Giveaway: Win 2 SPG Suite Tickets To See Adele In New York!

Earlier today some SPG Moments packages became available for tickets in the SPG Suite at Madison Square Garden to see Adele next month. A pair of seats cost 55,000 Starpoints, which might sound like a lot given how valuable Starpoints are, but when you look at how much tickets to Adele concerts are reselling for, it’s a heck of a deal. That’s especially true when you consider these are seats in SPG’s suite, with complimentary food and drinks. Not surprisingly, tickets sold out very quickly.


For those of you not familiar, SPG Moments is Starwood’s experiences marketplace. SPG Moments allows you to redeem Starpoints for tickets to sold out events, including concerts, sporting events, cultural activities, etc.

I’ve experienced a few SPG Moments, including the SPG Suite at the US Open in New Yorkthe SPG Suite at a One Direction concert in Londonthe SPG Suite at an Adele concert in London, and just last week, the SPG Suite at an Adele concert in Los Angeles. The experiences have been absolutely incredible. All the the other SPG members I’ve interacted with have agreed what an incredible value this represents.


For that matter, Adele is breathtakingly amazing in concert. Like, I don’t care who you are… if you don’t enjoy Adele in concert, there’s likely something wrong with you.

Enter to win two SPG Suite tickets to see Adele in New York!

While the SPG Moments packages for Madison Square Garden sold out very quickly, SPG was kind enough to give me a pair for the September 20 show at Madison Square Garden, which I want to give away to one lucky reader.

There are three ways you can enter to win, with each scoring you one entry (you must submit each entry through the Rafflecopter widget below to be eligible):

  • Leave a comment on this blog post answering the question “what’s your favorite use of Starpoints?”
  • Tweet about the giveaway, including mentioning @onemileatatime & @spg
  • Follow @onemileatatime on Twitter

Using the widget is easy — follow the instructions for each method, then click the blue button when you’ve commented, Tweeted, or visited to ensure your entry is counted.



At the end of the giveaway, all the entries will be combined, and the winner will be chosen via

The basic terms are as follows:

  • The contest will run through 11:59PM PT on Friday, August 12, 2016
  • You can enter once per entry method during the giveaway period (including following me on Twitter, Tweeting me, and leaving a blog comment)
  • Once I contact the winner, they’ll have 24 hours to give me the names of the people who will be attending; the tickets can’t be sold, and are non-transferable after that point
  • I’m running this giveaway in good faith, so please don’t make this harder on me than it has to be. I reserve the right to make all final judgments as to the winner.

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Thanks to SPG for the giveaway, and good luck to those who enter!


  1. My favorite use of Star Points is the transfer to airline miles and the bonus helps make star points a very valueable transfer partner! I would love to win this contest to experience an SPG moment!!

  2. My favorite use of starpoints is getting free hotel stays when I travel! Love visiting new cities and staying in SPG hotels!

  3. My favorite use of Starpoints is transferring them to an airline partner to top off an account for a free business/first class flight.

  4. I enjoyed transferring them to Alaska Airlines for Air France business class redemptions.

  5. Oh gosh, use them for transfer to Flying Blue on my first flight to Europe in KLM business class. was awesome!

  6. i transferred my spg points to virgin america for the jetblue promo. best use of points ever

  7. Favorite use of Starpoints – finding “value” domestic first class airfares with SPG flights, since they often have some that are cheaper than cash or miles (e.g., Delta SkyMiles, AAdvantage Miles, etc.), when using your 2.2 cent valuation. The best part? These domestic first class awards are seen as “paid” cash tickets by airlines and end up giving me miles based on the dollar ticket cost!

  8. Love redeeming Starpoints for stays at aspirational Starwood properties during vacation; Europe and Asia in particular!

  9. Points transfers to Virgin America to redeem for Virgin Australia business class! Absolute best deal on miles to get to Australia.

  10. My favorite ways to us Starpoints…oh let me count the ways..Star Moments, cash and points, and airline transfers, no particular order!

  11. My favourite use of star points is staying at hotels I normally wouldn’t afford or treat myself to.

  12. Great giveaway!! My favorite use of SPG points is to transfer them (20,000 to get the extra 5000) to American Airlines for award trips. Your blog has helped in that regard!

  13. Love redeeming SPG points for hotels in smaller markets – such a great value! Just stayed at the Sheraton in Ljubljana, Slovenia for just 2K points a night!

  14. What’s your favorite use of Starpoints – Staying at hotels where I normally would not be wanting to pay for.

  15. I’m hoping to use SPG points for a discounted promotion redemption at Al Maha – then I could say that’s my favorite redemption. All based on your review.

  16. My favorite use of SPG Points is for luxury SPG properties! Though, of course, point transfers in 20,000 increments have amazing value as well.

  17. Hellooooooo……I’ve been California dreaming……of using my starpoints for spg moments. But I like using cash and points to bring down the price.

  18. Redeeming for Sheraton stays in Europe, where the AmEx Starwood Business Card lounge access is really worth something.

  19. I’ve used SPG points for dinner with Michael Mina and it was a once in a lifetime experience.

  20. My favorite use of Starpoints has to be the 5k bonus on a 20k transfer to an airline partner! Or for stays at Al Maha!

  21. 5K bonus on 20K transfer and those random airline agreements. Like 20K = 25K on JAL which equals a few flights on PG

  22. Faverate use of starpoints is cash and points on mid level SPG hotels, go’s a long way on a 2 week multi city vacation,
    Example Spain: Madrid palace, Valencia Weston and in Barcelona

  23. Transfer to airline miles or use for hotels…which opens unlimited opportunities to enjoy the world

  24. Transfer to Aeroplan for miles. Used once for a suite upgrade at the Westin Whistler – was worth it.

  25. 5K bonus miles when transferring 20K SPG points. I was able to transfer 40K points to Virgin America and have JetBlue point patch netting m 75K JetBlue Points.

  26. LOVE the ability to transfer to airlines, but even better, love using points for a 5-night stay!!

  27. I don’t have the SPG card yet, but your posts keep making the proposition make more and more enticing! Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. My favorite use of starpoints could be transferring over to JAL for redemption on Emirates now that AS devalued. I was on a JAL first class flight that was booked before AA devalued and because my seat wouldn’t lay down without the flight attendant, they gave me 30,000 miles that I need to put to use…

  29. So far I only used it for redemption of 4 nights and get 5th night free for this coming Oct in Mauritius!

  30. My fave way is to do points and cash since I never have enough starpoints
    I heart Adele!

  31. Since I am relatively new to starpoints, only had my AMEX for a few months, I am saving up starpoints to go on an aspiration trip, somewhere exotic, after my wife gives birth to our daughter.

  32. I like converting them to air miles but these SPG experiences look awesome! Wish I could get to try one of these!

  33. These SPG Moments keep getting better and better!! I know Starwood Points are valuable but so are life experiences!

  34. Favorite use of SPG points – hoarded them and just went on a round the world month long honeymoon!

  35. How could I not love SPG when they were kind enough to give you a pair of tickets too?

    That’s good enough for me…

  36. My favorite use of SPG is to be able to experience the best moments of life with the luxury and amazing service only SPG provides!

  37. My favorite use of SPG points is transferring them to VX to leverage the JetBlue points match! That and staying at the St Regis in Abu Dhabi…

  38. Awesome giveaways, Ben! I will use the points for free hotel stays in our dream vacation with my kids!

  39. The bonus when I tranfer to AA, the free nights in the best hotels around the world… love SPG!

  40. I don’t have SPG points as I am relatively new to the game I would use it to transfer to airline partners!

  41. I love that low category hotels cost 4000 points, or 3000 on weekends! Making my first redemption for my honeymoon next month!!

  42. I like to transfer them to airline partners for the 5k bonus. I usually stay at IHG or Hilton so don’t use them much for rooms. Thanks for the awesome contest!

  43. Cash&Points booking during busy season for properties. If I could choose another, it most certainly be the unique ability to use Starpoints as a transferable currency!

  44. Best use is getting more than 4 cent redemption, whether via occasional airline bonus (so the recent AA promotion) or straightforward hotel redemption.

  45. 55,000 points would be a complete waste on any popstar… ok, most! It most certainly is NOT a good use of points, and this is coming from a 15 year SPG Elite member. I mean, really?? hah

    Adele has a great personality. She sings well. (not in the league of Whitney, Barbra or Celine) but she’s good enough.

    Would I enjoy seeing her in concert. NO! …and there is nothing wrong with me thank you very much 😉

    Now will the good sheep of the world enjoy the concert. OMG!…yes they will, it will be amaze balls for them!!

  46. Favorite use is for the times you can share them with others such as the Golden Wedding anniversary for my in-laws (upgraded using SNA’s) at the Prince de Galles, Paris

  47. My favourite use of Starpoints is transferring them to the numerous airline partners to redeem for flights!

  48. SPG Moments……of course! I have never been able to see her live in concert, and this would really just be completely amazing, considering I’d be able to take my friend for his birthday, who’s an Adele fanatic. =)

  49. Favorite use is for free nights on a long vacation, to get the 5th night free. 40k for 5 nights at a cat 4.

  50. SPG Moments……of course! I have never been able to see her live in concert, and this would really just be completely amazing, considering I’d be able to take my friend for his birthday, who’s an Adele fanatic. =)

  51. It’s always difficult to choose but the best time my SPG points redemption was at the Westin Sukimvidt in BKK & the Le’Meridian to see Ankor Wat

  52. Favourite use is points and cash with suite night award:) Would love to experience Adele SPG Moments, happen to be in New York that week!

  53. I like to use my Starpoints to transfer to partner airlines, such as one of our favorites – Singapore Airlines!

  54. I have little use for starpoints except to sit on them till the Marriott purchase is complete. I am a Marriott and Hilton person but thanks for the giveway and hope I win.

  55. Point and cash indeed. Just redeemed one night last month, perfect tool to fill in some gaps on my travel

  56. Redeeming Starpoints on the weekend at a Category 2 property located in a cool metro would definitely be my favorite!

  57. Best use still has to be for hotel stays, but transfers out with the 5k bonus are really great also.

  58. “Like, I don’t care who you are… if you don’t enjoy Adele in concert, there’s likely something wrong with you”.

    I have noticed a correlation between social justice warriors and talking like the hive mind valley girl who always uses textspeak.

  59. my favorite use of SPG points is transferring them into AA miles at 20k-30k when they are running the seemingly annual promotion

  60. favorite use is to transfer my points to literally dozens of airlines at a 1:1 ratio, and for every 20,000 points I transfer, I’d earn a 5,000-point bonus. That means I am essentially earning 1.25 miles per Starwood point, assuming I am transferring in the right increments.

  61. I got in on the JetBlue-Virgin match earlier this summer by transferring a bit over 40k Starwood Points to Virgin, which with the transfer bonus got me over 50k Virgin America points. Then I sent the screen shot over to JetBlue for the match. I’m taking my RT JetBlue flight this coming Monday, so I’ll get those 75k JetBlue points soon! This has definitely been my favorite use of SPG so far, but seeing Adele would top it. 🙂

  62. The 5K bonus when transferring to Airmiles allowed me to get enough AA miles together to fly Qantas First Class to visit my brother in Sydney (and try the A321 F trans-con service from JFK – LAX)

  63. Easily the best Starpoints redemption is LAX-NRT-SIN in Singapore Airlines First Class (via KrisFlyer).

    Why? The LAX-NRT leg is a nice, long daytime flight. You can enjoy a massive seat, a champagne tasting, and have the lovely Singapore airlines girls stuff you full of delicious gourmet food until you keel over in the empty seat next to you, which the flight attendants have, like, joyously agreed to turn into a separate bed so that you don’t have to disturb the Game of Thrones marathon you’ve set up on your iPad in your little gluttony-nook. If you don’t land in Japan without looking like Mr. Creosote from Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life”, you’re doing it wrong. The Singapore crew are so terrifyingly obliging of every little request that I’d be pretty surprised if they refused you provide you with a bucket to throw up into between meals.

    Starpoints to KrisFlyer miles are the cheapest way to cosplay Caligula in 2016, bar none. And I haven’t even told you about the NRT-SIN leg.

  64. so far, my best use is to transfer spg points to virgin america for the jetblue promo and then redeem virgin australia business class for 2017 trip.

  65. Love using Starpoints for the flexibility of transferring to airlines. Book international biz class tickets!

  66. Best use of Starwood point was booking three rooms in Westin Whuhan for 4 nights and fifth night free then received upgrades to fantastic suites for my family and friends from Wuhan in 2014. That was one of the best Starwood properties in the world.

  67. Apart from flying, Starpoints are best used for SPG Moments for sure. I mean, sold-out events! Adele even!! Heaven!!!

  68. If I had Starwood points I would for sure use them on this concert, for the wife of course! Ha! Thanks Lucky

  69. Points Transfer for Airlines with a bonus.
    I did this last year for our honeymoon, making it possible to fly Emirates on the cheap!

  70. I know there is great value in transferring to airlines, because of the bonus, but Starwood has some amazing properties. I always end up using on hotels.

  71. I love to use SPG points for award nights with a 5th night free. Makes the points stretch so much further! One of the best places was the Le Meridian in Munich. Right across from the main train station, which made it ideal for exploring the city as well as the region.

  72. I love using Starpoints to renew my spirit and recharge my batteries to tackle anything in my way.

  73. Too many. Probably a Category 4/5 property that is going for over $600 a night. Great value per point:)

  74. Favorite use of SPG points: Transfer to Alaska or cheap Cat 1/2 hotels. Maybe 5th night free on Cat 3’s as well

  75. Love using my starpoints for a suite stay with the 5th night free, combining with Diamond comp breakfast. Sometimes these properties are priced high that it makes sense to use points instead of just transferring to airlines.

  76. To be honest I’ve never used Starpoints (hey, I’m a work in progress!), but I am a big fan of their brands (W, for one), and of your work 🙂

  77. I love redeeming SPG points for aspirational hotel stays (and preferably with the fifth night free)!

  78. Love to use SPG points via cash & points to help reduce the dollar cost of our vacation. Especially for cat 1-5. Really stretches the dollar.

  79. Favorite use of Starpoints = free nights at Four Points Munich Central during Oktoberfest, when hotels in Munich are outrageously expensive.

  80. Transferring to airline miles to take my parents on their first international business class flight.

  81. I am saving up SPG points for airline transfers to get the 5000 point bonus. Hoping to get tickets to Europe for our anniversary

  82. I love SPG hotels, they’re located in the best locations. It saves me from renting a car or using public transportation. And I love the cash and points options!

  83. My favorite use of Starpoints is taking advantage of the 5k bonus points when transferring to an airline!

  84. My favorite use is to transfer to Alaska (in 20k increments for the SPG transfer bonus, naturally) for cheap business class tix on CX to Asia!

  85. While there are many useful ways to redeem Starpoints, my favourite use would have to be transferring them to airline partners and receiving a transfer bonus on top!

  86. My favorite use of Starpoints is to transfer them to 5 star airlines like Singapore. I’m almost there for a roundtrip suite class trip NY –> FRA –> Singapore

  87. Hello. . .it’s me, I’d like to go. . .to New York to see Adele!

    Does this include AA F tix on the transcon? 😉 😉

  88. Best use of Starpoints is by far the lower category properties like airport properties. One time I got stuck in Oklahoma City, and luckily the Four Points was only 3,000 Starpoints, but they were charging $199 / night otherwise. What a superb value!

  89. Transfer to AAdvantage. I recently took transferred 40,000 points and between the SPG bonus and the AA bonus I got 60,000 miles.

  90. My favorite use for Starpoints is hoarding them because I’m so afraid to spend them. And then they’ll be converted into near-useless Marriott points before I can figure out the best way.

  91. My favourite use of spg starpoints is to donate to the UNICEF, which has been helping to protect children affected by conflict, natural disasters and HIV.

  92. I love using Starpoints and treating my family on luxurious family vacations! I wouldn’t be able to afford some of these trips without it!

  93. I transferred Starpoints to airline miles and got a 5K bump–sweet! Loved it. Starwood is awesome my favorite part has to be the vast # of airline partners they have that I can
    redeem by transferring the starpoints to.

  94. I love to use the point to travel to places (esp Europe!) with my husband and daughter – see the world at an early age!!!

  95. My favorite is staying at the Westin in Whistler or the W in Verbier for a great skiing holiday!

  96. Taking advantage of the 5,000 bonus points for transferring to airline partner. Recently redeemed roundtip first class suites on KAL.

  97. My favorite use of SPG points is definitely hotel stays – and of course the occasional “experience”!!

  98. I love to use Starpoints for hotel stays! There are some great rates for lower categories, for sure!

  99. If I win, me and my girlfriend will sing you a song 🙂 You won’t belive your own ears 😉 But you will have a good laughter 😀

  100. My favorite use of starpoints is when getting a good value for hotel stays whether solely on points alone for C&P 🙂

  101. My favorite use of Starwood points are the experiences. I’m an avid tennis fan and would love to collect enough Starwood points to go to the US Open 🙂

  102. I haven’t used any yet haven just got the SPG Amex a few months ago, but I’m looking forward to Singapore Suites!

  103. I am fairly new to the points world and have mostly used my credit card points to book flights, but I jumped on the SPG Amex offer this spring. I am very excited to redeem the points for 4 free nights and add on SPG’s 5th night free.

  104. Fave use of SPG points would be…..topping off my mileage balance in Aeroplan or AAdvantage to book awards. Might need to do this in a few days since I intended on booking business class to Europe but first class has better availability……

  105. We enjoyed using our SPG points to stay at The Nines in Portland, Oregon last Christmas when visiting family!

  106. My favorite use of SPG points is to transfer to JAL airlines for Emirates First class ticket to the Maldives! It’s the best option since the sudden devaluation.

  107. Thank you for sharing your tickets with one of us. Your blog is one of the few I never miss. I love taking virtual trips with you. I’m a big fan.

  108. My favorite use of Starpoints would be for SPG Moments such as the Adele Concert or SPG Moments like tickets to baseball games!

  109. Bonus points for every 20k transferred is the best! SPG points are invaluable that way.

  110. We used our SGP points to get our two boys (8 and 10 years) on the field for a Cubs game last year over Labor Day weekend.

    They were on the field for the National Anthem and managed to get on the Jumbotron. Then they took first base and right field to meet Rizzo and Jackson and get their autographs! We then all got really nice seats to watch the Cubs beat the Diamondbacks 6 – 4.

    Truly unforgettable experience.

  111. I just had my first few redemptions traveling cross country with the family and absolutely love the 3-6000 per night for the older Sheraton locations with big pools for the kids.

  112. My favorite way to use of SPG points, besides travel (5k bonus), would be SPG moments such as these so my girlfriend and I can enjoy together. We aren’t able to travel as much as we would want to, but she loves Adele and this would be a wonderful surprise for her.

  113. Definitely using them for the SPG Moments at the US Open. I watched Andy Murray beat Novak Djokovic in a 5-hour thriller for his first grand slam title from courtside seats. Amazing experience!

  114. Best way to use SPG points is to pay for hotel nights in high category hotels during vacation time! Better when they have promotions

  115. Favorite use of starpoints is for St. Regis Bali, Sheraton Maldives Full Moon, and transferring them to JAL for business class.

  116. Redeeming for upgrades at Category 1-4 properties and the 5000 bonus points that come with every 20k transferred to airlines.

  117. I used some of Starpoints that I’m able to squirrel in sign up bonuses on variety of hotels – some close by for family gataway, some cash and points for layover hotels in ultra-high seasion, some for just regular room in emergency situation (icy roads). But when thinking about favorite use, the one that I did just last month takes the cake: used it to take my husband (a huge Adele fan) to Maldives for his round birthday. They even upgreded us from entry-level bungalow to Ocean Pool Vila, and I got one day free due to promotion. It was amazing and definetly highlight of our trip. SPG points are still THE best value for aspirational redemptions, and the most useful points I have had so far. SPG Moments enabled my firend (who travels for work, so not very interested in another hotel stay, another beach, another hot day) to participate in F1 VIP event and meet the drivers and crews and get behind the scenes – that was his best brithday present ever for him.

  118. Love using my Starpoints earned through business travel for epic vacations once a year! Able to stretch my budget so much further by paying for hotel/airfare using points!

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