Ending Soon: 2 Great Limited Time Citi Sign-Up Bonuses

Update: This offer for the Citi Prestige® Card has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

In the interest of full disclosure, One Mile At A Time earns a referral bonus for anyone that’s approved through some of the below links. These are the best publicly available offers that we have found for each card. Please check out our advertiser policy for further details about the partners we work with. Thanks for your support!

Update: This offer for the Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Visa Signature® Card is expired. You can find the current offer details here.

Update: This offer for the Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard® is expired. Learn more about the current offer here.

For the past several weeks, Citi has been offering increased sign-up bonuses on the Citi Hilton HHonors Visa Signature Card and Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite Mastercard®. I’ve just received word that these offers are expected to change in two weeks.

So if you’ve been considering applying for either or both of these cards, I’d recommend doing so soon. Keep in mind these offers ending coincides with Citi changing the rules on applications for many of their cards.

Citi Hilton HHonors Visa Signature Card offer details

Hilton’s no annual fee Citi product, the Citi Hilton HHonors Visa Signature Card, is offering an increased limited time sign-up bonus. The offer is for 75,000 Hilton HHonors bonus points after making $2,000 in purchases within the first three months of account opening.

This is a fantastic sign-up bonus for a no annual fee credit card. Keep in mind that keeping credit cards long term can greatly help your credit score, and a no annual fee credit card is the best way to accomplish that.

It’s also worth considering the premium version of this card, which is the Citi Hilton Reserve Card. While it has a $95 annual fee, it is better in just about every way, including:

  • HHonors Gold status for as long as you have the card (which gets you free breakfast/club lounge access and more)
  • HHonors Diamond status when you spend $40,000 on the card in a year
  • A sign-up bonus of two free weekend nights at any property in the world (potentially worth up to 190,000 HHonors points)
  • An anniversary free weekend night bonus for any year in which you spend $10,000 on the card

Regardless, if you don’t have one card or the other, it’s probably worth signing up for one of the cards before Citi changes the rules on their applications in the next couple of weeks.

For more on either of these offers, see this post.

Citi AAdvantage Executive Card offer details

The Citi AAdvantage Executive Card has been offering a limited time increased sign-up bonus of 60,000 AAdvantage miles upon completing minimum spend. This is 10,000 more miles than the previous bonus of 50,000 AAdvantage miles.

Through this offer you can earn the 60,000 mile bonus after spending $5,000 within three months. Personally I value American miles at ~1.5 cents each, so to me the 60,000 miles are worth ~$900.

The card does have a $450 annual fee, though I’d argue it also has the single most generous lounge access perk of any credit card out there.

Specifically, those with the Citi AAdvantage Executive Card receive an Admirals Club membership. But it gets much, much better than that. You can add 10 additional cardmembers to the Citi AAdvantage Executive Card at no additional cost, and they receive Admirals Club access as well, with each allowed to take two guests per visit.

With the Citi Prestige® Card no longer coming with Admirals Club access as of July 23, 2017, this card is even more interesting than in the past.

Get an Admirals Club membership with the Citi AAdvantage Executive Card

For more on this offer, see this post.

Bottom line

If you’ve been eying the increased sign-up bonuses on the Citi Hilton HHonors Visa Signature Card and Citi AAdvantage Executive Card, I’d highly recommend applying in the next couple of weeks. Also keep in mind that the rules for Citi credit card applications is changing in less than two weeks, which is all the more reason to sign up now.

Typically you can apply for two Citi cards at least eight days apart, as long as you’re not applying for more than two Citi cards over a 65 day period. So if you wanted to you could still take advantage of both of these offers.

Do you plan on picking up either of these cards before the offers change?

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  1. No one. I mean NO ONE should apply for any cards unitl they have applied for the chase sapphire reserve

  2. @credit true dat! Next week will be a busy week for the banks. My plan is CS(R), then Hhonors Visa, then maybe AMEX PRG.

  3. @ Everyone — Do not sign up for these yet if you have any interest in getting the Chase Sapphire Reserve card next week. If you still have the capacity to handle the spending requirements for the Citi cards, then sign up for them immediately after you get a final decision from Chase. My plan is to get the CSR and then the Citi Hilton card. I doubt I’ll bother with the AA Executive card since I already have AAdmirals Club access via the Prestige card and would rather use my precious spending for more DL MQMs via my DL AMEX Reserve card. I sure do miss the gold old days of easy MS with Redbird… 🙁

  4. On August 21st, 9am, apply for Saphire Reserved. 9:05am, apply for Citi HIlton card. 9:10am apply for Ritz Carlton Card, 9:15am, apply for some Barclays card…..

  5. I’m keeping my skirt down until the CSR drops. I’ll certainly use Ben’s link to get it though.

  6. Rookie mistake…
    Read the comments before diving in Citi HH with CSR coming. Worst case scenario, how long do the sign up bonuses usually last? Lucky should have had a disclaimer.

  7. what kind scores will get you these cards? should I even try? have an amex business platinum . was just upgraded from a gold business. avg score or below.
    trying to build my credit. favorable response is greatly appreciated.

  8. Lucky, I may have missed something, but please let us know if the horrible situation is ameliorated (obviously specifics are personal and there’s no need to share). At this point I’m interpreting your continued bounty of reports as a good sign; I hope in right.

  9. Lucky I hope your continued bounty of posts is a good sign in terms of the horrible situation being ameliorated. I hope so.

  10. August 21 is indeed when this card launches. I work next door to a Chase branch in Eastside Manhattan and decided to go in and check the clerks’ pulse regarding this card. Nada. They did not seem to be aware of it nor of its launch date, so I edified them: “If this branch were a website, you would already have seen people lining up upfront to wait for this card to launch, whenever that happens, which is soon!” Then I toned it down a bit and said that the folks lining up would mostly be loyalty points collectors-type…

    There were three agents doing nothing when I walked in, so they got curious and one of them started searching in the system in front of her, and found it. Aha, yes, there is such a card. It launches on August 21. I asked whether they would suggest I apply online or stop by in-person (I knew the answer because it usually looks good for them to get someone to sign up for a card).

    So, I will stop by my Chase branch on August 21 to get the card, and it will be approved because the 24/5 rule does not apply to me and my FICO score right now is 845.


  11. Does 5/24 apply to chase private client customers? I asked my banker and he says he does not know, but he says it is a blanket rule across Chase consumer and business credit card products…… He did tell me something like I would be able to reconsider if I got a pre-qualified offer or some invitation, which I have never received. And I really really want the Sapphire Reserve. But i am somewhere like 13/24, so not sure if I will try applying just for shits and giggles. My last Chase card was back in college in early 2014, and my FICO is an average 762 exp.

    @DCS I see that you are a Hilton loyalist. I have upcoming stays at Waldorf Astoria in Dubai and Conrad Dubai. What is the best way to go about to get a suite upgrade. I got the second cheapest rooms for both. Thank you so much.

  12. @Dan

    Stand up? No, I do laid back in my boxers commenting comedy.

    Still true though, considering all these bloggers are pushing Citi cards over CSR which they know is the big kahuna.

  13. @Kevin — Wait until they are through checking you in. If they do not say something like “As a valued Diamond member we have upgraded to a suite” or they say “As a valued member we have upgraded to a room on the exec floor [if there is one]”, then you just need to come out and say that you’d hoped to be considered for a complimentary Diamond suite upgrade. At Conrad or WA your chances of being upgraded when there is availability are fairly high so you’ve got to ask if they do not bring it up. The rule of thumb is that you’ll miss 100% of the shots you never take, so you’ve gotta take the shot!

    The last time I stayed at a WA was last December at the brand new WA Beijing on a 3-night reward stay and I was upgraded without asking.

    I just booked a 2-night revenue stay at Rome Cavalieri (a WA) for November on my birthday and I intend to make a pitch for a suite upgrade if it is not automatic…

    Good luck!

  14. @DCS Ah thank you. I will try that and make sure I get a suite if I see one for sale. I think the Rome Cavalieri and the Hawaii Waldorf Astoria are exempt from the upgrades per the HHonors website though..

  15. @Kevin C — Thanks for letting me know about the Rome Cavalieri being exempt from upgrades, by which you must mean “suite” upgrades because I was offered the option to guarantee a “premium” room upgrade with points at booking. Moreover, many top end properties often ignore the HH T&C. For instance, WAs are exempt from providing free breakfast to elites, but both WAs in China ignore the exemption.

    Now, looking at my confirmation email I just saw a link to “Guarantee a room upgrade with HHonors points”, as there usually is, and after clicking it took me to my reservation online where it offered me these upgrade options:

    TWIN DLX ROME VIEW: 44,788 HHonors Points
    [Click to Upgrade]

    TWIN DLX PREMIUM ROME VIEW: 56,844 HHonors Points
    [Click to Upgrade]

    KING IMPERIAL: 93,012 HHonors Points
    [Click to Upgrade]

    Then just below the above, there is the following in bright red letters:

    “Dr. DCS — You are eligible for a custom upgrade. Custom rooms may go unsold and can be offered at check-in for as little as 0 € per night!”

    What that means is that I will be automatically upgraded to one of the three choices offered above. In fact, when I go to the HHonors app under this reservation and click “request an upgrade”, it pops up a message saying: “We’ve got you covered! It looks like the hotel already has your upgrade request”, even though I did not request anything. Nevertheless, I will still email my “personal concierge” [assigned at booking] to let him know that my birthday would the day after I arrive, so that everyone would be aware of it, and then when I check in I will still ask for a suite upgrade as if unaware of the exemption, to try to ensure that I would get at least the next best thing…

    For this property, a suite upgrade is really unnecessary since all the rooms are spacious, therefore the maneuvering for an upgrade at this point is to try to get at least a better view [vatican side!] or simply so that I can say, “I did it!” 😉

  16. @Kevin : just a wee note. I am a HHonors Diamond and stayed at Conrad Dubai for a couple of times. Also have 2 reservations in Aug & Sept (I scored the rate of $63 including about 24% Dubai tax & fee lol.. using Hilton BRG for those reservation, so I mean, Conrad Dubai could be really cheap during summer). Anyway in my previous experience, I was never automatically offered suite upgrade here (just either a room on exec. floor, or a more spacious corner room with which I am fairly OK anyway, I am not a person who is very keen to suite upgrade…). I am based in Middle East and noticed that there is a good possibility to be upgraded to suite if politely requested in advance (by email) or at check-in at hilton properties in the region, but hardly automatically offered (well it happened in Hilton Capital Gate Abu Dhabi though). What I wrote is also quite applied to Marriott properties in the region (I am Marriott Platinum): good chance to be upgraded to suite if requested/asked (e.g. Marriott properties in Doha/Cairo), nevertheless, it never happened at JW Marriott Marquis Dubai which is one of my favorites in Dubai.

  17. If I’ve had and cancelled the Citi Hilton Reserve within the past 6 months, can I apply for the Hilton Visa Signature and still qualify for the sign up bonus before the rules change at the end of August?

  18. I’ll echo the other comments — I’d expect to see even better sign-up bonuses in 3-6 months from Citi in response to Chase’s CS-R card showing up on the scene. (Don’t worry Ben, they’ll have affiliate links available then too, maybe even higher $ per referral since the CS-R card will be taking a noticeable dent in the Premiere’s sign-ups and usage.)

  19. @Dave — The answer to your question is “yes”, because I did just that about a year or two ago. In fact, within days of canceling the Citi Reserve, I applied for the no-fee Citi HHonors and not only did I get the sign up bonus (50K or 70K at the time), I was given a larger credit line than the one I had for the Citi Reserve…

  20. what kind scores will get you these cards? should I even try? have an amex business platinum . was just upgraded from a gold business. avg score or below.
    trying to build my credit. favorable response is greatly appreciated

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