria hotel.


I wrote about this promotion earlier today, but wanted to emphasize again how insanely generous it is, and hit on a few of the things I find most interesting.

This makes some expensive hotels affordable

Take the Conrad Maldives, for example, which is usually $700+ per night. Through this promotion you can get a two night stay for that price, knocking down the price to $350 per night (before even factoring in the perks you get).


Do keep in mind that the rate through Visa will generally be the same as the flexible rate available directly through the hotel directly. There might be cheaper pre-paid or member discount rates, but typically they’re marginally less, and not less than half the cost of a stay, as you can get through this promotion.


Maximizing this promotion for a longer stay

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about whether you can use this promotion for longer stays.

You can certainly use it for longer stays in the sense that you can book two nights under this promotion, and then add on more nights using points, a normal rate, etc.

However, there are certainly some ways to use this promotion multiple times on a single vacation. Here are the terms regarding using this offer multiple times:

Maximum one free night per room, per stay. Back-to-back stays within 24 hours at the same hotel are considered one stay, regardless of check-out and check-in activity.

So in practice you couldn’t book this promotion for two back-to-back promotional stays at the same hotel.

You also couldn’t book this promotion once for a two night stay, then book another paid stay at the same hotel the next night, and then another two nights under this promotion, since you never checked out. You’d be trying to use the promotion twice on a single stay, which violates the terms.

However, you could book a two night stay under the promotion, spend a night at another hotel, and then spend another two nights at the first hotel under the same promotion. That would be within the terms, since you’d be making two stays.

There’s one other potential option. If you’re traveling with someone, you could book the promotion for two nights under one person’s name, and then book the promotion for another two nights under the other person’s name at the same hotel.

That should technically be allowed since it doesn’t violate the terms, though probably isn’t within the spirit of the promotion.

You earn points & stay credits on these stays

While third party bookings through most online travel agencies don’t earn points or stay credits, stayed booked through this program do (just as they do through Fine Hotels & Resorts, Virtuoso, etc.).

Do keep in mind you’ll likely only earn points for the first night, since the cost of the second night will be taken off at check-out.

Hilton has great earnings rates for hotel stays, and their current promotion makes that even better. For example, as a Diamond member I’d earn:

  • 10 base points per dollar spent
  • 5 additional points per dollar spent for choosing Points & Points
  • 10 bonus points per dollar spent through this promotion
  • 5 bonus points per dollar spent if a Diamond member
  • 10 points per dollar spent on the Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Reserve Card (which is also a Visa Signature Card)


That’s a total of 40 HHonors points per dollar spent!

Bottom line

This promotion is insanely generous, so I’d highly recommend taking advantage of this as soon as possible. Not only is this a buy one get one free offer, but you’re getting perks on top of that, and maybe even a $75 gift card.

Have you taken advantage of this promotion? If so, for which property?

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  1. For the non-refundable rate that you pay at booking, the last night be refunded at check out back to the credit card?

  2. What about combining it with a back to back Citi Prestige stay.
    4 nights with Citi Prestige – last night free
    2 nights with visa – last night free

    Any reason why this would not work?

  3. @alex I don’t know about other countries, but in the Netherlands, Visa Gold and Platinum cards via ICS Card Services are elegible for The Visa Luxury Hotel Collection and this promo.

  4. @tom if you were planning a 6 night stay there, then this works. your 4th and 6th nights (or 2nd and 6th, depending which reservation came first) would be free. Even better if one of the hotel is offering a 3rd night free, which the CitiPrestige should be able to access.

  5. Do you think I could book 2 rooms at the same time and each would get the 2nd night free? After all, it does say max one free night per room. Not sure about the $75 credit however.

  6. Booked the Conrad Singapore. Came to ~$130/night for the two nights. If I get the $75 credit, then it comes down to about $90/night!

  7. Yawn . . . I’m breathing in this rarefied air. If $350 per night is “affordable”for you, then I guess all this is relevant. If you can put a Conrad through on your expense report, then ok. Meanwhile, I’d prefer more insight into more mainstream hotel chains and squeezing value out of what generally appear to be really crummy redemption rates.

  8. Thanks so very! Just booked 4 nights with Waldorf Grand Wailea in Maui, Hawaii, 2 nights under my Chase Sapphire, 2 nights on my wife’s. 🙂

  9. @Michelle – just booked Conrad Singapore as well for two nights next week. Great offer and as a Diamond, should be one of the best paid stays I have had in a long time.

  10. Have a trip to Hong Kong in early March. Already have three nights booked at the Sheraton (in a tower harbour view room). Cost for one night at Conrad is the same as two nights at Sheraton. So I really wouldn’t be saving any money, but would be cool to stay at both properties and compare. Anyone have experiences with the Conrad? Wait… I need to check Lucky’s trip reports.

  11. Would this work to get a 4-night stay (pay for two nights, get two nights free using promotion)?

    – Two people traveling together
    – Book two separate back to back reservations at the same hotel under each person’s name (so each reservation is under a different name)
    – Use the same Chase Sapphire Preferred card to pay (one person is the primary cardholder, the other person is an authorized user)

    Would using the same Visa card cause any problems in getting the promo credit?

  12. I just received my Chase Reserve using a link through your page. My partner and are taking a short four day jaunt. Could I book two nights using the chase card in my name, then book an additional two nights with the same card under his name? He doesn’t have the Reserve card.

  13. I’m bummed. I just found out about this and it’s too late to cancel my Citi Prestige 4th night free at the Conrad Dublin tomorrow. My wife and I both have Visa signature cards and we could have saved $1000 instead of only $500. This hobby is heartbreaking sometimes.

  14. I just called the Visa concierge and asked about the $75 gift card reference the Chase Sapphire Reserve (since it’s a Visa Infinite product as opposed to Signature) and the rep confirmed that it is eligible!

  15. I will at Conrad Hong Kong in January for 4 nights and am considering booking 2 nights through this promo and then 2 award nights through, maybe even book a suite outright as I am sure they will keep me in the suite for all 4 nights even though I would be paying cash for only 1 night…

    @Matt – Conrad HKG is great property connected to a huge shopping mall shared with a JW Marriott and a Shangri-la in the very high-end Pacific Palisades area…

  16. Was told by Visa concierge supervisor that back to back stays that include two people (2 nights under one name, 2 nights under other, even with different credit cards) are only eligible for 1 free night.

    Example: Husband books Monday night & Tuesday night — checkout — wife books Wednesday night & Thursday night. They said that since both people have been on the property with no 24 hour break, it violates the promo.

    Not sure how that would catch you…

  17. Just booked 2 nights at the Conrad NYC. Does it say when we will get the $75 Visa Gift Card? I don’t see any of this referenced in the reservation details…just want to make sure.

  18. So I just booked – three nights and got one free. The fine print does say:

    This rate plan is for select Visa Premium Card holders
    Cardholder must reserve and pay for the room using a qualifying credit card. Qualifying Visa premium cards include Visa Signature and Visa Infinite cards and select Visa Gold and Visa Platinum cards

    SO…if your NOT the cardholder you cannot have a companion book in their name since the cardholder AND the reservation must be the same.

  19. My trip to Rome qualifies for this but the Waldorf Astoria’s location there is very inconvenient. I guess I’ll stick to my paid rate at an independent but centrally located hotel.

  20. I booked day 1 and 2 on my name and day 3&4 on my wife name and day 5 &6 on my name again.
    I have chase reserve and my wife is NOT an authorised user.

    Will i get the second day free for each reservation?

  21. No biggie, but I erred above. Conrad HKG is located at Pacific PLACE and NOT Pacific Palisades, which is in the US West Coast!

  22. I just did it!

    I just successfully booked a 2-night stay at Conrad Hong Kong for the second week of January 2017 through this offer. It was straightforward. Although the field for entering the credit card info was labeled as “Visa Signature”, I enter my CSR — a Visa Infinite — account number and it went through without a hitch. Also, there was a field for one to enter one’s HHonors account number, so I entered mine. I submitted the completed reservation form and it went through. I checked my email and found one with a confirmation . I checked my HHonors account it showed that a reservation with the same confirmation was automatically added, guaranteeing that I will receive points for the stay and for any promos, as well as Diamond status recognition. I was finally offered me to become a LHRC member and I accepted, so it created an account for me. Logging into it I found the the reservation I’d just completed, with the same typical 32xxxxxx Hilton reservation number.

    In short, it’s totally painless. The premium room rate (I did not book a suite — too pricey) through LHRC was exactly the same as that offered at I will now wait until after Thanksgiving to book 2 additional standard award nights separately, which will make it a 4-night stay, for which I will pay for only 1 night with cash. Simply kool! In countless stays, I have never failed to get a suite upgrade at this property, where it’s was offered to without asking the last 3-4 times. I like my chances to spend all 4 nights in a harbor side suite on this stay 😉

  23. @DCS — thanks so much for all your great info. Was just catching up on your earlier posts re: suite upgrades on OMAAT earlier today. Super helpful. That said, your links on this post for stackable bonuses seems require booking through or the Hilton app. How is it possible to take advantage of these bonuses for bookings made through LHRC? Thanks again for your HH expertise. (Cross-posted on VFTW, but that comment included a link, and I’m not sure how long it will take Gary to moderate.)

    I booked W=A Berlin and immediately submitted a Best Rate Guarantee form on LHRC since the Hilton site price was 8 euros less per night for a flexible rate on the same room type. Waiting to hear back on that.

  24. @Ken — Good question since I did not even read the promo terms closely, but I feel confident knowing how HH operates… 😉

    I believe they’ll count because one gets full credit for stays booked through LHRC as if they’d been booked through and, at least for Conrad HKG, the room rates were EXACTLY the same as those offered at Moreover, HHonors must be an active participant with Visa in this promo. I believe that is why as soon as I booked through LHRC, the reservation immediately appeared in my HH account — literally within a minute. Lastly, it will require a high degree of parsing to separate folks who registered for the promo and booked through from those who booked through LHRC. What is likely to happen is that at checkout, the system that awards points will see that one registered for these promos and simply add the associated points. It is how the HHonors system works. The key is to register…

    In my case, I will also book 2 award nights through for the same stay, so I believe that I will still get the promo points one way or another (at least for the 2 award nights booked through

    I am surprised you did not get immediate feedback

  25. In my confirmation email there are these blurbs indicating Hilton as a player: “Hilton Worldwide and Visa reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to withdraw, cancel, modify, amend, suspend or terminate the offer, in whole or in part, in any way, at any time, for any reason, without prior notice or any liability to any person.”

    ” Offer is subject to availability at the time of booking. Offer cannot be combined with any other offers or packages unless otherwise specified. Normal occupancy and cancelation policies apply.”

    “Unless otherwise specified”…the promos are combinable so it seems to me that qualifies as “otherwise specified”…

  26. The deal is gone. You can still get the $75 card, but the BOGO is over… The site now says ”
    Due to the unexpected popularity of the Hilton free night offer, hotel inventory subject to this offer booked up much sooner than anticipated and is no longer available. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please note that the $75 USD gift card promotion is still available at Participating Hilton Hotels, see the offer page for more information”

  27. I have called this morning and the Visa Signature Concierge told me this promotion is only eligible for US issued cardholders. However, I was able to secure three reservation with my credit card last weekend issued from out of the US. They told me I might end up paying for the whole stay instead of getting one night free. However, from the email confirmation I did not see any fine print mentioned this promotion is only available for US issued cardholders.

    Anyone ran into the same issue as me?

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