How To Find OMAAT Trip Reports

About 10% of the posts on One Mile at at Time are trip reports, so there are well over a thousand (and counting!) reviews of airlines, hotels, and lounges. There’s some great content there, and we know people enjoy being able to compare different products.

Like with all content on the blog, you can always choose “Trip Reports” from the Categories section in the sidebar to get a chronological list of all the posts on that topic. And you can use the Search box in the upper right to look for any type of content on the blog.

We have some special functionality for the trip reports though, so I thought it would be helpful to go through those alternative options as well.


The Trip Report Index

If you like reading the full story, this is the method for you!


The Trip Report Index lists all OMAAT trip reports by year, and by “adventure”:


Clicking on any entry takes you to the intro post for that particular trip. From there, every chapter is listed, so you can easily read about an entire trip:


The downside to this approach is that the “standalone” hotel reviews aren’t listed on this page. They aren’t part of a broader story, so keep that in mind.

The Trip Report Catalog

I might be biased, but I think the catalog functionality is pretty awesome. This was added to the blog in early 2015 after months of design work, and I can’t think of any other travel or miles blog that has something like this (or the plethora of content to make it necessary).

We do quite a bit on the backend to make this work, but from a user perspective it’s pretty straightforward. The catalog is divided by Airlines, Hotels, and Airport Lounges, so you can choose which you’re looking for.

Once you click on either Airlines, Hotels, or Airport Lounges, you’ll get a full list of all the posts in that category, starting with the most recent.


That search box is where the magic happens!

Let’s say you are curious about flights on Etihad. Rather than searching the blog for Etihad posts, or scrolling through all the airline reviews, you can just type “Etihad” into the search box. This will pull up a catalog listing of every Etihad trip report on OMAAT, ordered by date:


And you can search by more than airline! If you wanted to compare various A380 products, for example, you could type “A380” into the search bar:


This works for hotels as well. The default will always display the most recent hotel reviews:


But if you want to look at various Park Hyatt reviews, you can do that:


Or if you want to compare hotel options in Singapore, you can do that:


And of course, lounge reviews work the same way. So you can pull up all the lounge options at JFK, for example:


Or look up the various Star Alliance lounges that have been reviewed here:


The results will always display with the most recent first, but it’s easy to search the archives as well. If you want to read trip reports from a certain year, you can select that from the menu:


Cool, right?

What happened to the “list view”?

Since a couple of you have asked, I figured I’d clarify here as well. The list view was added during the 2014 redesign as a placeholder while the technology behind the current catalog version was being developed/implemented.

And it worked as an interim solution, but ultimately having html tables that required a bunch of manual editing each week just wasn’t sustainable — and wasn’t ever intended to be.

You can still access every trip report through the catalog. You’ll just type “lufthansa” into the search box rather than scrolling and clicking on the name of a certain airline.

Bottom line

The catalog is updated in real-time, and should contain every trip report from 2008 onwards. Between that and the Index, it should be easy to find reviews on airlines, hotels, and airport lounges when you need info.

The trip reports on OMAAT are pretty unique, and hopefully these are useful resources for you guys!

Do you have a favorite trip report from the archives?

Enjoy this review? Check out hundreds of other reports on airlines, hotels, and airport lounges worldwide!


  1. The Jet Airways/Qatar Airways 787 report is no where to be found in that search, however it is found by Google. Just an FYI

  2. One I came across while looking for it the other day, the Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi review doesn’t come up when searching for “Bangkok” under hotels, might be worth adding that word to the title. But generally a great resource!

  3. OMAAT is, indeed, an invaluable resource guide.

    Lately, though, I will be in the midst of reading an OMAAT post when suddenly I will be whisked away to that damn Trivago ad. This forces me to cuss loudly, often times in a public place. I now hate Trivago.

  4. I have that same issue. There is a search feature in the Trivago ad and the curser goes right to it when the ad pops up, so the page scrolls to the ad, which is at the bottom of the page. Annoying as heck!

  5. … and why isn’t “Champagnes” a category alongside Airlines, Lounges, and Hotels? You know, some of us actually do plan bubbly-themed travel!

  6. Must be a Glitch , type in Auckland and nothing comes up …Lucky stayed at Hilton Auckland olny as far back as July 3

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