Hilton Extends Their Double Points Promotion Through The End Of The Year

Yesterday we learned the details of Starwood’s upcoming promotion, while just now Hilton has released the details of their upcoming promotion (these promotion announcements seem to typically follow one another).

Hilton’s upcoming promotion is actually just an extension of their Unlimited Bonus Promotion, which was valid for stays between May 1 and August 31, 2016.


Hilton HHonors will continue to offer double base points for stays between September 1 and December 31, 2016. All hotels are participating, and there’s no minimum stay requirement.

Members who participate in the Unlimited Bonus Promotion will receive an email invitation to register, while the landing page should otherwise be up in the coming days.

I value Hilton points at ~0.4 cents each, so to me this is like an additional return of ~4% on my hotel spend. That’s not a reason to switch stays to Hilton (at least for someone who’s crunching the numbers), but at the same time it’s probably enough to keep people from switching stays to other hotel groups.

As I’ve said before, Hilton does offer a very good return on everyday spend for hotel stays. If you’re a Diamond member with the Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Reserve Card you’d earn an average of 40 points per dollar spent with Hilton:

  • 10 base points per dollar spent
  • 5 additional points per dollar spent for choosing Points & Points
  • 10 bonus points per dollar spent through this promotion
  • 5 bonus points per dollar spent if a Diamond member
  • 10-12 points per dollar spent on the Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Reserve Card

Bottom line

This promotion isn’t a reason to switch any stays to Hilton, though it’s not bad either. This seems to be the new normal in the hotel industry, and I’m at least happy that Hilton is offering promotions more consistently, and also doesn’t have huge lists of excluded properties.

I’ll post again once registration becomes available.


  1. http://hhonors3.hilton.com/en/earn-use-points/hotel/earning/index.html

    Choose a My Way Earning Style Option
    In addition to the Base Points you earn for your stay, you can also earn HHonors Bonus Points or airline/rail miles with one of our participating travel partners. With two different My Way Earning Style Options, the choice is yours. Change your earning style at any time, even before every HHonors stay. All Hampton by Hilton™ hotels in the People’s Republic of China are currently excluded from the Hilton HHonors program.

    POINTS & POINTS (HHonors Base Points + HHonors Bonus Points)
    For the fastest way to a free night with Hilton HHonors™, choose this earning style. Earn 10 HHonors Base Points plus 5 Bonus Points per eligible US dollar spent on your room. (For stays at Home2 Suites by Hilton™ hotels, earn 5 HHonors Base Points plus 2.5 Bonus Points per eligible US dollar spent on your room.)

  2. If a Hilton Diamond member selects points & points as the earning option, one earns 30 points per dollar spent at Hilton hotels. If the member has a Citi Hilton Reserve Visa or AMEX Surpass card, then they will earn 10 points per dollar for the Visa and 12 points for the AMEX, thus the net is 40 -42 points per dollar spent when being a Diamond and charging to a Hilton branded card. I think this is a good offer, and it makes up in some part for Hilton’s massive devaluation of the HHonors program a few years ago. I do not know of any other hotel loyalty program offering double points for the whole year. The strength point of the Hilton HHonors program is the variety and number of hotels they have around the globe. Combine this with competitive rates and the double points promos, it is a strong enticement for one to stay loyal to Hilton.

  3. According to LoyaltyLobby it is actually 2x points for Sept and then 3x points fro oct on if booked on the app… Along with diamond and myway bonuses that makes for 4x poitns per stay, and if you can budget in some 2x point booking rates that could be 5x or more per stay, which for a typical Hilton stay for me would be 9,000+ points per night. There could also be potential targeted offers on top.

    With the new IHG promo it only makes sense for me to go for 10 nights with them, and already being Hyatt diamond with no incentive yet to book with them, I will dump most nights into Hilton.

    I don’t know if any of this is verified yet, just re posting.


    “Hilton HHonors Double Up:

    Double points for all stays September 1 – December 31, 2016
    Triple points for stays October 1 – December 31, 2016, is booked using the app
    Targeted Plus-Up bonus for select members”

  4. @Matt S – I do not believe that there is 3x offered for booking through the app. I just got the email for this promo straight from HHonors and the T&C mention nothing about a 3x component…

    It just says “Double Points are Baaaack!”

    It’s a great promo that ensures that I will again hit at least 1M HH points for the year. Wow! What a program!

    In addition to this promo, there are 2 stackable WA & Conrad-specific promos that run until the end of the year, whereby one gets 2K points/night (to max of 8K points) and also 5K flat on any stay of at least two nights. I booked to stay at Rome Cavalieri for a couple of very expansive nights in November, so that all 3 promos should allow me to rake in the points to offset the sting of the costly Cavalieri stay (it will on my B-day and I feel I deserve it, so no biggie)…

  5. @DCS – Ok – we will have to wait and see when the link goes live. I’ve always found LoyaltyLobby to get the goods on hotel promos early and have them be accurate, but again I am just copy/pasting from that site from yesterday, so time will tell. 2x point promos are obviously boring, but they definitely add up and I won’t complain if that continues all year. I am able to book the 2x point package quite comfortably about 50% of my stays, so that always adds value to any promo. I have 500,000 Hilton points reserved in bookings over the next 6 months and 600,000 in reserve… I can probably add another 20 nights with this promo so a very conservative estimate would yield me an additional 120,000-150,000 points. That could change a bit if Hyatt puts something out as I’d be more inclined to add those points to the stash…

    I sometimes wish IHG wasn’t in so many locations around the world for reasonable point redemptions because then I wouldn’t need to focus on them as well, but I honestly love having a half million or more at all times with them because they come in so damn handy on personal trips to just about anywhere… Obviously the benefits and quality vary wildly, but hey, I’m more about location when I travel solo.

  6. @Matt S — I take no issue with Loyalty Lobby, which I think is one of the most informative and useful travel blogs out there, in large part because it is “nonpartisan” and brings to readers opportunities for earning points without heavy editorial commentary about how this promo is not good enough to cause one to switch one’s loyalty or that promo is the best under sun although it may offer considerably less. The official announcement that I got from HHonors, which allowed me to register in one click, said nothing about a 3x component. That’s all.

    What I would take issue with, however, is the notion that HH 2x promos are “obviously boring.” Not for me. With this one my return on the $ will be 42HH points. I will take it, especially since other programs, HGP especially, have offered so little this year. HGP’s current promo is their first since last September; hopefully, they will not wait another year before offering another promo.

    What has happened to HGP, anyway? Not too long ago, no day went by without some travel blogger somewhere running out of superlatives in describing the metaphysical superiority of HGP as a loyalty program. Nowadays, even the moribund SPG is written or heard much more about than HGP! I always thought that as a loyalty program, HGP was, at best, a work in progress or, at worst, a joke, but now I am not even sure what it is…

    I guess to each her own…


  7. Agreed, these promos are not boring! Well done, HH. @turgutbey – yes, you need to register again.

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