See If You’re Eligible For Starwood’s New Targeted Promotion

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Every so often Starwood offers “Select Member Exclusives,” where members are targeted for different offers. Typically members will be emailed when they’re targeted for a promotion, though you can also log in with your SPG number on this page to see if you’re eligible.

Well, it looks like Starwood has just come out with some new Select Member Exclusives, where some members have been targeted for offers. Again, keep in mind this is targeted, so some members will have offers, while others won’t.

In mid-April I wrote about how Starwood targeted me for double elite qualifying nights, valid for stays through June 30, 2016. I was a bit surprised when in early June I received news that my double elite qualifying nights promotion had been extended through July 31, 2016.

Well, today I received an email that my double elite qualifying nights promotion has been extended yet again. I first logged into the Select Members Exclusives page.


There I received the details of the promotion. I earn double elite qualifying credits for all stays between August 15 and November 15, 2016.


I haven’t been doing as many Starwood stays this year as usual. Last year I earned Starwood 100 night Platinum status, which comes with Ambassador service. While I would have probably requalified for it anyway, this makes it even easier, and allows me to stay at more independent hotels later in the year.

These double elite qualifying nights are also on top of the four elite qualifying stays and 10 elite qualifying nights I received towards status at the beginning of the year for having both the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express and Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express.

So if you’re going for Platinum status and have both of those cards (as I do), that means you only need 21 stays or 40 nights to reach Platinum status.

Bottom line

I’ve been very lucky with Starwood’s Select Member Exclusive promotions this year, as this is my third time receiving double elite credits. This will very nicely help me earn the 100 elite nights required to maintain Ambassador status with Starwood. Hopefully that’s a service that remains around in its current form after the merger is complete (Marriott is currently trailing an elite concierge service, but the details on that are limited as of now).

If you want to see if you’re eligible for a Member Exclusive promotion, see this link. Like I said, Starwood seems to add promotions periodically, so you’ll want to check back with some frequency.

Were you targeted for a promotion, and if so, what was it?

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  1. I got the same offer but award nights / cash & points stays don’t count, both of which are my most common types of stays. Oh well.

  2. My offer is pretty crappy really:

    Second stay earns 2,000 Starpoints
    + Fourth stay earns 2,000 Starpoints
    + Sixth stay earns 2,000 Starpoints
    = Maximum bonus 6,000 Starpoints

    Better than a sharp stick in the eye. But in the context of reduced stays due to clarity issues with the merger with Marriott, not what I’d want to see to steer more stays to SPG.

  3. I received the double elite qualifying stays/nights and the extension through July 31st. This time it was 3,000 Starpoints per stay for my next three stays.

  4. I received my third double elite credit offer of the year as well. I will make Platinum tonight with my 25th stay, but I won’t bother with the 50-night status level. If I make good use of my newly-minted first-time-ever 🙂 Platinum status, it will be at a hotel where a good friend of mine has some control over room assignments, so I am hoping for (at least pseudo-) suite upgrades without the certs. As a Royal Ambassador, it is difficult NOT to be disappointed when I stay with other chains, so we’ll see if attaining SPG Platinum wasn’t wasted effort…

  5. My offer is: get two free night awards after two eligible stays (valid at Category 1-5 hotels until Feb 2017).

  6. Doesn’t turn my crank.

    Third stay earns 5,000 Starpoints
    Sixth stay earns 5,000 Starpoints
    Ninth stay earns 5,000 Starpoints
    Maximum bonus 15,000 Starpoints

  7. My offer: 1,000,000 spg points and five cat 7 award nights per stay for the next 5 eligible stays. Thinking of doing a mattress run.

  8. Really SPG?

    I am at 23 stays & 42 nights. I will easily requalify as 50-night Platinum, but yet, I have not been eligible for any of these great promos.

    It seems more like an attempt to attract customers that do not stay regularly versus customer who spend money regularly.

    “Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this specific promotion. Discover more ways to earn Starpoints® on SPG® Dashboard. Log in to find current global promotions, bonus earning activities and exclusive offers.”

  9. I got

    2nd stay = 2k Starpoints
    4th stay = 2k Starpoints
    6th stay = 2k Starpoints

    I like me some Starpoints and all…but just an extra 1k a night isn’t enough for me to steer something away from Hyatt/Hilton. Double Elite credit I might have actually done just to experience SPG Platinum before it’s gone, but 1k a night won’t get me there six times.

  10. I don’t get SPG’s strategy. I have had 4 stays this year, and not qualified for this promotion. I guess they don’t care for my business…

  11. I’ve been a self funded Plat 50 for the past 3 years with SPG. All my stays were paid. However, SPG has seen fit to not include me in any promos this year but I’m actually grateful to them. I’ve thrown off the handcuffs and taken my 90+ nights a year to hotels that I want to stay at, it’s opened my eyes to how mediocre the majority chain hotels are. Staying at independent hotels I’ve seen my nightly costs drop, as those independent hotels are normally cheaper, breakfast is included and free internet.

  12. I noticed how some of the previous readers said that cause they were not able to make platinum for whatsoever reason, SPG would mail out targeted promos like this. So I decided to test this out. I’m currently at Ambassador status with only 56 nights this year. Lo and behold, my offer is for double elite credit from Aug 15th till Nov 15th. I’ll like to add that with the pending Marriott merger, I find Marriott prices cheaper than SPG. I find myself booking away from SPG because the difference sometimes come up to over $150/night. Yes, late 4 pm checkout with all the amenities are awesome but with a price range that significant, it really is a blow to what SPG’s properties are going to continue to be able to charge going forward. The “synergies” Sorenson is talking about might be a little more widespread than he’s anticipating. I’m at 9 years of platinum with 500+ nights and I’m confident of making lifetime platinum with SPG come 2017 but I will surely miss SPG’s program. One can only hope that when SPG merges with the Marriott program, the Marriott will take a couple of cues from the SPG team but I highly doubt that will happen.

  13. I received the double elite qualifying offer. Received the double elite qualifying offer earlier this year. Currently SPG Plat, 17 stays / 51 nights with 7 stays / 10 nights booked so far for remainder of year. Obviously there isn’t any hard and fast rule as to who gets this as they’ve already had a stack of business from me already.

  14. @MG, by reading the T&C, existing “paid” reservations count toward this promo. No C&P or point stay.

  15. My offer: a flaming pile of dog crap.

    Nothing. Zip. Nada. Worry not–my unwashed horde of Marriott warriors will sack your platinum temples soon enough. The Starwood name will be banished and never spoken again.

  16. Crap offer of some bs points for me even though I’m on a similar stay track. Amazing that you don’t realize that you’re being bought off by SPG. Magically getting double qualifying points every time when a majority of the readers get nothing or nearly nothing.

  17. Zero. Zip. I will continue not staying at Starwood hotels. More Hyatt for me as I finish diamond status there.

  18. I received an offer. I would have overlooked the email if it was not for this post, so thanks. It was pretty good I must say.

  19. Received an offer and it’s the same as PhatMiles got: 3rd stay earns 3,000 miles, 6th stay earns another 3,000 miles and 9th stay earns 3,000, for a maximum total of 9,000 miles. When I clicked on the link Lucky had on this post, to see if I could get the double bonus, I got a message saying I was already enrolled for the promotion and the promotion was the one I described above. For the record, I am vested Platinum for life and have only stayed 15 nights YTD. FATHISS: you seriously received an offer for 1 million miles and 5 category 7-award nights per stay for the next 5 eligible stays????

  20. I got double elite qualifying nights and stays thru Nov15. I’m already heading for Plat w 10stays/39nights on the board and 3stays/24nights coming up before Nov15.

  21. I got nothing. I’m already 1/2 out the door with my matched hyatt status. Spg just pushed me the rest of the way.

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