I’m Flying For 3 Days Straight: What Was I Thinking?!?

As I wrote about several days ago, I’m in the middle of one of my craziest trips ever, as I’m flying more than 33,000 miles over the course of a week. I’m super excited about the trip in general, as I’m getting to try a bunch of new airlines, some of which are quite exotic.

The trip has been even more exciting than I could have hoped for, between my experiences on China Eastern, Royal Air Maroc, and in Casablanca.

Here are the flights we’ve taken so far during this journey:


What you can’t easily tell based on the map is that we flew from Colombo to Doha to Casablanca and back, so now we’re back in Colombo. It has been a really fun few days, as flying is sort of my natural high. Stuff like this always gets me excited. I just love being at airports and on planes.

While the trip has been exhausting, we’ve had three hotel stays, with one night in Shanghai, one night in Colombo, and one night in Casablanca. Ultimately I didn’t sleep especially well during any of those stays between jetlag and trying to work, but at least I got a few hours per night in a “real” bed.

Now we’re technically on the return journey of the trip, which looked great in theory, back when we booked. However, this is hands down the most insane one-way journey I’ve ever had.

Why? Because we’re flying from Casablanca to Doha to Colombo to Jeddah to Manchester to New York to Los Angeles without stopping. That’s three days of straight flying without any hotel stays.


Yesterday we flew from Casablanca to Doha, then this morning we took a Qatar Airways redeye to Colombo, and now we have a very long layover here.

I’m dead tired at this point, and we’re only in Colombo, with another ~12,000 miles of flying ahead of us. On top of that we have super long layovers at all stops enroute, though they’re not long enough to actually leave the airport and stay in a hotel.

Now, it’s one thing if there were a 12 hour international first class segment somewhere in the middle of the trip where I could get a proper night of sleep. However, all of these are flights that are 5-6 hours, and most of them don’t have flat beds.

I’ve done a lot of crazy flying in my day, but flying for over three days nonstop without staying in a hotel or having an international first class segment is probably among the craziest.

Boy, am I going to sleep well when I finally get a hotel bed again!! Of course this is all self inflicted so I’m not complaining, though I also didn’t fully process what I was booking at the time. Travel always seems less tolling on paper. 😉

So, would anyone else be crazy enough to fly for more than three days nonstop?


  1. I’ve done crazy turnarounds a lot. Headed to Europe, turned back around in two hours to London, then New York and Miami, and hopped to Santiago, turned back around in 12 hours to Europe via New York again.

    I don’t like staying in places longer than a day usually heh!


    +Two nights in a hotel. It was for work and NEVER AGAIN and I was a lot younger back then.

  3. Delta mileage run HPN->ATL->NRT->BKK (6 hours)->NRT->LAX->DTW->SWF all in Y.

    Thought it would be a great way to boost my status by a level for $780. 3 day trip missing only one day of work but needed 72 hours to recover.

  4. I really love your work dude, truly understand your ways to grab content, but don’t you believe that might be more joy able trying to build some delays in your main hubs? Should be awesome see something about your destinations and not just the buzz of the airports, since you’re passing through destinations with widely amazing cultural and introspective travel opportunities. I would love to see you sharing more about the destinations.

  5. You should add more hotel stays to your upcoming trips. Specifically, add more Hilton, Marriott, and boutique stays as your hotel reviews tilt heavily towards Hyatt and Starwood.

  6. Years before I did my 6 marathon runs on 6 continents in under 5 days (last year), I had tried it once before and did it all in coach! No hotels and did SYD-LAX-GRU-LHR-CAI-IST-TLV-CDG-JFK while running 26.2 miles 5 times in some of those cities. I did it in first/business last year. 🙂
    Have fun out there!

  7. The worst I ever did was YHZ-YYZ(3.5hr)-CDG(8hr)-DKR. Two weeks later the trip back was DKR-CDG(7hr)-YYZ(5hr)-YHZ. Nowhere near as bad as your posting, but it was all in ecomony with 3 kids.

    One of the smartest things I’ve done travelling was to have an airport hotel booked in YHZ to sleep after the final leg. I was in no state to drive 1.5 hours home after that.

  8. I’ve spent 7 consecutive nights (and a couple days in the middle too) on planes for work in the past – including 4 nights in a row on a jumpseat. I’ve done 3 consecutive redeyes in Economy regularly, most recently last year. Not pleasant, but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. It becomes harder as you get older.

  9. I might be a little player in this and this might have been self inflicted, but I did a CDG-ICN(3h layover)-SYD with KE last year.
    Woke up at 7am the flight took of at 9pm. 11h flight, 3h layover, 10h flight and landed in SYD at 7am. I was…. pretty tired to say the least.

  10. I did GEG-PDX-SEA-TPE-HKG-DXB-SEA-GEG in 72 hours on AS and BR on the outbound, but EK in First on the return leg.

  11. Hey Lucky – I wonder if you’ve ever considered the radiation risks (among other health risks) of flying so much? While cosmic radiation levels from flying are small (along with other types of radiation), they may add up and no research study so far commissioned has ever contemplated someone basically living on a plane as you do.

  12. try riding a Siberian route on train, two weeks in jammed wagon, no entertainment, no wi-fi, no weed, no nothing. Food is good thou

  13. Hey Lucky going after what Luiz suggested – would you ever consider doing more meetups with your fans in hubs like LA, NYC, London, etc.?

    For what it’s worth, besides being a fun change of pace I’m sure you could charge a lot for small group seminars, I know I would attend most price tags 🙂

  14. I would have a hard time not going out to see some of the cities you are transiting through. I understand why you do what you do though. Its an absolutely crazy itinerary for sure. Hope they have some clubs/areas you guys can shower and get some rest in the airport.

  15. I could fly Lucky’s crazy 3 day itinerary but would eat and sleep like a baby. He is actually working and blogging. I couldn’t do that.

    My longest one way trip ever was TLV-JFK-STL-HNL.

  16. I know you have left CMB but there is an airside transit hotel which is adequate for few hours rest on a real bed. It also has a functional shower. Maybe to see if there is a transit hotel at MAN?

  17. Lucky, age finally is catching up on you. Yes, on paper, it sounds possible, especially when one is young.

    But once past a certain age, this becomes hard to near impossible.

    I definitely cannot execute what you are doing now. Good luck and try to rest well whenever you can, and see if you can squeeze in any transit hotel stays.

  18. My worst was ATL-IAD(1 hr)-SFO(12hr)-NRT(12hr)-HKG(9hr)-CAN…all in economy without staying in a hotel in either SFO or NRT cuz I was too young to check in to a hotel back then…trust me I was nearly dying in HKG and just collapsed on the couch…

  19. I am in the middle of my 3 day flight plan, I just finished Seoul-Helsinki-London-Toronto and am overnighting in Toronto before my next leg tomorrow to Minneapolis-Austin-Houston-Liberia

    I am thankful for my overnight break tonight!!!!

  20. My boss, age 50, did IAD-ZRH-DXB-SIN-LAX-MIA-IAD in 4 days. Meetings in all those places: I met with him on Monday when he left and Friday when he returned. In between he’d been to 5 cities with zero nights in hotels. Unlike us, he doesn’t like to travel. He did it out of business necessity.

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