Hyatt’s Newest Promotion: More Points More Play

Hyatt has just announced the details of their next promotion, which will be called More Points More Play. Registration for the promotion will become available starting September 1 (tomorrow), and it will be valid for stays through November 30, 2016. Through this promotion you can earn up to 75,000 bonus Gold Passport points after 25 eligible nights, as follows:

Stay: Earn: Total Points Earned:
5 Nights +5,000 Points =5,000
10 Nights +10,000 Points =15,000
15 Nights +15,000 Points =30,000
20 Nights +20,000 Points =50,000
25 Nights +25,000 Points =75,000

I’ll post again once the registration link is live tomorrow. I suspect they were in a rush to get the details out, given that Hilton, IHG, Marriott, and SPG, have all announced the details of their fourth quarter promotions.

This promotion might look familiar, because it’s identical to the promotion Hyatt ran between April 1 and June 30 of this year. All they did is modify the name of the promotion slightly, from “Stay More Play More” to “More Points More Play.”


If you max out the promotion you earn 75,000 bonus points after 25 nights, which is 3,000 bonus points per night. I value Hyatt points at ~1.5 cents each, so to me that’s like a return of ~$45 per night. That’s a really compelling value, especially since all Hyatt hotels participate in all global promotions.

That’s the best promotion being offered by any hotel chain by far, assuming you’re planning on staying 25 nights during the promotion period, which admittedly is a lot over just a three month period. So this is great for road warriors, and not so great for the occasional traveler.

However, even for the occasional traveler this is better than what’s being offered by the competition in many instances. For example, you get 5,000 bonus points after five nights, which is an average of 1,000 bonus points per night. For members not staying at super expensive properties, that’s better than you’ll do with the promotions at Hilton or Marriott. The per night return through this promotion only gets better the more nights you stay.

I’ll post again tomorrow when registration is live.

75,000 points is enough for three nights at the Park Hyatt Maldives

Are you excited about Hyatt bringing back their promotion for 75,000 bonus points after 25 nights?


  1. If i have a stay that started on 8/28 and checking out on 9/3, do i earn 2 nights towards the promo from this?

  2. Ugh…why till Nov 30 and not Dec 31 like the other chains’ promotions…I have booked 15 nights in December alone.
    This sucks big time for me.

  3. Do cash and Points reservations count? And will already booked reservations count if they are booked for September?


  4. Thanks for posting this! I’m thrilled at the prospect of 75,000 bonus points, which I can then use for cash and points stays at some very nice hotels when I take annual leave. BONUS POINTS! YAY! (at this point, I should easily hit at *least* 25 nights in the three-month period. It’s too bad that at 25 nights, the clock doesn’t re-set so we can do it more than once!

  5. @Lucky sez: “That’s a really compelling value…”

    Not at all “compelling” as predictably claimed, especially for regular Joes, since points do not start flowing in until after the 5th stay in 2 months (yes, 2- rather than 3-months like everyone else is offering), which may even be the only level that most, but true road warriors, would be able to do affordably. To attempt to reach the next level (10 stays in 2 months) would be, well, insane. For some perspective, I will requalify my HH Diamond status after about that many stays (10-11) in TWELVE (12) months…

  6. @TravelinWilly — The promo ends on 11/30…that’s 2 months and I hope your annual leave is at least a month long 😉

  7. @DCS…

    Dude, do you just write without thinking a little? Sept 1 to Nov 30, first of all, is 3 months. Not 2. Secondly, these are nights, not stays. There’s a HUGE difference.

    I see you keep throwing around how great Hilton is. Fine. But, this is just ridiculous. lol.

  8. Shabs- You’re right. I have been called on that over at VFTW

    09/01-10/01- 30 days
    10/01-11/01- 30 days
    11/01-11/30 ~30 days

    I was mentally counting to 11/01 as 2 months…Still tough to do.

  9. @Shabs sez: “I see you keep throwing around how great Hilton is. Fine. But, this is just ridiculous. lol.”

    To generalized or jump to broader conclusion based on the thinnest empirical evidence is usually quite foolish 😉

  10. Lucky, Is there also another promo with Hyatt going on , 25% of points used refunded on stays thru 10/31/2016?

  11. @DCS. Your position on Hilton really is a sad one. Furthermore, the effort and time you spend trying to convince others is even sadder… saying you’re done, then going back and arguing more and saying you’re really done, then going back AGAIN. I devote more time to these kind of arguments than I should as is.

    You said it yourself: bloggers insist this program is the best in the business. So what if I’ve only been in the game 3 years, then? It doesn’t matter if I’ve been doing it for 6 months with 4 weeks of leave or 30 years as a profession… You’d still insist I’m wrong.

    As for me, I’m siding with my own experiences, limited may they be, and the opinions of the pros who do it for a living.

    Maybe you have some blog or forum you frequent where people agree with you in unison, but I’m not seeing anyone get your back here… stick with the other ones?

    That really is “all” I have to say.

  12. I haven’t seen a DCS post for some time. I enjoy DCS being the phantom OMAAT contributor. Maybe one day, DCS will have a blog about Hilton. I am a very happy Hyatt Diamond sitting at the Hilton San Diego requalifying for Diamond status with Hilton right now. It is bearable, but not a Hyatt.

  13. @Joe – excellent points.

    Frankly, unless one is mandated by corporate contract, I don’t understand why anyone would stretch for HH Diamond when Gold is practically free ($95 dollar credit card) and gets you the key benefits. Esp. since it’s not like with HH Diamond you get high end benefits a la SPG (Ambassador, Your24, late checkout, suite night awards, etc.) It arguably has the smallest delta in benefits between mid- and top-tier…IMO a poor loyalty program strategy.

  14. @Joe — No effort at all. I come here to have fun debunking what for passes for dogma in travel blogosphere. I have defended my patronage and position vis-a-vis HHonors, just as I have backed my claims that the programs that travel bloggers gush about are subpar, immature, unstable and ultimately not as “generous” or as rewarding as they’ve been presented.

    I recently gave my piece on HGP, which is now just a shell of its former self, hardly making the headlines of travel blogs where it was once ubiquitous. And, SGP? It is “no mas”, having been swallowed by another much maligned large program, MR Rewards, which, like HHnors, ranks consistently at the top of most reputable surveys of customer satisfaction with hotel loyalty programs, while HGP is in the middle of the pack and SPG is usually last or next to last.

    I will address a specific issue or I am done here.

  15. Anyone knows for purpose of this promotion if booking 2 rooms will count as 2 nights? I know stay/night credit for elite tier qualification is only for the room occupied by the gold passport member but not sure if same applies for this promotion.

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