Hilton Discontinues Status Matches, Introduces Status Challenges Instead

Late last year Hilton began offering outright status matches, which is something they didn’t historically otherwise offer. There’s a good chance this was a competitive move in response to the merger between Marriott and Starwood, and them wanting to pick up any guests who were maybe looking to switch around their loyalty.


Or maybe it was just part of Hilton HHonors seemingly trying harder in the past year, as they did a great job with their promotions last year, despite them announcing at the beginning of last year that they wouldn’t offer as many global promotions.

Anyway, up until now Hilton’s status match has been ridiculously generous, since you didn’t need to show proof of having completed a certain number of stays. In other words, those who were IHG Platinum through the IHG credit card and could prove at least one stay with the chain were being matched to Hilton Diamond. The status matches have been valid all the way through March 2018.

It looks like Hilton HHonors has finally discontinued their outright status match promotion, and is now instead offering a status challenge:

  • You’ll be matched to Gold or Diamond status for a period of 90 days
  • If you want your status extended through March 31, 2018, you have to complete the following within 90 days:
    • 4 stays for HHonors Gold status
    • 8 stays for HHonors Diamond status


The process of requesting a status challenge is the same as it was before. You just have to fill out the online form with your first name, last name, email address, HHonors account number, and the status you’re trying to match. Then you have to also upload proof of your status, as well as proof of a stay within the past 12 months.


The one thing I find a bit odd is that there’s not a way to complete the challenge through nights, but rather only through stays. In other words, someone who makes eight stays of one night each would get Diamond status through March 2018, while someone who makes seven stays of five nights each wouldn’t get Diamond status through March 2018.

Bottom line

I’m not surprised to see Hilton HHonors finally change this offer, since it was definitely generous. If they were concerned about the number of people matching then I think they should have required proof of actually having stayed enough nights to earn the status “the hard way.”

Then again, this offer was around for months and months, so hopefully everyone who wanted to has already matched. I matched to Hilton Diamond late last year, and have found it useful for my stays.

What do you make of Hilton’s new status challenge?

(Tip of the hat to The Points Guy)


  1. Currently, I’m Gold with Starwood and also Gold with HHonors. Could I get a challenge to HH Diamond?


  2. Dan-
    Nope. You would only get a challenge to HH Gold cause of your Starwood Gold, but since you are already HH Gold it would be a waste of time.

  3. Wow talk about good timing… I did it originally at the beginning of the year and was matched thru 2017. Decided to try again to get thru 2018 and they updated it. This was like 2 days ago!

  4. Lucky, have you found Diamond to be advantageous over Gold in the U.S.? Gold is much easier to attain w/ the Citi Reserve card (no spend vs. 40k). i’ve compare my Hilton experiences to some Diamond friends, and i’d say i get upgrades a bit less frequently (although their upgrades are rarely suites – just better views), and I get Lounge access much less frequently. but many of the Hilton lounges are SO bad (at least in U.S.) that i feel golds make out better than diamonds, because i’d rather have the restaurant-breakfast-comp tickets than lounge access. so i’ve never been motivated to spend for diamond. what am i missing?

  5. Status with Hikton doesn’t mean much because they don’t have any official upgrade policy, although they will let you standby for upgrades which are decided based on availability upon arrival. However, I have gold hhonor status and I’m staying at the Hilton Opera Paris France right now and they are not upgrading status members even though they show upgrade room inventory for sale all the time on their website and they sent me confirmation that I was eligible for an upgrade. I spoke with a diamond member who noticed the same issue. It’s nice to get extra points with status, but it’s not worth anything more. I think I’ll focus on growing my Hyatt status from now on. Hyatt offers more.

  6. Anyone who believes a Hilton Diamond status is worthless or that it is as good as HH Gold is without a doubt not making the most of their Diamond status. Case in point: I needed to be in Boston at Mass General Hospital for a couple of days July 20-21. For whatever reason, every hotel near MGH was sold out. I got desperate and even tried booking at Holiday Inn and I could not find anything for that one night. Then it dawned on me that I could “Force availability” at sold out Hilton hotels with HH Diamond “Force”!!! So, I logged in as a Diamond and searched for Hilton properties in the vicinity (~10 min by cab) of MGH and, sure enough, doing the search as a HH Diamond ‘forced” (hence Diamond “Force”) availability at properties that were sold out when I searched as a nobody. That’s HH Diamond working for you when the chips are down, and you do not need to do anything. It just happens when a property is sold out and a HH Diamond tries to book a room at least 48h of desired date.

    I am always upgraded to the exec floor, but am batting better than 90% on suite upgrades as a HH Diamond. So, either learn how to make the most of your HH Diamond status or shut up, because ALL elite suite upgrades depend on AVAILABILITY (whether at booking or at check in), in addition to ALL being CAPACITY-CONTROLLED, contrary to travel bloggers’ claims that Hyatt DSUs, of which there are just 4 per year, are not.


  7. I’ve got a 17 day stay starting next week; maybe I should check out and check back in every 2 days!

  8. @JR — I take it that, as usual, you have nothing substantive to contribute to the discussion…

  9. DCS, thanks for the tip for the Diamond “Force”. Is there a higher tier Diamond, beyond the normal Diamond?

    I am a Marriott PP/LP and SPG Platinum with ambassador service. I will soon lose the diversity due to the recent merge. Currently, I am seeking HH status match/challenge. I second your opinion that Diamond at Hilton is valuable. I am HH Gold through a credit card, and have been upgraded most of the time in Asia Pacific region, mostly to executive floors and sometimes to suite. I imagine as a HH Diamond, if you play it right (same with all other hotels chains), you can get suites majority of the time. The Hyatt 4 suite upgrades per year is what got Hyatt off my list as I stay mostly at suites.

    Guys like JR, if you have never been up there at the top of a reward program, how do you know what it is like? Have to be there to know, buddy .

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