Spirit Airlines’ Newest Promotion Almost Makes Me Want To Fly With Them…

Spirit Airlines is the ultimate ultra low cost carrier in the US, and probably the closest thing we have to EasyJet or Ryanair. They don’t really suit my travel plans especially well — I value loyalty programs, wifi, an international route network, etc. — but I have a ton of respect for the company and their business model.


They’re incredibly transparent in their pricing and fee structure, even if the structure as such is ridiculous, like charging $100 for a carry-on if it’s checked at the gate.

Anyway, Spirit Airlines is known for their attention grabbing ad campaigns, like their MILF sale (Many Islands Low Fares)…

A Spirit Airlines ad uses a crass reference as a way to wink at its customers.

… and their Weiner Sale (with fares too hard to resist), following the scandal with Anthony Weiner a few years back.


So while Spirit’s ad campaigns are usually aimed at the public at large, their latest promotion is targeted specifically at those of us who love frequent flyer program.

Yesterday American’s AAdvantage program went revenue based, meaning under most circumstances redeemable miles are awarded based on how much you spend, rather than the distance of your flight. With that change, all of the “big three” US carriers now have revenue based frequent flyer programs.

Spirit Airlines is countering that trend with their latest “Save More, Get More Miles” promotion, as they’re offering more bonus miles the cheaper your fare is.


Here are the basic details:

Saving on airfare should be rewarded, not punished.

For round-trip or one-way bookings made on spirit.com between August 1st and August 31st, the less you spend, the more miles you will get.

That’s in addition to the regular miles you already get. What we’re saying is, that’s a lot more go.


Now of course keep in mind that Spirit miles won’t be getting you into Emirates or Singapore first class anytime soon, and they expire after three months of inactivity. With Spirit’s fee structure, they can typically still make money off of someone on an award ticket.

Bottom line

I’d consider this to be more of a marketing campaign than a promotion, given that Spirit miles expire three months after they’re issued, and the program is sort of a joke. Still, I love the idea behind this promotion. It still won’t get me to fly Spirit regularly, though. 😉


  1. If you are a spirit Bank of America master card holder and you use the card at least once a month for any amount, even a 50 cent pack of gum if you like, your miles will never expire period. I have over 150 thousand miles on spirit, and have never once come close to my miles expiring . although to be fair I generally use them about 15 to 20 times a year .as well as southwest airlines . I have flown a few times for free on southwest and many, many more times for free on spirit.in conclusion if you fly at least every three months or can buy something at least once a month even a 50 cent candy bar spirits , free spirit program is fantastic. on southwest I obtain a free flight for about 50 thousand miles and on spirit I can fly the same route for 10 thousand miles.

  2. 150000 spirit miles! that’s amazing

    the best value is the exit row since it’s sooo much better than the regular seats and the envy as the cattle walk by pays for itself.

    the best use of spirit miles for me is the cheap magazine subscriptions.

  3. I’m not sure I get the comment about the loyalty program or international route network? Although weak, Spirit does have a loyalty program and international routes. They fly as far South as Lima, Peru. They have a fairly extensive route in Central America and Caribbean. Maybe I misunderstood the comment. Nice post. Thanks.

  4. Hey!!Give him a break!!Not all of us read his reports because we CAN fly a lot of his trips.It’s nice to know what he thinks about ALL Airlines

  5. I think this calls for a trip / product review!

    Let them know you’re coming. I’d like to see if they’d do an amuse bouche of Dorito’s paired with a glass, er, box, of 2016 Franzia.

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