Approved: 3 Complimentary Ritz-Carlton Nights!

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We’re written extensively about the increased sign-up bonus on The Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit Card, which is presently offering three complimentary nights after spending $5,000 within three months. On top of that, you can earn 10,000 bonus points after your first purchase and addition of an authorized user within the first three months.

These complimentary nights can be redeemed at all Tier 1-4 Ritz-Carlton properties. We’ve written about some of the best properties where these can be redeemed, including within the US, internationally, along with some especially unique properties around the world.

While the card has a $450 annual fee, it comes with many great benefits that help offset it, like Ritz-Carlton Gold status, a $300 annual airline credit, and a $100 domestic companion airfare discount.

Why I haven’t yet applied for the Ritz-Carlton Rewards Card

The Chase Sapphire Reserve was recently introduced, and it offers an incredible sign-up bonus of 100,000 points upon completing minimum spend. There’s no doubt it’s a hot card, though the catch is that you typically won’t be approved for it if you’ve opened five or more new credit card accounts in the past 24 months.


Fortunately I managed to get approved for the card, so I need to wait a little while before I can apply for The Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit Card. One thing to keep in mind is that anecdotally the Ritz-Carlton card isn’t subjected to the “5/24” rule, meaning you can be approved even if you’ve opened more than five card accounts in the past 24 months.

While I hope to apply for this card soon, I’ll need to wait a bit.

Getting approved for the Ritz-Carlton Rewards Card

Ford decided to apply for this card. He has applied for six cards in the past 24 months, so couldn’t easily get the Sapphire Reserve. So we figured that was a good opportunity for him to be approved for The Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit Card instead.

He applied online on Monday morning, and he got a message saying that they needed to review his application a bit longer.


Well, this morning, less than two days later, he got notified that he was approved for the card without having to do anything further.

So that’s further proof that even those who have opened more than five card accounts in the past 24 months are eligible for the welcome bonus on this card. We’re excited to redeem the complimentary nights for an upcoming trip, and also to experience firsthand how the $300 airline credit and $100 domestic companion airfare discount works. Stay tuned for reports on that.

If you’re someone who isn’t eligible for the Sapphire Reserve, then The Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit Card may be a great option.

Has anyone else who isn’t eligible for the Sapphire Reserve applied for the Ritz-Carlton Card instead?

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  1. Definitely gonna pick this one up soon. Got a massive Vacation planned for honeymoon late next year, can definitely make use of these nights.

  2. I applied for The Ritz card the same day I applied for and was denied on the Reserve (~7/24) so not to waste a hard credit pull. I went to pending and called the recon, shuffled some credit around and was approved the next morning. Fortunately my wife (after 3 run-ins w/ recon) was approved for the Reserve and I’m added as an authorized user. So, feeling pretty fortunate to have both of the best new cards added to my arsenal!

    I was blown away at the feel of the Ritz card. All metal with every letter and number etched. MUCH heavier than the Reserve or Sapphire Preferred! A store clerk called it “a weapon” the other day!

  3. @Adam – I own the Ritz card too. The Marriott Rewards card is also constructed from the same material specs. In contrast, the UA MP card (also from Chase) is total ****.

  4. I applied for this card on Sunday night and it went pending. I’m way over 5/24. I was denied for the CSR on 22 Aug. I logged on Chase the next day at 7am and approved without a call to recon!

  5. The night I got the rejection letter for the CSR, I applied for this. I was at 20 new accounts over the last 24 months (and applied for 3 others the day I applied for CSR–all of which got approved– though I botched getting pre-approval at the branch). It took awhile (almost 2 weeks) but the Ritz Carlton card now shows up in my account.

    Two other data points that may be of interest to others: 1) Chase pulled from 2 CRBs on each of the applications; and 2) I now have 10 open Chase credit cards.

  6. @stvr LMAOOOO I think he’s competing with TPG on who can get more people to sign up.
    Should we set the over/under line at 6 with how many more pieces he’ll use to push the card?

  7. @Kent
    Then your cards must be different. Sapphire Reserve and Preferred as well as Marriott Visa are metal, but I would guess metal core with some sort of coating. UA Mileage Club is also the same material (metal core) as the former. But, in my case, only recently when it got renewed. The old UA MC I had was plastic.
    RC Visa however is completely different, a much heavier solid metal, metal all the way.
    If that matters to anyone, RC Visa is definitely by far the most unusal card in the sense that you have a heavy piece of metal in your hand.

  8. For those of us that DON’T like the heavy metal of this card (I can feel it weighing down in my pocket) Chase will replace it with a regular plastic version and ship it out overnight. Just did it last week after my card arrived

  9. Yeah the Ritz card is ridiculously heavy slab of metal. Literally clanks if you drop it. I have showed a few people and they are fascinated to hear it clank. Can’t imagine anyone actually carrying the silly thing around in their wallet unless they are complete douches.

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  11. I also was declined for the Sapphire Reserve but was able to get the Ritz Carlton card. Which actually works out really well because I was planning a trip to Puerto Rico in January and will be able to use the nights!

  12. I was denied for the CSR and was confused about why. I pulled my full credit report and saw that I was 3/24 across all credit applications but I was an Auth User on 3 of my wife’s cards that were opened with the past 24 months. I finally spoke with a lending specialist about my CSR denial, he told me that Auth Users shouldn’t affect the 5/24 rule. He looked at my credit report and agreed with me that I should have been approved, even asking me to move some credit around. Waiting on final approval now.

    If Chase is going to implement a rule like 5/24 then they’d better get the execution of it correct…

  13. @Robert Counting AU cards for 5/24 denial has been the standard Chase procedure since the rule was implemented. Usually you can get someone to override that, but often it takes several calls to find the CSR who will listen to reason. If you got it handled on the first call consider your self fortunate. 😉

  14. @roberth – thx, wasn’t the first call, I had nearly given up after visiting a branch with no luck. But the rep I spoke with said that AUs shouldn’t matter, sounds like he was wrong and sounds like I’ll quit adding AUs for me or my wife 🙂

  15. Kind of ticked at myself that I wasted a hard pull. Was denied a CSR for too many new cards. I thought about applying for the Ritz card but it was getting late and didn’t want to jump on another card app without knowing much about the card. Wish I would have pulled the trigger.

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